Czech Army Three Piece Sleeping Bag

The Czech Army Three Piece Sleeping Bag is a military surplus sleep system from the army of the Czech Republic. Composed of three pieces, this sleeping bag can be configured to meet your individual needs based on the environment you will be camping out in. Best of all, the sleeping bag system nests together and rolls up into a compact form with the use of the integrated compression straps.

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The Czech Army Three Piece Sleeping Bag is an excellent choice for camping outdoors in any part of North America. The Czech Republic army used this sleeping bag as their standard sleeping system for their armed forces and it proved to be popular with soldiers who appreciated the performance and comfort it provided.

Now you are able to purchase this sleeping system to experience the same level of protection that soldiers in the Czech army enjoyed. The three piece design provides you with a water resistant outer shell and two removable inner liners that can both be used for cold climates, or could be removed if the temperature is warmer. This design allows the interior components of the sleeping bag to be cleaned in a manner that is similar to how you would wash a blanket. Traditional sleeping bags can be very difficult to clean properly and you risk damaging them if improper cleaning methods are used.

  • Authentic Czech Army Sleeping Bag
  • Three Piece Design - Customize Your Bag
  • Excellent Condition - Shows Little Signs of Use
  • Rated for 35 Degrees
  • Compresses Down Using Integrated Compression Straps
  • Dimensions: 84" L x 29" W
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Overall Rating
Great concept!
Review by Richard
I really like this bag. The ability of being able to set it up with both liners or just one is great. I'm 6 ft and about 260 lbs, with wide shoulders. The bag is great everywhere but the shoulders where it is snug. Probably not an issue for most as most bags I've used are snug in the shoulders for me. Not biggie as prefer to sleep with my arms out side the bag. Bag arrived in great condition with no signs of use. Does take a while to bottom the liners in (15 min or so). Actually planning to buy a couple more.
Overall Rating
Excellent Sleeping Bag
Review by Conrad
First of all, KeepShooting was once again very expeditious in their processing and shipping of my item.

Upon opening the box I was not overcome with the normal "surplus smell", but it was there. I went ahead and aired out all three of the layers outside for a while before I machine washed the two inner layers. After air-drying those, I snapped it all back in the shell. All three layers are like new and the only thing I can see at all are some handling marks on the outer shell.

As a 5'10" man, I fit perfectly inside this thing. The linen inner sheet makes the experience fairly comfortable and not at all itchy (as the wool would be). This bag is a great value and a very interesting and comfortable concept from the Czech Military. Another great product from KS!
Overall Rating
Well worth the money
Review by Douglas
These are made with good quality materials, and I like that it can be disassembled for cleaning. Mine looks to be un-issued when I received it. I added a sleeping pad between the outer cover and the woolen liner for extra insulation from the ground. It is a little heavy for backpacking but is excellent for camping. I'm 6'2" 200# and have no trouble getting a good nights sleep in this bag. I just received this bag in August so only had it a couple weeks and have not done any real temperature testing yet. I believe it will be warm enough with a extra wool blanket for average Ohio winter night.
Overall Rating
Additional Comment
Review by Grok
P.s., I am 5'10 and a somewhat stocky 200 lbs. 34 waist, 30 inseam. This was comfortable for me, but I could see how it would be tight for a bigger person.
Overall Rating
Review by Grok
These are very well made, and I love the concept of washable liners. I think all this has been covered in the product spec, and reviews data, but I will add my comments anyway.

First, there are two interior liners. The external 'bag'is some sort of plastic or nylon. The two interior liners button into this one. You could choose to only use one of these for light summer evenings. It takes a good ten minutes or so to button them in, and the buttons and button holes are sturdy. It takes only a few minutes to unbutton them. The interior liner (the one which will be adjacent to the body of the user) appears to be linen or a linen cotton mix. It is very comfortable though not satin smooth (a good thing from my perspective, but then I like rough towels and use a nylon pot scrubber for exfoliation in the shower). The thick blanket liner appears to be synthetic. I burned some fibers to see and it was definitely not vegetable or animal fibers.

I ordered two of these. One was just a bit mildewy smelling so I washed both liners - in warm water. I dried the synthetic in the drier on warm, like any blanket of this nature. I let the inner liner air dry (spread out) for a few hours and then gave it 5 minutes in the drier on low to drive out any residual moisture. (I was paranoid about it shrinking.) Then repacked it.

The other one didn't have any smell at all, so I didn't do anything with it except repack it.

I think this is an excellent system and really prefer it to regular stuffed sleeping bags. I concur with the reviewer that said you could probably add a blanket if you needed to, for colder climates. I'll add though that if one had basic sewing skills it would be very feasible to use the inner liner as a template to make a duplicate out of a thicker blanket, or to add an additional blanket to the other one, by quilting it on... All in all a really nice system and well worth the money.
Overall Rating
Roomy and Comfortable
Review by Isaac
I'm 6'2" and 240lbs, and this bag was just big enough for me. With both my arms at my sides, the shoulder area was close to maxed out, but I was still comfortable. I haven't done any temperature testing, but it seems like it would be easy to add another wool or fleece blanket on the inside to help out with that. Also, I really liked how it rolled up into it's own hood with the strap already right there. Another massive plus is that when you get home and it's dirty from camping, all you have to wash is a linen sheet that buttons right back in. I really like it and can't wait to try it out in the field.
Overall Rating
Excellent Sleeping Bag
Review by JAMES
These bags have a great design, easy to wash and maintain + warm as toast
Overall Rating
Not for fat guys.....:(
Review by Sixgun
I'm 6'1 299.9 lbs. Size XXL shirt. The bag is too narrow for me to zip up if I want my arms inside as well. I just got back from a trip where I used it in a tent for 5 nights with temperatures only getting down into the 50's and I was pretty cold. Also mine looked brand new but was missing one button on the inside that holds down the 2 layering blankets.
Overall Rating
get one for every member of the family
Review by don
I have bought 3 of these from Keep Shooting. They are very nice. They have a linen sheet , and a fleece liner that botton inside the water resistant out bag. They are roomy and comfortable. For this price it is a great deal and good quality. Equip your whole family for disaster preparedness.
Overall Rating
Versatile sleep system.
Review by joe
A very interesting design. With the included components, it's a good 3-season bag. With this design it would be easy to add a wool blanket, or even just use the water-repellent cover as a bivy with an existing sleeping bag. Very roomy, I'm 6'4" and have plenty of room.

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