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Based on the original USGI AR-15 magazine but with a tough, stainless steel construction, the C Products AR-15 magazine offers a worthwhile alternative to those who are not satisfied with USGI magazines and are not particularly fond of polymer magazines. The use of stainless steel to construct the magazine body ensures that this magazine will continue to perform without any deformation in the magazine body.

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Today, C Products Defense, Inc. offers a range of magazines for the military, law enforcement agencies, arms manufacturers and civilians. One of their most popular magazines is their stainless steel AR-15 magazine. Civilians, professionals, and everyone in between recognize the value of stainless steel magazines for their increased performance and durability over time.

USGI AR-15 magazines, as you know, are constructed from aluminum, making them susceptible to damage. Today's combat operations, however, require a more durable magazine. In order to meet the needs of modern combat, C Products Defense, Inc. decided to design and produce a stainless steel AR-15 magazine. The combination of 400 Series stainless steel with a full heat treatment results in a magazine body that is extremely durable and capable of withstanding much more abuse with only a slight increase in weight. Each is designed to hold and feed 30 rounds of .223 Remington ammunition to your AR-15, and does so reliably with the assistance of a 17-7 stainless steel wire spring alongside a polymer anti-tilt follower.

  • Made from Stainless Steel
  • 30-Round Capacity
  • 5.56 / .223 Caliber
  • Made in the USA

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Customer Reviews

Excellent Mags
Review by RemMax
Verified Buyer
I have several SS C-Product mags and have good service from all of them
I use them in several of my AR and have found the C-Products SS mags to be some of the best aftermarket mags available
Their 7.62x39 are the best of any I have tried, the 223's feed as well as any other AR mag but hold up a lot better than most
That the main reason I like these as well as I do, they are tough and durable mags that work flawlessly

Excellent AR 15 Mag!
Review by rodney
Verified Buyer
These black Stainless Steel 30 rounders are very, very good quality magazines. I think these c products are the best mags I have every found hand down. I love them. You can't beat them. The 20 rounder stainless steel c products magazines are great too, if you can find them. Stainless Steel I feel is the best material for AR 15 magazines. Stainless Steel is a tough ,strong, material.
Great Performance
Review by J
Verified Buyer
I have used more than 20 of these mags over the years. C-Products are a great value & all my units have performed very reliably with multiple AR makes/models. C-Products offers both a SS & aluminum version. At present, the price is the same, so I'd go with the SS version IMHO.
Best aftermarket AR mag made
Review by RemMax
Verified Buyer
I have several of the C-Product SS AR Mags and have found these to be the best aftermarket mags of any made.
I prefer the Stainless mags over their Aluminum ones but own both and have been quite pleased with both of them.
These are the best aftermarket mags for the AR platform I have found to date and at the best price there are more expensive aftermarket mags out there but none of better quality.
Bullet proof AR Mag
Review by RemMax
Verified Buyer
These were the original mags C-products came out with and what all there alternate caliber mags are made of.
These mags have a Stainless Steel body that makes them a slight bit heavier but they can be left loaded and dropped etc between the SS body and the CS spring and no tilt follower these mags are top of the line.
If I didn't have so many AR 223 mags already I would definitely buy more of these.
The last of the C-product mags I bought was the Aluminum body mags and am equally happy with those but had these been available then I likely would have bought these instead just because I had these before.
High quality mags that can be stored loaded and still work when you need them

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