Sellier & Bellot 12-Gauge Rubber Bullets

Imported from the Czech Republic, this 12 gauge ammo is loaded with spherical rubber balls. This is lethal at close range, not lethal at longer ranges. 

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  1. Sellier & Bellot 12-Gauge Rubber Bullets
  2. Loaded with Two Spherical Rubber Balls
  3. 25 Rounds per Box
  4. Less Lethal Ammo
  5. UPC: 754908550142
Magpul PMAG D-50 MP5 Drum Mag- Reliable and Durable Construction


Each Shell Contains Two Rubber Balls

2.75" Shell Size

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Overall Rating
Rubber bullets
Review by Anon
I use these for home protection, and while I've never had to use them, I am fairly confident that, should the need arise, they will do their job well.
Overall Rating
Just in case
Review by USAF-ORF
Good price for just 5 of them. Very few situations I can think of I would use these. Possibly if friendly fire could occur. We used to say its better to be judged by twelve than carried by six. Tested a couple on plywood. Good stopping power.
Overall Rating
Look Great!
Review by Henry
Bought these for first shot home defense...haven't had to use them in that role and have not shot them yet to test them but the specs look impressive. Having been in law enforcement I have seen products like this used in riot control so I'm sure I won't be disappointed.
Overall Rating
Everyone should have these
Review by Kyle
This is a killer price on these. Everyone should have these with their home defense shotgun! Bought 2 sets and made sure my shotgun cycled these fine, and they worked 100%!
Overall Rating
Home defense must have...
Review by Dirk
This is a great item for those who are concerned about being to "lethal" with buck shot for home defense, especially with your first round. Will definitely get someones attention without all the paper work hassles buck shot might entail.
Overall Rating
two thumbs up!
Review by john
took me weeks to find someone that carried these rounds at such a reasonable price, two thumbs up! very fast shipping, quick on the e-mails, nothing but praise, the quality of the product is excellent, will have no problem ordering more.
Overall Rating
great for home defence
Review by Stephen
i have had to use these when we had a break in and they worked great. It deterred the criminal and there was no possibility of any of the round harming any of the neighbors from over penetration.
Overall Rating
Good to have
Review by AvidShooter
These rubber slugs are well constructed and very lightweight. I only tried one of the five rounds I purchased but it hit within center mass at 25 yards. Its the first shell to rack in my Mossberg 500 special purpose.
Overall Rating
agreed,a must
Review by rem 870
The first shell in my tactical 870 for home defense. Its more likely to be justifiable when your first shot was not meant to "kill" an intruder.
Overall Rating
A must for Personnel Defense
Review by Lawrence
Just keeping one of these "less than lethal" slugs as the first round in my home defense shot-gun gives me the peace of mind that if I did have to use it on an intruder, I would be able to justify use of lethal force if it came down to a second shot.

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