Taurus Raging Bull Model 454

The Taurus Raging Bull Model 454 is an extraordinary revolver suitable for a number of shooting applications, including handgun hunting and home defense. This double/single-action revolver is chambered for the powerful .454 Casull cartridge and boasts a five-cartridge cylinder that all but assures you will obliterate your target. As one would expect, the Raging Bull ships with everything characteristic of an ordinary Taurus revolver with the addition of a few practical features that are sure to make it one of your new favorite firearms.

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Taurus International Manufacturing, Inc. has quite the interesting history. It began in 1939, when a small tool and die company was founded in Porto Alegre, Brazil. The company began by producing small tools designed for use with various manufacturing processes. In the years that followed, the company branched out to include divisions focused on metals manufacturing, plastics, body armor and, most importantly, firearms. That company is Forjas Taurus, what we commonly refer to as Taurus International.

Since its inception, Taurus International has had ties to both Smith & Wesson and Beretta, which allowed the company access to information related to the design, manufacture and tooling of some of the world's most popular firearm platforms – including Beretta's 92 series. Since then the company has learned a thing or two about arms production and is now one of the largest manufacturers of small arms in the world.

Today, Taurus International offers a wide range of products from revolvers to both steel- and polymer-framed pistols. The company now seeks to bolster their lineup with the addition of the new Taurus Raging Bull Model 454, a powerful revolver that is chambered for the .454 Casull cartridge that has been specifically designed for handgun hunting.

As noted, the Taurus Raging Bull Model 454 was primarily designed for handgun hunting, an activity that is typically performed using specialized pistols and revolvers with longer-than-average-barrels. Additionally, they are often chambered for powerful cartridges like the .44 Magnum or .454 Casull cartridge, each of which is more than capable of taking down large game. The Raging Bull Model 454 meets both of these criteria.

This particular model of the Taurus Raging Bull Model 454 features an 8 3/8 inch barrel and an overall length of 14 inches. Weighing in at a respectable 63 ounces – nearly four pounds – this monstrous revolver boasts a full steel construction with a stainless finish and requires both a steady hand and a bit of confidence. In addition to sharing all of the features normally associated with a Taurus revolver – like the ergonomic rubber grip, internal security system and transfer bar mechanism – the Raging Bull Model 454 shares all of the features typical of a revolver in the "Raging" series, including the cushioned red grip insert and a dual lockup cylinder. As Taurus International is never a company to skimp, the revolver also boasts some other nice features like its ported barrel, adjustable rear sight and the presence of a ventilated rib that runs alongside that top of the barrel and offers the option of a scope mount base.

Best of all, the Taurus Raging Bull Model 454 comes with the Taurus Unlimited Lifetime Repair Policy. Taurus International has pledged to repair, free of charge, any firearm manufactured or imported by the company. For details, visit the official website of Taurus International.

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