HK G3 Leather Rifle Sling

HK G3 Leather Sling

The HK G3 Leather Sling is an original used leather sling originally designed for the G3 rifle. These slings are the combat tested and battle proven design that served the German Army until the G3 was discontinued. You can attach this sling to your HK G3 style rifle giving you a functional sling with the look and feel you want with you G3.

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Description / HK G3 Leather Sling


  • Authentic HK G3 Leather Sling
  • Original German Army Issue
  • Made in Germany

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Manufacturer German Army Surplus

Customer Reviews

Nice leather sling
Review by GBrick
Good addition for restoring an old HK-91
Nice quality for how old it is
Review by Erick
Couldn't be happier with the leather G3 sling. Fits perfectly and smells great. Can't be the prices at KeepShooting!
Just A Nice Used Sling
Review by Rich
Yes these are used but the leather is compliant and not cracked. The hardware is in excellent condition. Buckle still had 95% of it's phosphate finish intact.These are well worth $9.00. There are no new old stock slings left and these look good and will last a very long time.
Good sling, had some dry spots!
Review by seth
These are great for things other than guns! I used some as replacement carrying straps for some of my milsurp bags. The only caveat were that a couple of them had some dry cracked spots that will never be fixed. On the bright side, it hasn't broken (yet)!
decent sling for the money
Review by Mark
I received a pretty decent sling. Its was lightly used and totally serviceable with no cracks and its not dried out. Came with a rack number disc tied to the hook end. Not bad for 7 bucks.
Don't waste your money
Review by James
I purchased two of these slings. They are both worse than grade 3 condition. May as well lit that 20 bucks on fire. They are on the way to the land fill where they belong. Don't waste your money.
Original HK Slings for a low price
Review by Jonathan
I received one of these recently to go with my PTR-91 GI. It looks great and makes the rifle comfortable to carry for extended periods of time at the range or hunting.
Hard to beat for the money
Review by KP Duty
These are a great deal! I’ve ordered a few and all were in excellent to very good shape. If you’re thinking about ordering these give it a try, I think you’ll be pleased.
Bang for the buck
Review by HK Fan
You can't beat it at $4. Mine appeared brand new and never issued. Too bad it's now sold out. I should've bought two, especially at this price.
HK G3 Leather Sling
Review by Paul
You get what you pay for, as long as you realize you are getting a well used product that is usable you will be happy. After all we're talking under $4 here. If you are looking for new keep looking.
Great sling for a really low price
Review by Justin
I paid $3.95 for mine and it was shipped to my door within the week along with other items. I use it on a PTR-91 and it works great. I wish it adjusted a little longer because the buttstock almost hits me in the face if I run with it on the PTR, but it is the same sling used for the G3 so that is just how they are designed I guess, just takes some getting used to. It works great on AK's too. I should have bought a few when I got this one, now they are sold out... Leather seemed in very good condition overall looked hardly used
best of the lot
Review by David
I ordered basically a full kit for my new to me G3...mags, new rear sight and all the associated hardware, stock parts, a few spares and this sling.

I expected a crusty well used 50 plus year old issue sling that I would spend a few day doctoring to get serviceable.
I got the age about right -
Mine has the all steel hardware, and the park on it is still near perfect. the leather where it runs through the claw is still brown INSIDE the loop - - this thing has never held a rifle. It was a bit dry with some very light surface cracking - she is starting to show her age but nothing a good dose of saddle soap won't put right.

I have been happy with everything from keepshooting thus far - but this takes the cake, It may seem silly to go on about a three dollar sling - but this is NOT a three dollar sling lol. you cant buy the hardware at most places for that price, let along a good piece of leather.
Great Deal
Review by Zach
Leather grain is in great condition, buckle is bent slightly but no rust.
Will also work on the 308 Spanish FR8
Review by rodney
The H & K G3/ 91 slings are priced great. I have one for my H &K, but it will also work on the Spanish FR8 (308) bolt action rifle. The FR8's have features that are found on the Spanish CETME (pre-dates the G3/ HK91). Spanish Military gave its soldiers these bolt actions with several features that would be found on the soon to be issued auto loading 308 CETME's . The sling I got looked almost unissued.
HK G3 Sling
Review by Jill
Mine came in "fair" condition. About what I expected. Cleaned it up and added some conditioner to it and it looks great on my rifle. Used, but very serviceable.
Bought a few more
Review by Robert
Bought a few more and they were pretty worn out. The slings leather was dry and cracking. Some leather conditioner and saddle soap and they look much, much better. Took several days of cleaning and oiling over and over but they will last much longer.
Great H&K sling
Review by Bobby
Ordered two. Both used and the leather was dry. I used a good leather conditioner and both slings look fine. The sling looks great on my PTR91 Pistol.
Great deal
Review by Robert
Best deal on this site. Sling will last forever if you treat it right. I have one of these slings on four different guns and they do the trick. Metal is near perfect and leather is in great condition.
One of the best deals on the site
Review by Robert
These slings are one of the best deals on this site. I bought my first set on another site for a few bucks more. I should have checked KEEPSHOOTING.COM.

The ones I got here are in better condition and cheaps than anywhere else. I use these on my Steyr M95 rifles and mauser rifle. They fit perfect on both but I have to warn you that the sling has a thick clip. One solution is to sand it down if its a little to big.

Thanks again keepshooting!!!
Really nice condition
Review by Nino
The sling I received was lightly used and if I knew what I was getting would have ordered a spare. As always great job!
Got a few of these
Review by Robert
my gf got a few of these because I was having a hard time finding a decent priced sling for my Stryr Mannlicher m95 rifle.

I did not know if they were going to fit but I am happy to say they did. They will fit mauser style rifles just fine it seems.

Will buy a few more myself to use my other rifles.
Good Quality Sling
Review by James
The leather is pretty soft and pliable. The copper has tarnish, but that can be cleaned up. I am happy with my purchase. The sling will look nice on my PTR-91.
Condition was not great.. but still a good deal..
Review by Jeff
This is still a good deal if only for the hardware.. I ordered 2.. 1 sling was better than the other and I will use it. The second one will be used for the hardware. Great deal... I would say not to expect excellent condition but more along the lines of serviceable...
Awesome sling
Review by michael
Brought for my AK. Fits perfectly. Sling arrived slightly used, but responded well to saddle soap and conditioner.
Buy some!
Review by Jose USMCR
Look great on my Ak. Will fit HK type weapons. Great deal. Looked brand new unissued.
Got Mine Free!
Review by Rich
A placed a large order and I am guessing they gave me one as a gift. It is used but nice and I love the connector that snaps on the ring near the muzzle. That part looked new. I used saddle soap and brown shoe polish to bring it back to life and it's pretty nice. I do appreciate it but I am looking for a new unused sling as the rifle looks unissued now with wood stocks so I will track one down somewhere. I am going for the brand new 50's rifle look. I built a retro AR-15 A1 that looks just like a unissued early Vietnam M-16 right down to the unissued genuine Colt Bayonet. I take great pride in my firearms and want the best for them. That's why I shopped here for my G3 except for the Rhinemetal bolt carrier I recently squired for my G3. If you don't know, A bolt carrier made by Rhinemetal is the best of the best because it is made from 1 solid piece of steel that makes them incredibly strong and indestructible. Rhinemetal is renowned for their cannon and tank barrels.
Great Sling
Review by Alex
These things are dirt cheap, but they work great. The one I received was definitely used but it still does the job just fine.
Must Have!
Review by Michael
If you want to have an original look to your G3, this is the way to go! It arrived in great condition, and all it needed was some leather softener to bring back the flexibility.
good quality
Review by james
used but still in good condition, a good buy.
fine sling
Review by dave
i have one of these and they're great slings. the quick release is a handy addition, and the sling being leather is very durable. well worth the seven bucks

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