Dummy Baseball Grenade

The dummy baseball grenade offered by Keepshooting.com is a reproduction of the original M67. The steel body is completely hollow and has been rendered completely inert, void of all explosive fillings. The included fuze has also been gutted and is completely inactive.

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The M67, commonly referred to as the baseball grenade, is a spherical fragmentation grenade that was developed by the United States Military as a replacement for the M61, a variant of the M26 "lemon" grenade. Unlike the M26, however, the M67 does not contain a pre-notched fragmentation coil. Instead, the inner wall of the grenade is scored to provide for enhanced fragmentation. The M67, like the M26, uses Composition B explosive filling. It is still in service today.

The dummy baseball is an excellent choice for:

- Collectors

- Reenactors

- Movie production

- Display

- Gifts

- Much more…

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Customer Reviews

Dummy baseball grenade
Review by Albert
Verified Buyer
Nice addition to my military collectables
Dummy baseball grenade
Review by Albert
Verified Buyer
Nice dummy grenade to put on the shelf. Just a conversation piece.
Amazing buy
Review by Smitty
Verified Buyer
In my opinion, these grenades look the best out of the three styles avalible at Keepshooting. Very authentic looking, the safety thing even comes off if you cock the ignition hammer, just like it's supposed to. Very pleased with my buy.
cool dummy grenade
Review by chris
Verified Buyer
i own this one and i spray painted od green so it looks real, very nice for display
Review by GUN NUT
Verified Buyer
I once threw this at one of my friends at night when he pulled into my driveway, and if you see my name, you can see why he filled his pants. They are great because the safety spoon even goes flying off if you cock the ignition hammer back.
Review by that guy
Verified Buyer
We have some for movies, great looking
Review by Jonathan
Verified Buyer
Great weight, tossed it around a bit when bored, and friends are always asking if they can touch it, awesome price too
Review by Nicholas
Verified Buyer
The one I received had some machining done to the inside, so I'm assuming that these were once "live" grenades. Which is great for parties or conversations. I keep one on my desk at work and people are always staring at it lol.
good conversation piece
Review by louie
Verified Buyer
they attract attention,that alone is worth the money. everyone always wants to touch them. nice weight and size.
Just like in Basic Training
Review by Lawrence
Verified Buyer
This is an exact copy of the standard training grenades that are used by all current U.S. forces. Nice weight and feel in the hand. There is a hole in the bottom for safety purposes. Now if I could only get some practice fuses to go with them.

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