Bulgarian AK47 7.62x39 Magazine - 30 Round

The Bulgarian AK47 7.62x39 Magazine is a MIL-SPEC 30-round magazine that is made from high quality components using precise manufacturing that will ensure long-lasting performance and reliability.

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  • Bulgarian MIL-SPEC AK47 Magazine
  • Steel Construction
  • 30-Round Capacity
  • Fits AK-47 Variants in 7.62x39mm
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Overall Rating
Love it
Review by Keepshooting Customer
It works great with all 3 of my ak's
Overall Rating
I love them very happy
Review by Keepshooting Customer
I love them very happy with the price,
Overall Rating
Perfect AK mags!
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Excellent fit and performance, durable and clean looking, nice finish, with a good solid feeling when you grab one in your hand. If your looking for a good reliable quality AK47 or other AK variant mag you will not find a better quality product for the price than these mags. I have used them extensively in my Vintor Wares M70 Feedworthy AK47 conversion. 100% reliable, no failures. Also run great in my Pioneer P-84 AK variant, Pioneer ZPAP milled gas AK, Efraim Karash Turkish made 80%, Bulgarian 3LH underfolder, Chinese Draco, US M-70 and others. All in 30rd config as well as steel 40rd and even the large AK 56 rnd ammo. Highly recommend these AK mags for a great alternative to expensive Japanese brands, while also not giving up any reliability. I bought these from KS during their FREE SHIPPING SALE and saved even more money, I think they had a few mags left at the regular price, these are going to sell out quick, they are great quality and will be the mags you have in your inventory for years to come.
Overall Rating
Work great in my new Bulgarian AK-P. Will be ordering more soon.
Review by Keepshooting Customer
They work great.
Overall Rating
Very pleased!
Review by Keepshooting Customer
As described. They came in a very simple clear plastic type packaging with the part number, weight, and other details printed on a slip of paper. These are really nice mags and they fit and feed perfectly in my ASAP NPAP. The mags are shiny, smooth, with no visible blemishes. Overall very pleased with these and glad to support a Bulgarian company.
Overall Rating
Great quality
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Great mags for my zpap m70.
Works flawlessly
Overall Rating
Bulgarian Steel
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Looks to be very solidly built and well-made, the best of any I've seen. I ordered a number of them, will try a variety of makes and types and if happy, well stock up on these. I've been disappointed in some. If you like my review, vote me one star up please, it would really help me get noticed for these good deals and bargains, so other shoppers can take advantage. Thank you very much. Great mags. Keep us posted if anything is up on sales. I'm on a really tight budget. It's nice having such great stuff at these reasonable prices when everyone else is asking you for upwards of $20 each for this good of an offer, as if they were gold, not paper wrapped. Thanks
Overall Rating
Steel Magazines
Review by Keepshooting Customer
I ordered these magazines to see if they would function better than plastic magazines. I have tried mag wrenches, no luck. Loading brass rounds seems more difficult than with plastic magazines. No malfunctions so far but they are brand new and need break in. Time will tell if these Bulgarian Steel magazines are the better ones to have.
Overall Rating
Bulgolian mag 7.62x39 mags are best for most gunsmiths..sorry Pmag.
Review by Keepshooting Customer
1st thing, while other mags work just fine, the tough Bulgarian mag is one hell of weapon you are holding, if you are looking to protect yourself and you family and other from home intruders and any sort of gun ware as most bad home guys now a days know a lot about weapon, that why most pro weapon persons and gang guys go to this other mag brand. This type mag was more for Soviet soldiers, this also was more hard time as USA still had more heavy round ammo for 7.62 Soviet rounds. Now we get to where the US had there same problem and when Vietnam starts they know better then USA what Soviet troops was using on battle field, that is why other Vietnam army Mags also had slight shape on there weapons but Soviet brand mag did change on last year in Vetan mka factory but there mags where already out of service, even Soviets told the last fact this, the same why why the USA used different rifles and some troops carried German Mausers in Veta fight, yes these US forces had problem to what Soviet soldiers was packing into there guns.. Bulgarian AK74S style rifles used this older type of Mags and most Bulgarian brand 7.62AK weapon brand is older 34 year style weapon from what my gun smiths are showing and teaching on my class I attended this class, I know most my customers here, some are from other states.. but now days, a small change will be over looked and gun owners get away with weapon and even people know these weapons is dangerous if handle wrong. Yes your mag needs work, if you take to many hits and still have your factory issued Mags? The bullet, will always end up in bottom plate as metal work or metal stress break after a while as most weapon always go threw more then you know hard hitting battle or just target and fast shooting from bad guys with 9-20 bullett s brass in semi auto from 9mm subgun like AR, so any metal depressed will take years if not 10 to 20 plus for your weapon to have damage to work and this goes to what we go through when weapons go trough a harder pounding of
Overall Rating
Good magazines
Review by Keepshooting Customer
They work great in my PSAK47 and PAP M59/63.
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