French MAT-49 Magazine Pouch – Authentic French Military Surplus Pouch

French MAT-49 Magazine Pouch

Got a French MAT-49 and a couple of magazines that are just begging for a magazine pouch to match? How about a MAC-10 and some of our M3 Grease Gun magazines? Then you are in luck, because the new French MAT-49 magazine pouch can hold them all. One part French military surplus and about a billion parts awesome, this is the one magazine pouch to rule them all.

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Description / French MAT-49 Magazine Pouch

Each French MAT-49 magazine pouch is an authentic piece of French military surplus. You will be pleased to hear that each pouch is free from the typical rips, tears, stains and scents that are characteristic of previously issued military surplus equipment. Those looking for a magazine pouch suitable for carrying up to five submachine gun magazines – both those designed for use with the MAT-49 or otherwise – or a unique piece of French military surplus are sure to find the French MAT-49 magazine pouch an excellent option.

The French MAT-49 magazine pouch features a construction made almost entirely of a durable canvas material, save the few metal rivets and snap fasteners. Rounding out the tough construction is a series of military-grade stitching that holds the pouch together at the seams. Coloring is almost a sort of olive grey, which is a welcomed change from traditional olive drab. As for the pouch itself, these five-celled pouches are designed to hold up to five MAT-49 magazines, which are available in capacities of 20, 32 and 35 rounds. Each magazine fits into its own cell, which measures approximately 10 inches by 1 1/2 inches by 1 1/4 inches. Interesting is the fact that this pouch is also capable of accommodating .45-caliber submachine gun magazines, including our M3 Grease Gun magazine. Additional features include a flap closure with two snap fasteners, dual belt loops and a removable shoulder strap.

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Customer Reviews

They a great
Review by thomas
Verified Buyer
They fit most 25 + rounds magazines .45 and 9 mm . They work great for me. Bag quality is like new too me.
Great pouch
Review by Jacob
Verified Buyer
I bought these to put my tapco sten mags in. They were to big. It does fit the factory steel mags just fine. Great little pouch no wear or tear looks brand new.
I need to order a few more of these!
Verified Buyer
Ordered 2 of these. Now, I need to order more. Heavy OD canvas. Unissued surplus in excellent condition. Considering that these are probably 50s or 60s vintage, they really are in impeccable shape. Will hold Uzi, Sten, M3 Grease Gun, Cobray and PPS43 mags.
Excellent magazine pouch
Review by Ozzy
Verified Buyer
I have two of these, one for my Suomi mags, and one for my PPS43 mags. They work well with both, though the newer of the two was a bit stiff for the PPS mags to fit easily. Honestly that one looks as is it was sewn and mailed the same day. They are well made from durable heavy canvas.
Works for 10-22 mags
Review by Edward
Verified Buyer
I bought 2 of these hoping they would work with 25-round Ruger 10-22 mags. Due to the curved shape and the width of the feed area only 4 mags will will fit. I bought 2 more so I can load 16 mags before going out and not have to worry (much) about reloading them in the field.
Good item for Sten
Review by Jim K
Verified Buyer
Great price, condition, and quality. Sten mags fit well, and the flap JUST makes it, so no modifications necessary to snaps or other areas. Very happy with it! More good French surplus!
French magazine carrier
Review by Andrew
Verified Buyer
Once again, another great European field gear item for a better price than what it would cost at the fleamarkets or surplus shops in France. Keepshooting is one of relatively few North American dealers that continues to offer surplus items in good condition at fair prices.
Best. SMG pouch. EVAR.
Review by Eric
Verified Buyer
Subgunners rejoice. I can't believe these work so great. The condition on mine were used but like new. I'm assuming they've been in storage and not in circulation. As pictured, the wide shoulder pad detaches and there are even loops in the inside top flaps to store it when not in use. I've not tried every variety of stick mag, but they appear to fit most of the common types. Each pouch will also hold three Suomi 50rd coffin mags as well. Pro Tip: The "Swedish Military Medical Bag" (SKU: SWE015) will hold THREE of these pouches PER compartment. Rockin.
Great for Suomi Stick Mags
Review by DaveInPA
Verified Buyer
I have a couple of these for the 36 round stick mags for my TNW Suomi, which fit perfectly. The pouches I received were unissued and in great shape.
Great pouch for variety of mags
Review by Bobbie
Verified Buyer
These pouches are brand new. They will fit Sterling 34rd mags and Pps43 mags.

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