7.62x54R Broken Shell Extractor

If you own a 7.62x54R caliber firearm you need to get one of these 7.62x54R Broken Shell Extractors. New commercial grade and surplus grade ammunition that is defective will get stuck in the barrel of your firearm, and you will not be able to get it out without one of these broken shell extractors.

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This 7.62x54R Broken Shell Extractor is a must have for everyone's shooting kit!

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Customer Reviews

Worth its weight in Gold.
Review by matt
Verified Buyer
If you like to shot Mil Surplus Ammo this is a must I bought mine for days that the unexpected happens so far I been lucky but if the need arise and I need to remove a broken shell out of mosin I will have the tool to do the job with me in my range bag don't be caught with out this tool it could mean a day with out your Mosin.
Review by Garry
Verified Buyer
I got one to keep with my Mosin Nagant and I am very pleased! The machining on this precision tool is excellent and will sure get you out of that jam that could cost you your life. You will be so glad you purchased this tool the first time you use it!
Review by Marc
Verified Buyer
I finally needed this after it being in my Mosin kit for a year, but it saved my afternoon at the range and was simple to use.
Don't go without it
Review by James
Verified Buyer
This is an important tool to have in your range bag , just in case .I think I am going to buy the 223 and the 762.x 39 extractor also
a needed tool
Review by Michael
Verified Buyer
Chances are you will never need to use this, because you won't shoot this cal enough to find an inferior case. That being said, if you do shoot a lot of 7,62x54R then this will be down right necessary at some point. You could tear off a case head the very first round you ever shoot, however it's unlikely.
prepper must have!
Review by Michael
Verified Buyer
You can't call yourself prepped without at least one of these for every rifle you own. What will you do when you get a malfunction, check and see the round won't chamber and its because there is a case neck tightly expanded in the wall of your chamber. The head is gone, how will you extract? Pluck this from your gear and yank the sucker out of there!
love it
Review by Daniel
Verified Buyer
You never know when your going to need it
Very clean, Like new
Review by Dave
Verified Buyer
You know you need one,,,, get it now!
A must have for your range bag
Review by Robert
Verified Buyer
This is a must have if you own a mosin or other rifles that shot 7.62x54r I kept one in my range bag. It will safe the day if a shell brakes. You can’t get much cheaper.
One of Three Tools you'll need. and then your set!
Review by Mike
Verified Buyer
This, along with the Mosin Take down tool (that screwdriver combo headspace checker) and a the cleaning rod on the rifle is all you'll ever need to cover any issue with your Mosin Nagant.

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