Yugo Mauser Single Ammo Pouch

The Yugo M48 was a Yugoslavian version of the famous German K98 rifle. This is an original single pocket ammunition pouch that would be issued with each rifle. A soldier would keep several stripper clips loaded with 8mm Mauser in this pouch to allow them to reload their rifle.

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The Yugo M48 is a well known and respected variation of the German Mauser K98. Like the German K98 the Yugo M48 came with a full assortment of accessories. These single pocket ammo pouches would be issued with each rifle, giving the Yugo soldier the ability to carry 8mm Mauser ammunition on stripper clips.

  • Original vintage leather pouch
  • Attaches to any belt
  • Secure lift tab to keep contents safe

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Customer Reviews

Review by Flag2442
Verified Buyer
Bought 2 and both were new. Very nice!
Review by Dan
Verified Buyer
Functional, aesthetically pleasing, well-constructed and reasonable priced. Three stripper clips of 8mm Mauser fit nicely in this pouch.
Get the saddle soap out friends
Review by Jamie
Verified Buyer
These pouches are excellent at what they do: hold stuff. That being said, if you expect to buy these and IMMEDIATELY give them to someone as a gift, rethink that. A couple of mine had a white powdery finish to them, but with a little work with saddle soap it came off no problem. The green gunk that was talked about earlier was there too, and I'm not sure exactly how to get it completely off. Now I need to find my leather care kit, and finish these bad boys off. TLDR; good pouches, just need a little elbow grease to look pretty
Wow, awesome pouch!
Review by Richard
Verified Buyer
Bought this for my father so he can carry loose ammo in it. Works great for that. The belt loop looks to be just over 2 inches wide. The leather is thick and very well stitched. It was a bit dirty and has some light staining on it. I cleaned it with water and scrubbed the metal nub at the bottom to get some green gunk off it. Overall this is a great little leather ammo pouch. Beats paying a higher price from manufactures like Triple K.
Nice leather pouch
Review by josh
Verified Buyer
Bought this to use as a belt pouch when out in the woods. Fits two altoids tins snugly. When it arrived it was a light tan color with darker stains throughout. The metal nipple that the strap hooks onto had built up a green verdigris both inside and out. After scraping it all off and cleaning the whole pouch with some diluted dr bronners, I gave the pouch a treatment of Sno Seal. It really softened up the leather a bit. The whole pouch is now a more uniform color, albeit much darker plus highly water resistant. After this treatment the pouch is as good as new. Literally. No one would know it could be 40-50 years old or more. May buy some more to make up belt kits to give as gifts.

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