HK G3 Rear Sight

These are original H&K G3 Rear Sights that were sold as surplus by the German military. The sight is complete and assembled as you see pictured.

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The HK style sighting system for weapons has been a popular feature of many other firearms. Now you can purchase authentic H&K factory rear sights for your G3 style rifle or next firearm project.

Features of this HK G3 Rear Sight:

  • Original H&K Part
  • Complete Sight Assembly
  • Low Cost

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Brand German Army Surplus
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Customer Reviews

Nice Sight
Review by Muchie
Verified Buyer
Got mine in 2 days. Its nice I would buy it again
You have to Get One!!!
Review by Michael G
Verified Buyer
These are in perfect condition. At this bargain price, you need to get your spare parts for your HK or clone because the well will run dry one day!
Perfect rear sight
Review by Erick
Verified Buyer
The sight I received was in near perfect shape. Included the spring and detent ball.
Very nice part
Review by Frank
Verified Buyer
Although I don't have a PTR 91 yet I am buying spare parts from Keep Shooting because of the quality and price. The complete sight I received looked brand new. Like someone else comment buy these parts now and sell them in a few years for a profit. Just look at Keep Shooting prices on UZI and HK magazines they have no where to go but up
No spring or detent this time
Review by Mark
Verified Buyer
Second sight I've ordered this one is nicer then the first but like others have said in their reviews its missing the spring and detent ball. So I guess its a crapshoot as to if you get them or not. Not a huge deal they can be had from other sources cheaply enough.
Nice sight
Review by Mark
Verified Buyer
The sight I received has some minor finish wear at the top of the turret otherwise looks new. Has the yellow/orange numbers, positive lock for each aperture adjustment. Came complete with the spring and detent ball still in the sight.
Missing parts
Review by Randall
Verified Buyer
As previously stated, the missing parts drastically reduce the value.
My sight was very worn, and had been poorly repaired by mashing the turret rivet to the point where it will have to be replaced. this 10.00 part will cost me about 2 hours of gunsmithing by the time I am finished fabricating the spring and screws, and replacing the very custom rivet.
That said, the hunk of metal would cost me 5 hours to fabricate, so it is not a total loss.
I am happy with the customer service, and I will be back.
Not bad but not what I was expecting
Review by RemMax
Verified Buyer
I got 3 of these in yesterday and of all the times I've bought from KS, this one is the one that left me disappointed.
Of the 3 units I received 1 has the Orange numbering and is bright and clean to read. The unit also appears to have come off a rifle that had not seen much use as most of the finish is still on it and it don't look to bad.
And then We get to the other 2.
Both have the older model yellow numbering on the Drum that is faded pretty bad and with my old eyes at least are hard to read.
The Bases of both of them have seen a lot of use and handling as the finish is worn through around most of the top were a soldier bellied down behind cover would rub his hand against when he reached up to change the Dial.
Overall considering the money I've spent already buying parts to build 3 Cetme Kits and 1 G3 I've had for many years. Im going to replace the receiver on that one while I am doing HK builds anyway.
The reason I's replacing the receiver is because its one of the old Century Cast ALUMINUM Receivers!
I haven't shot it a dozen times in the past 10 to 12 years I've owned it.

However, back to the point when I bought these I thought they were off the later model G3's.
And WORSE yet, they are missing 2 tiny parts the ad didn't mention them not having.
The 2 pieces that are missing are the detent Spring and Detent Bakk.
I know these 6 tiny items (2 per sight) sound trivial but because I am mounting the G3 Diopter Drum Sight's on 3 Cetme builds I have got to have those 6 part's since the Cetme uses a completely different style rear sight (that my failing eyesight cant see anymore) and of course the Cetme sight being completely different and don't use a detent spring and ball I will not be able to use these on my Cetme builds without the missing part's.
AND FINALLY for insult to Injury! KS don't carry these parts so I can't just order them here.
I did locate the missing 6 parts and nearly had a heart attack!
The prices for those tiny little parts cost more per set than the complete sight cost me!
Remember now we are talking about a small, short Weak little spring & equally small detent ball.
The problem is that to buy them new from HK each of the 3 springs cost $4.95 EACH which means it will cost me another $30.00 just to get the 3 Springs and 3 Detent Balls.
AND... To add further insult to injury I can buy the complete rear sight with ALL Mounting hardware for $12.00 Used "V/G" condition (about the same as these ).
or $19,00 for "Like New" pulled from new unissued rifles and again with ALL Mounting Hardware included.
That means all the pieces I bought individually here (ie Mounting Screw, Oval Washer, Windage Screw, and Detent Spring and Ball ) I won't need either since all those come with the sight.

In Short I'm very tired and very frustrated right now. I probably should have waited till tomorrow when I'm rested up to write this review but it's done now,
In short I think I will likely be returning these sights and associated mounting hardware back to KS Monday and just buying the LN Units with all hardware included for $19.00 instead.
Let me say here though that I have bought a lot of mags and parts from KS these past 3 months while I'm waiting for the CZ82 mags to get in stock and they have without fail been very good about shipping the right items the first time, Not forgetting one or two items from your order, They have been very quick shipping and their prices run from competitive to lower than others and despite my frustration tonight the Folks at KS have provided me with first class service and products Regardless of this sight I have been quite pleased to deal with them and after a few hours rest will be again.
To the Folks at KS Thank you and keep up the excellent service.
I look forward to continuing to do business with ya'll.
Thanks RemMax
good buy for complete hk sight
Review by joshua
Verified Buyer
cant beat a good sight at a good price!
Nice sight, great value
Review by Jayme
Verified Buyer
Nice sight especially for the price. Thanks again!

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