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The Hiperfire Enhanced Duty Trigger - Sharp Shooter is a significant upgrade to your AR15 stock trigger group. With features designed to increase accuracy and performance this is one essential upgrade for your rifle that is easy to install and will provide an immediate benefit when at the target range.

The EDT Sharp Shooter trigger assembly by Hiperfire is a significant upgrade for any AR. Beneficial for military, security, police, or personal utility users there is an immediate gain in overall accuracy and performance with your AR after installing this trigger assembly.

  • Radical Sear Mechanics - Medium Weights, 4.5 and 5.5 Pulls - Smooth and Accurate
  • SwingFast Hammer Head - Faster Lock-Up and More Accurate
  • MIL++ Heavy Duty Hammer Springs - Very Hard Hammer Strikes - High Power Touch Off for Ultimate Accuracy
  • Curved Trigger with a Backbone
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