.223 / 5.56 Broken Shell Extractor

The .223 / 5.56 Broken Shell Extractor is an essential tool for every gun owner. In the event of a case rupture, this tool will make it easy to remove the broken shell from your firearm preventing damage the the barrel.

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  • .223 / 5.56 Broken Shell Extractor
  • Combat Tested and Battle Proven Design
  • Made from Steel

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Customer Reviews

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Review by Theripper
Verified Buyer
I had a casing stuck in my AR without realizing it, and after lodging it further and further trying to load new rounds, I realized it was in there... I was a little worried this extractor wasn't good quality, but I was desperate! I'm glad I did. On the first try, it pulled it right out! VERY HAPPY with the price and quality!!!!
.223 broken shell extractor
Review by Albert
Verified Buyer
Nice tool for the range box. Hope I never ever have to use it.
A must
Review by Xavier
Verified Buyer
If you've ever broken a case then you know how hard it is to extract it. Awesome item a must have!
Well-made, good price
Review by Brian
Verified Buyer
Check out AKMike's good review. For other relative newbies like me, this tool is only needed if the rear of the brass case gets completely ripped off, and you end up with a peek-a-boo see-through spent case stuck in the chamber. To extract the stubborn case remnant, insert the skinny end of this tool though the stuck cartridge. The spring loaded 'tines' on the front (kind of like a drill chuck) act as a barb after you push them through the case neck. Then close the bolt, the extractor should catch on the rim of the tool, just as for a regular cartridge. Then just pull the bolt back, hopefully with the tool and 'impaled' case remnant.

Keepshooting offers this at a good price, compare with some of the big firearms parts vendors.

Though I haven't experienced a de-capped case, I've read this is more likely to occur with hot loads or cases reloaded multiple times (brass becomes extruded or brittle with use, especially with improper headspacing).
cleared to fire
Review by AKMike
Verified Buyer
With the growing popularity of m4s, decapped cases are becoming more common. With the shorter gas tubes and gas ports being drilled closer to the chamber, you get a much quicker and overly powerful extraction. It starts the extraction while the case is still expanded against the chamber walls which means it has much higher resistance. This means that if a case isn't up to par or the round is loaded a little hot, you can experience breakage. Assuming you didn't just ram the next round in deep enough to fire the weapon resulting in explosion, you can clear the broken case quickly and easily with this handy little deal.
have to have one
Review by Michael
Verified Buyer
I have learned that your shooting time will be cut short if a case head tears off and you either don't own one of these or you left it at home. Buy at least one per cal. Put it in your range bag or rifle case or what ever you have to. You could be toast with out it in a bad situation.
It works
Review by Love to Keepshootin'
Verified Buyer
Had this item for a while now and has been sitting in my range bag.

Today I needed it for the first time. It really works. just unscrew insert it into bore, close bolt and voila it grasps the case with ease.
Good product, Great service!
Review by Gerald
Verified Buyer
A good price on a must have item when using surplus ammo. Bought 97 various accessory items and entire order was very well packed for shipping! KS is on my top ten list of suppliers!
good little tool
Review by daniel
Verified Buyer
didn't really need it yet but did a bench test with it. does the trick for the price nice to have on hand.
Never go to the range without one
Review by Aloofshooter
Verified Buyer
As a former service member and a proponent of the .223/5.56 round, I love this product. It is an essential range tool. If you are using surplus or any other kind of ammo for that matter, you need this product. I always keep one in the range bag.

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