Dummy Pineapple Grenade

Keepshooting.com offers a wealth of dummy ordnance and ammunition, including the iconic Mk 2 grenade, commonly known as the "pineapple" grenade.

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The dummy pineapple grenade offered by Keepshooting.com is a reproduction of the M21, the practice version of the Mk 2. This can be seen in the distinctive “RFX” stamp on the side of the grenade and the hollow non-threaded hole at its base.

The dummy pineapple grenade is an excellent choice for:

- Collectors

- Reenactors

- Movie production

- Display

- Gifts

- Much more…

More Information
Overall Rating
Dummy pineapple grenade
Review by Albert
Good reproduction of US WW2 pineapple grenade
Overall Rating
Dummy pineapple grenade
Review by Albert
Nice conversation piece. I've always been fascinated with militaria. Looks good on my office shelf with the other dummy grenades.
Overall Rating
Review by joker
awesome paper weight looks and feel like the real thing.
Overall Rating
Review by Ben
Great for gift's
Overall Rating
Holding a WWII grenade in your hand.
Review by Raymond V.
Even though its inert it'll instill the fear of God in everyone who encounters it while holding it in your hand so use good judgement when showing it to your friends after what took place in Paris recently.
Overall Rating
Conversation Piece
Review by Dominic
I think these look really cool and are the ultimate conversation piece. Goes along with my military surplus gear and its neat to get the feel of a real grenade. They make great gifts too
Overall Rating
Practical Joke on Steroids
Review by 53GR
I bought one of these back in college. One night, the guys in the next room wouldn't shut up (or turn their music down). I was trying to study (a rare occasion) and I'd had enough. I rolled this into their room. After some commotion, they quieted down. We all laughed about it later.
Careful doing something like that, though. Could end you up in hot water.
Overall Rating
Great product
Review by Kenny
I actually use this to store spare emergency cash, but in addition to that it just looks so cool!
Overall Rating
Dummy Grenade
Review by J.
Very cool conversation piece.
Overall Rating
Fun to own
Review by Perry
Usually when people walk into my room this thing is the first conversation piece they go for. It will suffice for about anything grenade related, whether it be for a display or for use as a prop in backyard war film production shenanigans.
I love this thing. It is quite possibly the best paperweight ever.
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