US Military Duffel Bag - Brand New Authentic US Military Duffel Bag

US Military Duffel Bag

The US military duffle bag is the duffle bag that all others are judged by. There is little doubt that when originally designed this duffle bag was light years ahead of its time as it continues to serve our soldiers decades after it was first deployed. No matter how much gear you need to carry, you can count on this duffle holding up for years to come.
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Description / US Military Duffel Bag

The USGI Duffel Bag is the standard issue duffel for all soldiers in the US Army, Navy, and Marines. Produced under contract for several decades, this work horse duffle bag is immediately recognized by both current and retired soldiers.

  • 100% Made in America
  • Made from Weather Resistant Nylon
  • Measures 34" x 23"
  • Has Two Padded Shoulder Straps
  • "US" Marked - 100% Authentic

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Manufacturer US Army Surplus

Customer Reviews

falling off shoulder straps
Review by Erik
The original quality of these are amazing. The one i received the shoulder straps were falling off. The shoulder straps were well past the usable point so i cut them off and am using the bag with out them. I know I'm buying used that's why i kept the bag and 99% of the items i buy from keepshooting are flawless.
This Bag is Amazing
Review by BSIDEPC
The quality of the Nylon is ridiculous. You could fill this bag with sand and use it as a punching bag for all intents and purposes. Not that you would want to waste it like that. Buy an actual punching bag if you want one, and use this bag to consolidate multiple other bags and items. You may have an overnight bag, bug-out bag, a laptop day-bag, a bluetooth speaker--what have you. You have multiple items in your trunk or the back of your pickup that you need to carry back and forth to and from your destination. This bag gives you the ability to carry them all at once. Trying to use the shoulder straps are a bit difficult unless you are a seasoned professional. Holding the shoulder straps together to form one handle, and using the actual side handle at the same time, and you can transport a heavy group of items in one trip to and from A to B. It's not just for camping, it's not just for trekking to the battle front or your barracks. Make your civilian life easier by leveraging items like this that make Military Surplus so attractive to those of us in the know. The bag I received appears brand new. The value is incredible. Bottom line, bag is huge, and there is also a small convenient side flap-closed pocket. The main opening is closed using an amazing military closing concept that executes flawlessly, and provides secure lockibility.
Review by Bernard
You need one
Review by 53GR Images
This is the basic duffel that you carry your kit overseas in. It's simple, robust, and useful. Holds pretty much everything, including the kitchen sink. All my belongings went into one of these, when I went over to Iraq. The shoulder straps are minimal and uncomfortable, but it's a duffel bag, not a backpack. If you're traveling with a lot of military guys (who are also using green duffel bags) and you want to be able to pick yours out on the luggage carousel or duffel pile, wrap a bit of pink duct tape around your bag. You'll catch a lot of grief for it, but you'll get your bag and be out of there before the others are done looking at each bag's name tag to see if it's theirs.

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