French Army D30 Covert Impact Vest

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The French Army D30 Covert Impact Vest is one of the first military issued protective devices that was made using D3O. This revolutionary material is known as a non-Newtonian fluid as it is soft and flexible when moved slowly, but on an impact shock, will lock together to absorb and disperse the energy from impact. Once the impact shock has been absorbed, it will go back to being soft and flexible.

The French Army D3O Covert Impact Vest is a collaboration between D3O Labs and textiles manufacturer Leo Minor. Making use of the revolutionary D3O in the form of the orange inserts you see on the vest, soldiers in the French Army are able to be issued the best impact vests ever produced. There is no other material that performs as well as D30 does for protecting the wearer from impact injury and blunt force trauma.

Where D3O excels is in its properties. Each D3O impact pad is soft and pliable when walking or running, making it comfortable to wear them for extended periods of time. Once the D3O pads experience an impact shock, they become rigid which will quickly and effortlessly absorb and disperse the energy from the impact. This performance will dramatically reduce injury from impact or blunt force trauma. Once the impact energy subsides, each D3O protective insert will once again become soft and pliable.

These vests are light weight, mesh, and expandable so that while marked as a size small will easily fit a medium. For those who need a larger sized vest, the D3O protective inserts can be removed and put into your own favorite jacket or vest. The value from these impact vests is the D3O inserts, which once inserted into your own jacket or vest will provide you the same level of protection in your own jacket.

  • Authentic French Army Covert Impact Vest
  • Made from D30 Intelligent Sock Absorption Panels
  • Capable of being Worn Covertly
  • Most Flexible and Best Performing Riot Vest
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