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M14 Magazine

We stock the very best M14 magazine that money can buy, the MIL-SPEC M14 Magazine made in Taiwan for the T57 rifle. These magazines are produced to ensure that the Taiwanese military has a constant supply of high quality magazines for their M14 rifles that remain in service. Guaranteed to fit, feed, and function in any firearm that is designed to use mil-spec M14 mags.

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Description / M14 Magazine


  • USGI-SPEC M14 Magazine
  • Holds 20-Rounds of 7.62x51
  • Blued Steel Finish 
  • Factory New

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Manufacturer United Defense LLC

Customer Reviews

Great magazines!
Review by T-One
These magazines have been flawless in my Norinco M14S I think it is. (Been awhile since I saw it). I waited awhile to review, actually far too long, as I wanted to see what these were all about. I myself went through the excitement of the Korean magazines, only to have them start to malfunction on me after not very long. These magazines are much more rugged, and all you need to do is hold one to know for yourself. Great price! No issues for me at all!
Rock solid
Review by Mark
Just received these and they are rock solid. Easily loads 20 rounds and locks into place. Perfect magazine at a great price, would recommend!
Great Magazine
Review by Pablo
These magazines, are well made, the fit and finish are very good and function perfectly in my M1a. No issues! Buy them while they're available.
Great mags
Review by Magoo
Best m14 mags I've seen other than springfield
M14/M1A Mags
Review by Jeff
I’ve competed in DCM/CMP for years and have had multiple M1A rifles and Mags as well.
These are the Best mags I’ve ever used.
I like them more than the Checkmate Mags that come w/the Springfield Armory M1A’s.
I bought 5 of these and I’m buying 10 more when they come back in stock.
They have a very good spring and follower in them.& I like the finish on the them.
The price is off of the chart compared to the CM mags.I highly recommend this product.
Great M1A Magazine
Review by Mr. Tidwell Longbottom
Cannot beat the quality or the price. These lock in and feed flawlessly. I'm docking 1 star because the finish was already coming off with first use in the areas around the mag catch and seating area. The finish is blued but it can scrape off. At this price, that's OK in my book.
Two M-14/M1A Magazines
Review by Fyrcap
Initially the mags were a little stiff upon insertion but worked in nicely after repeated insertions.
I'll be getting some range time this coming week and look forward to seeing how they feed during firing.
buy them.
Review by John
they do the job. The only thing bad I can say about them is: the paint is starting to flake off in the usual spots after the 3rd lock into the mag well & when I smacked the mag to even up stack of cartridges, I used the edge of a table and they now have small indentations. I advise consecutive lighter taps than one firm one to correct this. if my M14 likes these magazines yours probably will as well.
These are the best
Review by Mike
Awesome mags. All I can say is you won’t regret purchasing these.
Needs work and not blued
Review by Branstone
So I would not get these mags if you don't want to work on them. I don't mind working on magazines and I typically do to get them at top performance. These need a lot of work though on the follower, the catch tab and on the ribs at the mouth. What was really disappointing is I emailed and asked if they could verify if these are blued. I saw the listing but knew these were teflon coated. They are coated and kind of annoyed that the person I talked to couldn't tell the difference. For the price, probably not worth all the work to make them right. They do feel sturdy and look nice, but again needs work.
Outstanding value!
Review by Warlokke
Best value anywhere on rock-solid M1A magazines. I have made multiple purchases to keep my M1A's in the manner to which they are accustomed! These feed flawlessly and you won't find a better price.
These work, buy with confidence
Review by Bob
No problem functioning in my M1A. Insert with solid seat in, and remove just like the factory mags. Weld spots and dimples in seating tab match my USGI mags.
Very well made magazines
Review by Gil
I ordered five of these magazines and they arrived in a just a few days after the order. They came individually sealed in plastic bags and coated with oil. After wiping them down I tried inserting them in my new M!A Scout. They were very tight fitting, but so was the ten round magazine that came with the rifle from Springfield Armory. I inserted and ejected each magazine ten times and could feel them getting easier to lock in to the rifle. The next day I took the magazines to the range and loaded each one with twenty rounds. As I fired the rounds in each magazine, I experienced no problems. These are good magazines for less then 1/2 the cost of the Springfield magazines.
Great magazines!
Review by Smithy
Perfect fit and function in a PolyTech M14 s
,have picked up to orders and will grab a few more!
M1A magazines
Review by M1A man
Work as good as SA magazines for half the price
So far so good...
Review by SSWESS
After test driving Korean mags,which catastrophically failed after only two reloads( both 10's and 20's) I was reluctant to try more non factory mags ,however at this price I figured I would. Couldn't be more pleased after several reloads with multiple different ammo; high end brass to cheap steel and no problem. Mags also fit well as my factory ones do. I will be ordering more. Thank y'all and KEEP SHOOTING.
M14 Magazines
Review by Ken
Just got my second order. Rock solid, metal M14 magazines. Not cheap knockoffs. These function perfectly in my M1A.
M14 Magazines
Review by Ken
Fast service, no issues. Magazines arrived superbly packaged. Magazines were in great shape, fit and functioned perfectly in my M1A. You can't go wrong with these mags for your MIA and I will be buying more.
Get them now.
Review by Flat Man
Waited over 3 yeats for these babies. The best you can buy at this price.
Simple, high quality
Review by David
These are great, reliable magazines and at less than half the price of Springfield mags they are all I buy. They work fine with 6.5 Creedmoor as well. Stock up!
I would buy this product agian
Review by United FRE
Cut to the chase, it works. Feeds consistently, locks up when inserted, drops out with minimal effort. and the 20 round capacity is great. Runs in my SA M1A and that's what counts
M1 A magazine
Review by Gdog
They seem to be well finished. I have yet to run bullets through them. The price was competitive .
M14 mags
Review by Tim C
These a great mags!! I have purchased over 10 and they function flawlessly...no FTF, no jams
The price is exceptional since other quality mags can cost up to double what these cost.
I will be buying more in the future
I Bought several of these,Great Mags
Review by jim
I got 4 of these and they work better than most mags out there for the M-14,Very well made no complaints about operation either a good one to buy !
Great Magazine fits my M14 good .Will get more of them
Review by Richard
I was very impressed with this Magazine the price is good and it fits good
Nice value
Review by RM
When compared against a name-brand mag, this is a great value. Functioned fine and at this price you can afford to buy more than one. I will buy more when necessary.
Review by Nick
I was pretty impressed by the quality of these magazines. I had expected them be light weight and cheap, but they are rather heavy and appear to be well built.
Great product
Review by S
I was a little sceptical of these to start. When I got mine it was really oily and hard to load. After loading it it is a little hard to get to seat with the bolt closed. However once I opened the bolt and got the mag seated it worked flawlessly. Feed ever round perfectly. I was really impressed with this product and thin it's the best value on magazines period. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone.
Quality Magazine for a Quality Rifle
Review by MV
Although made it Taiwan this magazine functioned flawlessly just like the mil-spec magazine. These are probably manufactured in Taiwan specifically for U.S. M-14 rifles which explains in superb performance.
the best
Review by mike
These are absolutely the best magazines you can buy it's unbelievable they work you will be so happy with him
Review by Jim
Had decided to sell my M1A due to the expensive magazine. Glad I tried the Taiwan magazines since they fit and function perfect and at half the price of factory/GI mags. Keeping the M1A and ordering more magazines.
Very good fit.
Review by Ted
Work as well as any mags I own. Got mine on sale and was surprised at how well they were made.
Outstanding value!
Review by Mark
New to the M1A rifle. After looking around these appeared to be a great value. Tried them out last week and can now confirm they are!

My Lula mag loader fit just fine but the arms inside the loader don't seem long enough to push the rounds low enough for the next round. Hand loading is easy enough anyway.
Outstanding M1A Magazines
Review by David
I can buy 3 of these T57 magazines for the price of one Springfield Armory mags and the only difference is the finish of the mags. The SA mag is parkerized and the T57 is a blueing type finish. I think these T57 mags is the better of the two, they sure go in nice and come out with a press of the mag release they drop out without any help none of my 4 SA mags will do that. I put over a 1000 rounds thru the two T57 Mags i bought just see how they would perform i did not have one malfunction from the mags or the rifle so i say they are GREAT MAGS and a GREAT FIREARM the M1A. The mags do need taken a part and get all the grease and oil out of them mine had a lot in it lucky i was curious to know how well these mags where built so i took it apart it's built like it should be the spring & follower is just like the 50.00 each SA mags. I'm happy with these mags will be buying plenty more i just wished you had them in a 15 round mag i prefer those but 20 rounds mags at this price is fine Thanks David.
I purchased two mags 20 rounds
Review by Phil
I want to say this are great quality mags I have used them on M1A with no problems they fit perfect with no rattle. They fit better than Springfield Armory and just as good for less money..
Equal quality mags
Review by Gary
Compared these to a parkerized 20rd mag for the M14. No difference in manufacturing quality except for finish and these look amazing in my new M1A w/mossy oak stock by Springfield. Thanks! I will be buying a few more soon.
Equal quality mags
Review by Gary
Compared these to a parkerized 20rd mag for the M14. No difference in manufacturing quality except for finish and these look amazing in my new M1A w/mossy oak stock by Springfield. Thanks! I will be buying a few more soon.
Haven't fired them in my rifle yet but they look very good ...
Review by Scott
Haven't used them in my M1A yet, but they look very good. As other reviewers have noted, they have a Teflon coating, which I suspect is a rust preventative. The mags load easily and have a quality look about them so at this point I'm pleased. And at this price, wow! My son was jealous, having just spent twice as much for CMI mags. One word of caution - you cannot use your Lula mag loader with these mags, it just doesn't fit right, so that is one frustration with them, but I got over it pretty quickly when I thought about the price I paid, lol!
GREAT mag for springfield M-14
Review by barry
these mags. fit he SPRINGFIELD better than the one that comes with the rifle ! ! ! Shipping was super FASTTTTTTTTTTTTTT . Price is lowest I have found to date . DO NOT BE AFRAID TO BUY THESE YOU WILL BE HAPPYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
Well worth the money
Review by neil
I use these at the range a lot. I have had no FTF. Rocks and locks in the mag well nicely. I ordered more after using the first order of T57's from KS. Great price/value and works great. Get some!
Review by Eric
I purchased 4 of these magazines for a brand new M1A synthetic model. I was skeptical as others were in these reviews but after 100rds total through these magazines I found no issues at all. They perform extremely well without damaging shell casings and they fit without any wobble. The finish on them is extremely nice and way better then the gov't model mags for triple the price. I would definitely recommend these to anyone with an M1A. For the price and the quality that you receive this is a no brainier and worth every penny. Save $$$ on your mags so that you can upgrade other items on your M1A. I also just ordered a few more since I was on this website leaving this review. Overall EXCELLENT product!!!!
Great Mags
Review by Philip
I bought 5 of these mags and I was very impressed with the quality, fit and finish. I will be buying more. They worked very well and I had no problems. They beat the day lights out of the Gov’t models.

Just great mags.
A Worthy Product
Review by Scott
I read all of the reviews before ordering these mags. My need is somewhat different than most except for the guy who also purchased these mags for a MVP Scout. I was a little suspicious of foreign make magazines until I got them. As noted before, each mag was individually packaged with a light grease coating. I disassembled one completely, cleaned it well, reassembled it, and started testing.

First I checked for burrs and sharp edges. There were a few sharp edges that I removed easily. Honestly, I've never found any magazine that didn't need a little smoothing. Next I checked for fit. It inserted into the MVP Scout mag well easily and clicked into place with authority. Upon release it dropped freely away. Then, I loaded the mag to capacity for a cycle test through the action. At first I could only get 19 rounds to load but after a couple of cycles I managed to get number 20 into the magazine with little effort.
All 20 rounds cycled through the action with no failures. However, the bolt had to be worked briskly which isn't necessarily bad. Just something you need to know. This isn't an uncommon occurrence for bolt guns.
The ejected rounds had some marks on them but NO gouges. I wasn't upset by this. In fact I expected it and I've seen far worse with much more expensive magazines on other rifles. It is a non-issue.
The magazines did have some small amount of play. They didn't rattle and they worked no matter how the mag was manipulated.
These magazines look good cosmetically, are well made, function flawlessly, and are very reasonably priced. I think they represent an outstanding value and highly recommend them.
Great magazines
Review by Killashrub
I was a little leery purchasing these because everyone who is an M1a owner knows that if you skimp out on magazines they do not work. Or in other words if you don't use Springfield Armory or Checkmate magazines then they wont work and will just be a waste of money. But I saw the reviews were good on these magazines so I bought 2.

Upon arrival they were packaged well and individually wrapped. The first thing I noticed was there was grease or oil on the follower. I wiped it down. The magazines are coated in a Teflon coating that is nice even and dark and also appears to be tough. It would be better if it was parkerizing but in the end it matches my all black mk14 better anyway. I did a tap test on the side of the magazine and the steel used sounds solid and the same sound as the CMI magazine. The welds on the magazine look well done as well. I loaded 20 rounds into the magazine and it held no more than 20. Each round made a nice tactile thud into place as the CMI magazines do. The feed lips did not want to bend and I could not bend them with my hand like the cheap crap magazines do. Inserting the magazine and removing it a few times was just as easy as any top dollar magazine. The magazine could be inserted with the bolt of the rifle closed. I actuated the rifle till all 20 rounds were removed from the magazine. All the rounds fed and ejected with no hiccups or problems. The last round hold open worked as well. I then loaded and unloaded the magazine a few more times with no problem. After that I did a few drop tests on concrete standing with the magazine empty with no problems at all. Then I loaded it up and did a few drops with no problems. I then put the magazine in the rifle and actuated the bolt till the mag was empty and all functioned flawlessly.

I took the magazines with me to the range and the drop test magazine had 100 rounds of m80 ball ammo through it without a problem, the rifle used was an M1A scout. The second magazine that is brand new I put 20 rounds of federal gold medal match 175g ammo in and inserted it into my M1A National Match EBR all rounds cycled perfect and last round hold functioned flawlessly in both. In closing I have found these magazines to function flawlessly, be just as tough, and just as well made as CMI or Springfield top dollar magazines at half the cost. The only possible small negative imo is the color. Its a semi gloss black but it makes it a prime candidate for custom paint. 10/10 on my scale overall. I have since ordered another 4 magazines for a total of 6 which have all had the same quality. I plan to buy another 14 for a total of 20. Buy these magazines, you will not be disappointed.
M14 Magazine (Taiwan T57)
Review by Foy D
Magazines;each in a sealed bag, lightly oiled, uniform finish, well made in appearance, fits a M1A as would expect, well packed in shipping box, and fast shipping as is the usual with Keep Shooting.
I'll be getting more!
Review by charles
Haven't used them yet but appear be excellent quality. They are solid and don't have the issues I've read about on other websites(CTD). Hope the supply lasts, I'll be getting more!
Great Mags!
Review by Chase
Excellent mags, at an excellent price. I don't think there is a better price out there. As many people know, real M14 mags from the 1960s are super expensive and not really for sale anywhere, these are a great alternative. Never had any issues with them whatsoever, no feeding issues, lock right into place, and seem to be unbreakable . The only thing is it's a black gloss finish, and not a parkerized like the mags the US used. But if you can get over that, these mags are for you. I recommend buying multiple.
Best kept secret out there
Review by Frank
Mags are terrific. Really well made, very nice black teflon finish and (most importantly) function flawlessly. Don't really need more but I'll be buying more. Great product.
Great mags
Review by Boo Radley
I have about 30 of these mags and they have all functioned perfectly. Both my M1a and Mossberg MVP like the mags. Buy some, you won't regret it!
not a single malfuncion
Review by sean
Had these mags for over a year now, and 750 rounds later and not a single malfunction in my rifle. Excellent!
Just can't stop !!!!!!
Review by Henry
This is my third purchase of these...they are so good I just can't stop buying them!
Great mags at a great price for the M1A/M14 rifle!!!!
Quality Magazine
Review by utdutt
Sturdy magazine that functions perfectly in my Springfield M1A. The finish is a glossy black, not gray park like a USGI magazine.
Great mags
Review by David
These are a bargain. I got my black Friday ones for 10.95. That was a real deal.. Buy plenty cause the work great!!! Keep Shooting is a great company to deal with!!!!!
M1A factory quality mags!
Review by Jeffrey
I got 3 of these fine mags for my M1A during the sale pricing. I was so impressed I canceled my order for some Promag brand ones and ordered 3 more! My mags do hold open the bolt as an added bonus.
Great mags
Review by John
Just received my mags today. Amazed at how fast they were shipped. Excellent magazines. Fit, feed. Perfectly in my super match Springfield M1A. They do hold the bolt open on last shot. Wish they made 25 or 30 round. Will order more. Thanks keep shooting for a great product.
Great quality for the price
Review by Ted
Will buy more in the future, they work flawlessly.
I wish they held the bolt back
Review by Greg
Received my Magazines today and unfortunately they do not have the ear on the back left side of the floor plate to engage the bolt lock. They are a good quality y mag( much better the P mags I bought, They didn't fit at all) and I really wished it just had that lil piece of metal. Customer service was great when I called about returning these mags and even tho this was my first order with this company I know it won't be my last.
I wish they worked.
Review by Greg
Received my Magazines today and unfortunately they do not have the ear on the back left side of the floor plate to engage the bolt lock. They are a good quality mag( much better the P mags I bought, They didn't fit at all) and I really wished it just had that little piece of metal. Customer service was great when I called about returning these mags and even though this was my first order with this company I know it won't be my last.
Great Mag's
Review by RemMax
I bought 5 of these the last time they had them in stock and have wished I bought more every since
I converted 3 of these to work in my Armalite AR10 and they work as well in it as they do in my Springfeild M1A

To convert these for the AR10 is a simple task that mainly involves adding a notch in the side and rear then changing the follower
I did this to 23 and left 2 as they were for use in my M1A
They work perfectly in both guns and are only half the cost of Mil-Surp mags
Being so much cheaper makes it a lot easier to cut extra holes in them to adapt to other guns and having them work flawlessly is priceless!
Plus they have a super nice finish! :)
Overall great value.

Good alternative magazine
Review by KP Duty
These are nice magazines, the followers are very tight, but that didn’t cause a feed problem for me and running the magazines smoothed them out.
If you Own an M1A...
Review by Bo
...Then you should buy some of these mags! They Look Great, they Function Great and best of all, their Price is Great! I have bought Two and most certainly plan to buy several more!
Review by Casey
Great mag for the price. Tight fit but feeds flawlessly.
Works in Armalite AR10
Review by Troy
I modified two of these to work in my AR10 that uses M14 pattern mags. So far no issues. At half the price of an Armalites (That you can't find anywhere) they're a win for sure. I plan on offering and converting a few more since the first two were successes. Just be aware without an AR10 follower the bolt will hit the follower, not the bolt catch.
Great Magazine
Review by Matt
Picked a few of these up before things got crazy and have been very pleased with the purchase. I have used them twice in my standard M1A1; they performed flawlessly for me. The teflon coating helps them feed and release easier. Highly recommend.
Great value
Review by Chris
I picked up on of these mags unsure of how good they would be and now I wish I had bought several more, I know I will once they come back in stock. They look great the teflon finish gives them a nice look and they take 20 rounds from stripper clips and an adapter well, very pleased overall especially with the price and the current state of things.
Wish I bought more
Review by Maxwell
Love these magazines. Picked up three a few weeks ago and was so happy and came back to find they had been sold out. UGH! I knew I should have got more. But as soon as they are restocked I will place another order. It was my first purchase through this company and wont be my last.
Well made and dependable mags
Review by Michael
I bought 10 of these and wish I had gotten a few more. These are some of the best after markets mags out there. Performance and reliability are just as good as my Springfield Armory mags but these cost a lot less. M1A's love them. SA mags are near impossible to find right now anyway and if they are available, they are very expensive. When in stock, these sell out fast so get them while you can.
Mags pretty dang good, except one thing.
Review by M1A Dude
I ordered 4 of these mags when the price was cheaper, right now, this is still a steal though. Two of the mags work wonderful held the bolt back and everything. The other two cycled fine but the follower would not hold the bolt back after the last shot. I guess just count your shots. No big deal for me. Still great solid mags, love the Teflon finish!
Great Mags
Review by Kevin
Have purchased 10 of these mags. They work great. Fit and finish are superb, they lock securely, never had a feeding issue. I have read on gun sites/blogs to avoid these and other "after market" mags and stick with the expensive ones. Hope they continue to do so so there are more available for us.
Great Mags!
Review by Genral_Tojo
The mags worked flawlessly with Wolf Polyformance steel case and Winchester White Box ammo in my Standard M1A. Great price. Love the Teflon finish, it looks great. Thanks KS!
These are Just Great
Review by Five by Five
Just great magazines. They snap in easily, fit snugly and release smoothly. Absolutely no problems ever with feeding. Top quality and at this price best value M14/M1A magazines currently on the market.
M14 Mags
Review by Grant
I have purchased these mags some years ago and these are the
best I have received. These mags work great in my M1A.
Previous years ago mags had surface rust on them, but cleaned up well and functioned well. These come at great price and new condition.
Nice magazines!
Review by Henry
Nicely finished in Teflon. Locks up great on my M1A. No problems feeding. Great price!
Best Mag for the $$$$
Review by David
This is my second order and the mags work as well as the factory.
Really Good Deal
Review by Phil
I have not tried them yet, but they appear to be of excellent quality. Purchased (4) and all fit my SOCOM well, lock and release well, and will manually lock back bolt when empty. Seem to feed well with dummy rounds, anxious to try them. I will definitely be ordering more. Great Value!
Great Mags for the $$
Review by David
Haven't tried them yet but are good quality.
Very Pleased
Review by Bill
Very Pleased and very surprised. These mags are much more than I expected. Great finish, perfect fit , I tried them out upon receiving them, flawless. Fast shipping, got my order in three days. Will be doing more business here soon. Thanks.
Review by rodney
Very well made, nice finish. Great price. Strong construction.
Review by rei
Yep these mags work good alright, they look great in their Teflon finish and all at an awesome price!!!

Keepshooting.com is also great with their customer service and super fast no nonsense delivery, thanks guys - you rock big time!!!
Mags are great for the price
Review by Elijah
These mags fit and function perfect in my M1A just as good as the mags that are made in the United States that cost twice as much thank you keepshooting.com
M-14 Mags
Review by William J
I have purchased Taiwan T57 mags before and found them to be of good quality but I did not like the blue steel finish. This magazine has solved the problem with a teflon type finish that would appear to improve not only appearance, but also corrosion resistance and function. They work great in my Springfield M 1A.
Taiwan M1-A/M14 Type 57 Magazines
Review by Greg J
I just joined this site, but I see some are using this Type 57 Magazine. A couple of years ago I bought 5 of these magazines from an outfit on the East Coast( Well-known but I can't think of it at the moment.) They cost me around $15 each. They came all greased and wrapped in govt. paper. Cleaned up the five and test fired them with surplus ammo (Portuguese). Wow! 4 worked excellently and one failed due to a malformed lip on the hold open part. Called the company, he said to trash the bad one and he sent on another one which worked perfectly. Trash the bad one? Hell no! I took the follower out of a five shot SA mag that someone had given me, but it in the "bad" Type 57 mag and it worked as the others did! I then turned around and order 10 more of these mags and checked the followers when they came. All looked good. I left those greased and wrapped. Don't hesitate to pick these up whomever has them! I also have an adjustable gas plug in my M1/A and man, can I make the rifle perform with that and those mags! Don't know if I need more mags, but I'm thinking about it!
Review by mike
There is no better magazine for the price. The fit and lock is great, and emptying a magazine as fast as you can pull the trigger is flawless. No problems with this mag. I plan on buying more.
The Best
Review by Craig
High quality, great fit, I have not had any problem with these mags. And for the price, there are no better
Review by None
Fit, function and reliability is flawless. If lives are at stake, and they might well be sooner than later, these mags will do their part if the user will do his...
Great Buy!
Review by William
Great Mags. Would recommend to anyone.
Good mag at a great price
Review by Luke
These mags work reliably in both my LRB and my Polytech, and the price is right. Fit & function are on par with my USGI contract mags. Those concerned about the glossy telflon finish should know that you can knock the shine down a great deal with an ordinary Scotch-Brite scouring pad.
Review by Jr
reliability,makes these mags worth it.best mags out of the bunch i own
Function is flawless !!!
Review by George
I Just ordered a couple more of these mags. I gotta admit, I'm no fan of the black teflon's looks !!! BUT; It function's perfectly. I own dozen's of original USGI mags, but honestly, These mags fit & lock better in my M1A, and also fit perfectly in my poly & norinco. They contain the proper 8 coil military spring, and feeding with that teflon coated follower is smooth. There are Zero problems with nosedive's. I't the perfect range mag.
No better M14 magazine for the price
Review by jakhamerusa
When the SHTF, your life depends on reliability, these magazines deliver. As a previous posters said, The machines these magazines are made from where purchased from the U.S. In reality, you are buying American made, mil-spec mags with cheaper labor. Both my SA Standard Loaded and my SOCOM 16 operate flawlessly with these mags. Sure they're shiny, but if that's an issue, spend your money on cheap, parkerized junk and enjoy jams and FTF. Parkerizing often covers up flaws, but it does look good. For me and my family, we are very happy with the Taiwan T57s.,
Review by battleaxe
Best under 50 dollar mag on the market! Highly recommended!
Review by Carl
these magazines are the best I have found besides actual springfield magazines and the following actually glides better than springfield. the only thing is that they are pretty shiny almost reflective.
Amazing in my M1A
Review by Bob
I bought 2 of these mags and they work as good as any Springfield mag I have. Never fail, load all 20 rounds and lock the bolt open. They seem to seat better than my Springfield mags. This is the best deal for M1A/M14 mags. Hope the price does not change
Review by DOOGASH
I have a number of these mags for 3 M1A's. All work exactly as they are supposed to. Absolutely no issues at all. Blue finish is like the old Colt blue, almost black. They work, and they are pretty.........doggone, just like the perfect woman!
Taiwan M14 Magazines
Review by Moose
It is my understanding that the machines used to make these magazines were purchased and sent from the U.S. If you don't mind the gloss vs. matte finish, these mags perform flawlessly. At this price, there is no other M1/M14 magazine better. When the SHTF, believe me, my ruck will be full of these mags!
Excellent mag !!
Review by George
I have used these mags the last two years and they function flawlessly. don't waste your money on aftermarket junk that doesn't work !!
Works great in my M1A
Review by Ted
These magazines work great in my M1A. They lock in tight, feed all 20 rounds, and engage bolt hold open every time. No problems at all.

Made 4/5 instead of 5/5 as the finish shows fingerprints. It seems to get less the longer the mag is out though, so this is probably something that will eventually be 5/5. I think this is the teflon that does this.

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