US Army TA-312 PT Field Phone

The US Army TA-312/PT Field Telephone has been the work horse field phone of the US Army since it was first introduced in the 1950s. Now is your chance to own one of these vintage military collectibles, with each TA-312/PT phone being an authentic original field phone.

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The US Army TA-312/PT Field Phone has had more than 50 years of service since it was first fielded by the military. With little changed during this five decades of service, you appreciate the genius of the design to have met the needs of our modern war fighters for so many years. Now that the TA-312/PT has been retired, you can buy one of these military classics for your own collection or use.

What these field phones use is simple, they operate on two D-Cell batteries. You can connect two phones together using any copper wire, however should you use original WD-1/TT wire you will have an operating range of over 20 miles. There is no other directly connected field phone that is capable of delivering this level of performance using simple household batteries. Should you use standard copper wire, you will find the range is "significant" where you will run out of copper wire before you exhaust the TA-312/PT's capabilities.

Voice is transmitted and received when the push-to-talk button is pressed on the handset, ensuring that the TA-312/PT phone you purchase is functional and complete. As these phones are from the 1960s and were used by our military, the condition of the phone and canvas carry bag will vary from pictured. Some phones were overhauled in the 1980s and the data plate may reflect this.

  • Authentic USG Army Field Phone
  • 50+ Year Service History
  • Uses Two D-Cell Batteries
  • Includes Canvas Carry Bag
  • Connect Two for Secure Point-to-Point Communications
  • Not tested As Is: Means not tested may or may not work.
  • Tested: Means we ensure you can hear and transmit, ringers work.

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Customer Reviews

Review by Gindo
Verified Buyer
Like a lot of GIs I used these phones more than once. I have long sense retired and am now a special Ed teacher and use the phones in my classroom for some of the kids to make "long distance" phone calls. The boys like them
Worked out of the box
Review by Jeff
Verified Buyer
When I got these phones out of the box, I wasn't sure how they would work. They needed some significant clean up (sand, dirt, terminal corrosion). One of the earpieces won't come off (not a problem as long as it works). Put new batteries in, hooked up with some telephone wire from the store, cranked away and other phone rang! I later bought a touch tone pad and a 3v battery pack and hooked it up as a desk phone to test that part out as well. All worked! I just wish they could test them prior to selling, as opposed to taking a shot in the dark (as-is).
Solid Field phone
Review by Luis
Verified Buyer
I used to repair these bad boys (Army 35E before that mos went to Intelligence) this is a solid phone and the components were easy to replace and maintain. Scotts review hits the nail on the head. A cool trick we used was talking through the ear piece when one of the sets had a dead battery, this would allow communications to continue in dire situations. I would like to pick a set of these up for my farm as soon as I can.
Keeps on ticking
Review by Scott
Verified Buyer
This is such a great item. I used and repaired them in the Corps(MOS 2841) until I got out in 2001 and I am sure they are still being used. The sound is excellent for just stringing some wire between them and 2 D batteries. Make sure you get two as one is useless unless you're a collector. You wont regret buying these. They may look rough but they have seen decades of use but keep on ticking!

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