French FAMAS Harness Suspenders

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The French FAMAS Harness Suspenders are an integral part of the FAMAS combat set that is used by the French Army. With the design of these suspenders, you can easily use them for a variety of purposes other than their original use as the harness for the FAMAS combat set. You can also collect the other parts of the FAMAS combat set as the suspenders tend to be the most difficult to find in good condition.

The French FAMAS combat set is still being used in many parts of the world by French overseas forces. Having made its debut in the 1980s along with the FAMAS rifle, this uniquely French combat set was designed to work in all of the areas where the French army operates. This would include every type of climate from arctic to tropical so the textiles and properties of this combat set needed to be tough. With the use of polymers instead of metal, corrosion resistance and strength was achieve and the lifespan of the entire combat system was extended.

Now that we have this harness suspender set, we have found it to be very versatile. Most combat suspenders are designed in a way that only allows them to be used with the combat set. With the way these suspenders attach, you can use them as traditional suspenders or you can match them up with the other FAMAS combat set accessories to complete your collection. Like all surplus, the possibilities are only limited to your imagination and patience.

  • Authentic French Army Combat Set Suspenders
  • Part of the FAMAS Combat Set
  • Near New Condition - Little Sign of Use
  • Marked with Manufacturer
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