Trauma Plate for Kevlar Vest

One of the best additions to any concealed Kevlar vest is a blunt force trauma plate. This blunt force trauma plate is a standard 5" x 8" dimension plate that is curved to match the geometry of your chest. When installed properly this trauma plate will help offer additional protection from blunt impacts to the center of your Kevlar vest.

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There are many different types of trauma plates with the overall consensus being that trauma plates made from steel offer the best protection. One of the reasons why steel trauma plates offer the best protection is they cannot be punctured by knives like Kevlar trauma plates. This ensures that your vital organs have a front facing layer of hardened steel backed by soft Kevlar in your vest for maximum protection.

The use of blunt force trauma protection plates will help increase the capabilities of your vest. While your Kevlar vest covers the ballistic threats, the blunt force trauma associated with a bullet strike is intense. With the proper use of this trauma plate you will significantly lessen the amount of injuries you would incur from the blunt impact of the bullet strike. Most concealable Kevlar vests feature a 5" x 8" front pocket that will accommodate this plate and once installed you will have the peace of mind that you've taken extra steps for your personal safety.

  • Brand New Plate
  • Standard 5" x 8" Dimensions
  • Made from Harnded Steel

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Customer Reviews

Review by Rob,
Verified Buyer
Good backup for the vest. You can't beat the sale price. I bought two to double them up in my vest, good product!
Need another sale of these!
Review by Joe
Verified Buyer
These are great to add to any soft armor/plate carrier - K.S. had a sale on them about a year ago, and I was lucky enough to grab a couple, but now I actually need a few more, but think the current price point is too high. Will DEFINITELY pick up more of these when/if they ever come back on sale!

I love the amazing sales specials that Keepshooting offers - please keep those great value opportunities coming!
Brand new plates
Review by Tanner
Verified Buyer
I was fortunate enough to catch these plates on a sale for 2 bucks apiece. That said, 20 dollars is pricey for just 1 plate. They are quite thick, and can stop low-velocity ammo, such as .22lr, but I would recommend doubling up on these for actual protection. They were brand new when they came, and look like they will do great in any vest will small enough inserts. I recommend this to anybody with a vest that will fit these.
Great addition to your vest
Review by Dave
Verified Buyer
These are very nice trauma plates and a good addition to your keepshooting (or other) vests. I bought one awhile ago and agree with other posters that while they are very nice, they are a little pricey. Well, now that they are on sale, I'm getting a couple more and you definitely can't beat the deal. Keep those keepshooting deals coming.
A good addition to your kevlar body armor
Review by Grok
Verified Buyer
After reading the other reviews, I thought it might be helpful to include this citation of Trauma Plates from Wiki:

"A trauma plate, also known as a trauma pack, is a plate that is an add-on component/insert to a ballistic vest. Its primary purpose is to absorb and disrupt the kinetic energy of a bullet impact and reduce the blunt trauma transferred to the wearer of the vest. Trauma plates typically enhance the ballistic value (how "bulletproof" it is) of the part of the vest that they are positioned behind."

Those sold here look like they will do the job. I will be ordering additional units...
Useful and modifiable
Review by David
Verified Buyer
I don't bother with anything as light as Kevlar since it isn't sharps resistant and where I am, AK is a likely consideration. That said, they are nicely formed trauma plates. If you are using them for anti-sharps, or low angle fire, they will probably serve well. They can also be used to cover the D30 inserts in another offering,, to make up inserts for the Osprey MKII PC. I don't recommend them for direct fire, but with proper care and backing, they should do will for incidental fire. I recommend getting more than you think you need. Two is one, one is none.
Curved a bit too much
Review by WLF_Oregon
Verified Buyer
As you probably expect, this is really just a piece of curved sheet metal. Fortunately, there are no sharp edges, and the plate is uniformly covered in paint to prevent corrosion. It's not quite 1/16" thick, and bows out about 1/2". It happens to fit the trauma plate pocket in my armor almost perfectly, but the curvature is a bit much for my chest. I have no idea how it stands up to bullets.
Good for sale price.
Review by Ted
Verified Buyer
Good back up for vest, can't beat sale price.
Just as advertised.
Review by Ed
Verified Buyer
I ordered two. They are exactly as advertised. Seem to be of good quality, hope I never have to put that to the test. They are a little pricey but still considering ordering two more.
Trauma Plate
Review by JD
Verified Buyer
The trauma plate is great, put two in your vest for better protection.

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