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Those who know gear always look for military surplus offerings first as there is no better way to stretch your gear budget than by scoring a great military surplus deal. For those who are unfamiliar with military surplus it is much like it sounds, the sale of excess or used supplies that were procured for use by the military. With the military having the range of roles from front line infantry to administrative office, the potential for finding military surplus goods to meet your needs is virtually unlimited.


Here at Keep Shooting we have been scouting out and bringing the finest military surplus to our customers for nearly 20 years.  We have developed sources and suppliers around the world who are able to ensure we have unissued surplus, near-new surplus, and the sizes that our customers need. From our selection of military surplus clothing to our selection of military helmets and everything in between, you're likely to find something you didn't even know existed but now must have.


With inflation eating into everyones' purchasing power, military surplus gear and equipment gives you the advantage over even the premium brands in performance at steeply discounted prices. Take a trip to your local outfitting store and check the price on Gore-Tex jackets and then pick up your phone and browse our selection of military jackets where you will find we have significant numbers of military surplus jackets that are made from the same Gore-Tex fabric and to military standards. The money you save buying military surplus over commercial grade new gives you savings to you hold onto or invest into other gear you want or need. 


Recycle and Repurpose Military Surplus


One of the things I find fun when new military surplus comes in is to figure out interesting ways to repurpose gear. This is truly the best type of recycling as instead of taking dirty aluminum cans to the recycler, you are picking through surplus gear that can be used for your own purposes. Some of the equipment is really obvious in its capabilities, while other gear may take some time before you realize what it can do to serve you like it served our military.


As soon as I saw the new USMC Ballistic Computer Cases arrive, I knew they would make a great sporting clays shell pouch as most of us here at Keep Shooting enjoy shooting sporting clays. The size of this case makes it a pefect option for holding live shells, or put a second one on your belt so you can also hold your spent shells rather than dropping them on the field. We rigged up a two pouch setup by using two of these computer cases and one of these battle belts and sure enough, these three pieces of military surplus gear performed as good as the top of the line sporting clays field gear.

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