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Federal .30-06 Springfield Ammo - F3006FS3

Federal F3006FS3 .30-06 Springfield Ammunition

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  • Federal .30-06 Springfield Ammo - F3006FS3 Federal .30-06 Springfield Ammo - F3006FS3

Federal F3006FS3 .30-06 Springfield Ammunition

Perfect for hunting deer and other similarly-sized big game, each box contains 20 brass-cased cartridges – each of which contains a 180 gr Fusion® projectile. These non-corrosive cartridges are not only perfect for use with any platform chambered for the .30-06 Springfield cartridge, but prime candidates for reloading as well.

Availability: Out of Stock

Regular Price: $22.14

Special Price $19.95

The cartridges found in every box of Federal F3006FS3 .30-06 Springfield ammunition begin with a Fusion® projectile. The Fusion® projectile utilizes the Federal Cartridge Company's modern manufacturing capabilities to electrochemically join pure copper to an extreme pressure-formed core, resulting in an optimal performance that is marked by both optimal weight retention and high terminal energy, which are known to cause lethal shock.

As noted, each box of Federal F3006FS3 .30-06 Springfield ammunition contains 20 non-corrosive, brass-cased cartridges. Each cartridge is loaded with the aforementioned 180 gr Fusion® projectile, which provides for both superior terminal ballistics and increased muzzle velocities. In fact, this particular load is capable of producing muzzle velocities that have been observed to travel at speed of up to 2,700 fps.

  • Muzzle Velocity: 2700 ft/sec
  • Muzzle Energy: 2915 ft/lbs
  • Projectile Type: Fusion
  • Projectile Weight: 180 Grain

Additional Information

Case Type Brass
Projectile Type Full Metal Jacket
Projectile Weight 180 gr
Shell Length N/A
Reloadable Yes
Corrosive No
Rounds Per Box 20

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