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The UK Immigration Service Parka is a water resistant, light weight, high performance parka that would be worn by officers in the UK Immigration Service. This parka is designed to meet the needs of officers who serve the front lines of the UK's high profile ports of entry and are tasked with dealing with everything from criminals to refugees. Made in the UK by Tranemo Workwear from specialized T-Tex material which is a unique fabric that is water resistant and breathable.

The UK Immigration Service Parka is an excellent parka for those who desire a water resistant, breathable, and comfortable parka. When the UK Immigration Service was renamed UK Visas and Immigration, a large number of these unissued parkas were offered for sale as surplus. Knowing the value in a brand new Gore-Tex like parka, we purchased as many of these parkas as we could find and now have them for sale.

There are many aspects to this parka that make it a good value and an item of interest. The first thing to point out is the material used to construct the parka is a high quality fabric known as T-Tex. T-Tex fabric is water-proof, wind-proof, sweat-permeable and breathable. This makes this parka an excellent choice for protection in any windy, rainy, or cold weather day. Using T-Tex fabric allows the parka to provide superior protection without the need for thick inside liners or other layering as the characteristics of the T-Tex fabric make such things unnecessary.

One of the more interesting features of this parka is the front and rear "UK Immigration Service" agency badges. You can easily hide them by folding them up into the specially designed Velcro sealed pockets or display them proudly as you wear the parka. The fact that the parka has badges that represent a foreign government immigration service makes this parka collectible, suitable for possible Halloween costume, and a very interesting conversation piece when you wear it.

  • Authentic UK Immigration Service Parka
  • Water Proof, Wind Proof, and Breathable
  • Ability to Hide or Display UK Immigration Service Badges
  • Surplus Unissued - Never Worn
  • Made from T-Tex Fabric - Similar to Gore-Tex
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