T4E HDP50 Pepper Ball Pistol

T4E HDP50 Pepper Ball Pistol

The T4E HDP50 Pepper Ball Pistol by Umarex is a powerful, versatile, and capable less-lethal personal defense pistol. Load a total of six hefty 50-caliber projectiles into the tube magazine and you'll be capable of delivering a less lethal response that is tailored to the threat you face. With projectiles available that feature pepper powder or hard rubber kinetic rounds, the HDP50 is the tool you need to address any situation where lethal force is not warranted.

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Description / T4E HDP50 Pepper Ball Pistol


  • Umarex T4E HDP50 Pepper Ball Pistol
  • Uses Standard 12g CO2 Cartidges
  • Includes 10 Pepper Ball and 10 Rubber Ball Rounds
  • Magazine Capacity: 6 Rounds
  • Weight: 24.05oz
  • Barrel Length: 4 Inches
  • UPC: 723364921315

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Brand Umarex

Customer Reviews

Just as advertising,and GREAT fun!

Review by Cris I.
Verified Buyer

GREAT price a good deal.

This is a good entry level into home defense.

Review by Lida A.
Verified Buyer

This pistol has the heft and feel of a standard firearm, which is a plos in its intended setting.
Loading the balls into the magazine is reasonably easy, and with a little practice, a person ought to be able to reload it quickly enough for a bad situation!
I have two complaints about the gun, one of which is almost certainly my fault and one of which is definitely the fault of the company which makes it.
I lost one of my pepper balls because it got stuck in the breach of the gun. The trigger was pulled before the CO2 was properly deployed, and the ball entered partway into the chamber. I thought I could get it back out either by reversing the process or by using the included cleaning tool. I could not, and I had to discharge the gun to remove the safety risk.
The second problem is that of ammunition cost. Even practice rounds are a bit expensive at nearly $6 for a branded pack of ten rubber or chalk powder balls.
The pepper ammo is extremely expensive at about $20 for 10 at present write-up.
Given that the gun itself can be bought for between $70 and $100, and that the gun comes with a pack of 10 pepper ammo and 10 rubber ammo, I would think the company should find a way to make this ammunition more cheaply or that a third party would do well to do so.
In short, it's a great tool, works well enough at its intended purpose. However, the ammunition is unreasonably expensive, roughly on par with that for a standard firearm.


Review by Zeta W.
Verified Buyer

I bought this elf defense gun and the cylinder that holds the co2 cartridge comes out... I thought it was empty cause it wasn’t shooting... I went to change the cartridge and it was full of gas that popped when the cylinder came out... how do I stop the entire gas chamber from coming out ??? Other than that it’s a fun learning tool for beginners

Great product for the price. I would highly recommend if you’re looking for a non lethal deterrent

Review by Junior R.
Verified Buyer

Nice weight and fit good in your hand. Make sure to get Co2 cartridges and I will recommend a holster. A Great buy!

Definitely worth it.

Review by Cathryne Y.
Verified Buyer

I have bigger hands and the size of this gun is quite comfortable in mine. Seems very sturdy and solid. Have done a couple test rounds and seems pretty accurate. This is something you can keep in your car or open carry depending on the state you live in. Would definitely recommend it for somebody who's looking for less than lethal defense.

Worth the price

Review by Tristian J.
Verified Buyer

A bit heavy for daily carry but will stop someone
Worth every penny great to just have in the home

I'm happy enough not to buy a $400 Byrna

Review by Eli R.
Verified Buyer

Shooters of real guns will find their lethal firearms simpler to operate, and more reliable with feeding, but a pepper/rubber ball launcher is a valuable deterrent when less-than-lethal measures are warranted.

First off: when it hits, it hurts like a mother.
I tried inert powder rounds, and rubber rounds. They all left painful welts through a shirt, a flannel, and a coat. I did not feel the need to escalate to feeling its bite with the steel-core rubber rounds; I'd been hurt enough.

I had one failure to feed, in about 5-6 firing tables. In the failing instance, one of the rubber rounds failed to chamber. It was dislodged by slapping the weapon and reattempting to fire, which it then did normally.

I also had difficulty unloading a nonfired inert powder round, which got stuck in the back of the magazine and failed to fall out, even with copious jiggling. I successfully unloaded it by firing that stuck round.

Shooting all 6 rounds very quickly worked rather well, despite the warning in the instructions against doing so, because rapid follow-up shots quickly cool the gas chamber, thereby reducing air pressure and projectile velocity. The welt from the 6th rapid shot (its previous 5 went into the ground) is a tad smaller than the other full-power ones, but it still hurt a great deal.

The weapon is well weighted, and the handle has finger contours which make it very comfortable to grip. I am also quite happy with the fiber-optic sights, even though this is obviously a close range weapon.

The whole system is completely ambidextrous!

In summary: this product delivers, for a self defense deterrent under $100. It is not supposed to maim or wound, however, anyone who can feel pain but doesn't prefer to, will have to think twice about facing this launcher head-on. It is not an action-hero's primary weapon system, that would be a real firearm. This is what you use right before you turn your unarmed derriere around, and sprint for all you're worth, as far as you can while saving enough breath for the 911 call.

4 stars for functionality and value-for-price, 1 taken off for the ugly orange slide, and small reliability concern.

P.S. Be very careful while removing a mostly full gas canister. If you only fire a handful of shots and then depressurize it, the spent canister will be dangerously cold.


Review by Earline T.
Verified Buyer

Absolutely love this thing!

Its very well made. Nice and sturdy. And good weight in the hand. Didn't have any issues loading it. The CO2 mechanism worked exactly as it was supposed to as well.

I tested this by firing 6 rounds of the rubber balls. Propped up a 4 inch thick box that was full of thick black foam. Very accurate shots from about 15 feet and quite strong. 5 of the shots went straight through all of it and left dents in my wood fence. Had 1 small issue where the 6th ball didn't fire out but it fixed itself and fired on the 7th. Shots were all one right after the other and aside from that everything worked perfectly.

Not sure how effective the pepper balls will be as I can't test them properly but given the quality of everything else, I imagine they will do just fine.

Highly recommend this one.

feels good in hand

Review by Wali H.
Verified Buyer

our first "air" pistol so #1 - its simple, #2 - pretty accurite for ranges we figure it would be used, #3 -we do like the tap to puncture the cyl. it works great, #4 - no "kick" back and pretty quite, #5 - people said pulling the trigger fast it would not work- NO experance of that for us it shoots as fast as we could pull the trigger. and have not had even one jam, so all good here....... I do agree it will not STOP any body, but the Idea is to suprize them not kill anyone... I did get hit by a rickashae and I can tell you it hurt and did leave a welt for awhile

Good for home defense for those afraid to own a gun

Review by Elias M.
Verified Buyer

Good for home defense, too big to carry or have in a purse though.

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