Glock 23 Magazine

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The Glock 23 Magazine is the factory standard 13-round magazine for the Glock 23 pistol. This full sized magazine holds 13 rounds of ammunition and is designed to fit and feed reliably in the Glock 23 pistol. With the Glock 23 being popular with civilian shooters and security professionals, these magazines are ideal for having on hand to ensure your Glock 23 has a steady supply.

The Glock 23 is a full sized Glock chambered in .40SW. With the .40SW chambering, the Glock 23 has found itself to be the standard service pistol of many law enforcement agencies around the world. This wide spread use of the Glock 23 has kept the Glock factory busy producing the Glock 23 and accessories for it, including the standard 13-round magazine.

With extra magazines for your Glock 23 you can spend more time at the range shooting and less time reloading. This additional range time will help make you a better shot with your Glock and you will enjoy your pistol more. When you are in the market for additional magazines for your Glock 23, this would be the magazine you want. The capacity is the full 13-rounds and the magazines was produced in the same factory that makes the Glock 23. Reliability, performance, and satisfaction are all guaranteed by GLOCK.

  • Authentic GLOCK Factory Magazine
  • Designed for the Glock 23
  • 13-Round Capacity
  • .40SW Caliber
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