HK G3 Stripped SEF Lower

HK G3 Stripped SEF Lower

The HK G3 Stripped SEF Lower is an authentic G3 spare part for the legendary German main battle rifle, the HK G3. You can use this frame to repair your existing G3 or perhaps use it as part of your next custom G3 build.

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Description / HK G3 Stripped SEF Lower


  • HK G3 Stripped SEF Lower
  • Authentic German Army Surplus
  • Excellent Spare Part for G3 Rifle
  • Made in Germany

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Manufacturer German Army Surplus

Customer Reviews

True Quality!
Review by Uncle Mike
These are very hard to get. I'm sure they won't last long at this price.
Excellent Condition
Review by NB
Mine arrived in excellent/like new condition. Definitely worth the money if you need extra parts for your rifle.
Look Brand New
Review by Kevin
They came in in great shape. I am looking to upgrade my old G3 metal housing to the newer Navy poly housing.
Excellent Original HK G3 Lower
Review by James
This was as describe, it is new and has not been installed previously, these are very reasonably priced for what they are, I may never need it but its nice to have a spare just in case the one on mine gets broken, or for those that want to change out their US made lower to give their G3 the authentic look these are an excellent value.
Review by DEE
Nice clean stripped lower
Review by Frank
Nice clean stripped lower that I'm using for a project. Don't have an HK type rifle but for ten bucks you can use it to experiment for other projects. Think out of the box.
It's a steal at $9.95
Review by HK Fan
I bought several for spare parts. They looked like they just came off the factory floor. However, one corner of the lower was bent near the rear push pins. I was able to bend it straight because it was made from sheet metal.
Excellent condition, Fantastic Price
Review by Texas Pete
Mine seemingly seen low use and I rate them excellent. The price is so low, it doesn't make sense not to stock up on these for future builds and spare parts. Customer service and shipping where also top notch.
Keep Shooting Beats All Others Prices
Review by Rich
This same housing on another vendors site costs $85.00. KS has it here for $15.00.. Stock up on these and the metal housing as G3's aren't made anymore and the supply won't last forever. After these parts dry up, the price will go through the roof. I bought 3, G3 wooden stock kits here from KS a few yrs ago for $20 a pop. If you can find a set online now you will pay at least $120.00. There are no more but the demand is still there so the price increases. That's the way it is with these HK parts that aren't made anymore. Get em now and get em here for the best deal available.
Amazing condition lower
Review by Erick
I'm really impressed with the condition of this lower. It looks practically unused. Will continue buying from KeepShooting.
quality polymer!
Review by Michael
It made the old CETME look and feel a lot more like its cousin PTR91 there in the safe. With a little fitment, it works great and made a vast improvement on ease of disassembly.
Best Buy So Far
Review by RemMax
I was disappointed to miss out on the first batch of these and equally as surprised when I got the email notice that they had more of these back in stock, and at the same low price!
I didn't waste any time this round, I placed my order for 4 of these the day I saw them!
When they arrived yesterday they were of course exactly as advertised, all 4 of them appear to be Brand New in a Sealed Bag without a scratch on them.
And at that only a 1/4th of what others are ripping folks off for!
Since I'm in the middle of building 3 Cetme's and 1 G3, I figured I better go ahead and get these now while I could. As I finish these builds these lowers will look really nice on them.
Overall couldn't be happier with this purchase.
Thanks KS keep the deals and service like this and you'll always have my business.
Best Price On A New Navy SEF Stripped Lower
Review by Rich
I got mine to replace the original on my rifle which was scratched and the red and white markings were fading. I pulled the 2 butt pins and single front housing pin sand the lower comes right out. Pull the safety out and the cage drops out of the old lower pop it back in the new housing and replace the 3 pins and it looks like a new rifle with all the other visual work and upgrades as of late. A lot of people who want their 91 to look like a G3 will have one of these trimmed and pinned and along with a little work can have a semi auto that by looking at it you couldn't tell which it was. I've also heard of a couple of people who are most likely in jail now take the conversion a few illegal steps further for a select fire 91. That's a huge NO NO.
As New SEF Housing Is Worth Every Penny!
Review by Rich
If your looking for a cheap, New SEF housing there is no other better than what Keep Shooting sells when they are in stock. A fraction of the cost than all the other vendors!
Excellent & Awesome value
Review by joseph
received mine today and it was just like the image and pristine condition! super pleased with this part and other HK springs and pin sets I ordered. Thank you guys for keeping prices affordable for these surplus parts.
Brand new and at this price
Review by Brian
This was the first item I purchased from this site. When it arrived I was amazed. Brand new not one mark or blemish. Fit like a glove, my trigger box fit right in. Two hours with my dremel and some touch up duracoat, my clip an pin looks great. My semi looks like the real deal, and as a lefty it's the grip to have for a true ambi mod. Thanks Keepshooting
Great value
Review by roy
I received mine quickly and was as new. Easily fitted to a HK clone. Will order another.
Review by Nato
Although I am not a fan of the Navy style HK pistol grips, the ones I received from keepshooting were excellent like new condition HK and my left handed buddies really appreciated them. If you are a lefty, these are the grips for you!
new in bag
Review by Kevin
Great product ,i only ordered one it was new in the bag

very nice factory HK product will order more
German quality At An Affordable Price
Review by Wizbanger
I would have given this product a perfect score if not for a few very minor scuffs. has soundly trounced the competition in value, quality and price with this HK Stripped SEF Lower (SKU-G3SL).

Ask yourself this: Why pay the total rip-off prices some of the other greed motivated sites are gouging... excuse me... charging when one can literally buy four (4) of the same exact... maybe better product with very fast, hassle-free shipping and top notch customer service? has earned a new customer in me. Lets all patronize the heck out of this site so they can reinvest in more great products at the best prices anywhere.

Perhaps at the same time we can teach those rip-off sites a lesson in fair pricing by boycotting with our dollars.

Don't forget to tell your fellow enthusiasts about
Awesome price
Review by Evan
Another quality part form the HK factory. Perfect for replacing the non authentic PTR91 lower after a clip job.

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