HK G3 Rear Sight Cylinder – Original Part Made by HK for the G3

G3 Rear Sight Cylinder

I like to think of the iron sights on a rifle as the eyes of a rifle. Both the firearm and the shooter need to see for the most accurate shooting. I have 20/15 vision, but without iron sights I’d be lucky to hit a beach ball at 25 yards. Generally, iron sights fall into one of two basic categories: open sights and aperture sights. Open sights regularly utilize a notch as the rear sight – to be aligned with a post or bead usually found on the barrel. While relatively common, cheap and easy-to-use, they are often difficult to adjust and come at the expense of high accuracy. Aperture sights use a small, circular hole to pick up the front sight and work based on the theory that the eye will consistently center the front sight, providing more precise shooting.

The G3 uses aperture sights to provide the shooter with more precise, consistent aiming. The rotary rear sight assembly features the rear sight cylinder, an original part made by Heckler & Koch. The G3 rear sight cylinder is a rotating diopter drum sight that includes four different aperture settings for adjustable aiming. The interior of the cylinder is threaded, which allows it to be mounted easily to the rotating threaded disc on the rear sight housing.

Build your next rotary rear assembly with original HK parts from The G3 rear sight cylinder is now available for $2.95 and can be paired perfectly with the G3 rear sight housing for an inexpensive project.

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Description / G3 Rear Sight Cylinder

The G3 rear sight cylinder can be found mounted to the rotating threaded disc on the G3 rear sight housing. It is a rotating diopter drum sight that is noted for its precision and adjustability. To use, begin by setting the cylinder to the desired aperture setting. Then, peer through the aperture hole and pick up the front sight. It is an original factory part made in Germany by HK.

Spare parts are an important consideration when it comes to firearms. Like any machine, firearms rely on a series of parts to function properly, including sights. If a part breaks or fails, a repair or replacement is necessary.

It is also important to consider availability. At this time, has a wealth of authentic, original factory parts from HK for the G3/HK91/PTR91. Not only are they readily available, but also they are cheap. Now is the time to take advantage.

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Serviceable rear sight
Review by Erick
Needed a rear sight cylinder and KeepShooting delivers. Finish wear is minimal. Thank you!

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