German G3 Camo Mag Pouch

German G3 Camo Mag Pouch

Get ready for battle by storing your magazines in this G3 Camo Mag Pouch!   These mag pouches are super-slick, with plenty of storage area to keep two 7.62x51 20 round rifle magazines ready to roll.  Don't let the description fool you, you can store ANY 7.62x51 20 round magazine in these pouches.  That means your ready to roll with your FAL magazines, or stash your M14 Magazines in them too.

Description / German G3 Camo Mag Pouch

This German G3 Camo Mag Pouch is packed full of features.  You can expect the following once you get yours ordered:

  • Made of high strength canvas, this pouch will stand up to years of use and abuse.
  • The Flecktarn Camo pattern will get you noticed where ever you use these mag pouches.
  • You have endless possibilities for what you want to store in this G3 Camo Mag Pouch.

More Information

Manufacturer German Army Surplus

Customer Reviews

Great Mag Pouch, perfect fit for M1A
Review by Arizona Colt
Like the description says, fits 2 M1A 20 rd mags perfectly. Divider keeps the mags from scratching each other. Don't have the alice adapters with them though, but great for storing/protecting mags.
Great Item
Review by Lazy Glenn
The pictures and descriptions say it all. Slight issue mounting them on my rig. I am very happy with these.
Great pouches, get the German Harness set while you're at it
Review by David
Bought two of these with the German Military Combat Harness. Looked brand new, holds all kinds of things (7.62 mags, phone, wallet, energy bar, etc.). Plan to use these on the German Harness for airsoft with my German loadout, as well as with my kilt for storage/pockets. Might have to buy more pouches so I can store more things on my rig. All in all, a great purchase for $8 a pouch.
Great Pouches. Don't for get adapters or matching belt
Review by K2
Excellent condition. They don't fit anything but the belt/suspenders designed for them. The belt is the "German Military Combat Harness". There are also available some adapters for Alice. Take time to thread the buckles correctly and it makes for a really stout rig. BTW, I'm on the heavy side. With a 43" waist, I was able to get into the Combat Harness (I need to shrink). Buy 4 of these and the combat harness and you are pretty much good to go.
Fast shipping, great customer service. willing to make a deal over the phone. really polite, great prices, great products.
Review by DWIGHT
Fast shipping! The mag pouches I received are awesome! I ordered 6 and all of them are new. They are the best G3 mag pouches I have seen. They have two separate compartments, one for each mag and they fit the mags perfect. The price is the best that I have found on the internet and there aren’t many of these thing out there. The one I ordered came with the Alice adapters. I believe Keep Shooting is out of them now. The pouches will only fit on the German combat belt if you don’t have the Alice adapters so call and make sure they come with them. I only found one place on the internet that sells the adapters and they were charging 9 bucks for them. I am definitely getting more of these. I also ordered a bunch of Alloy G3 mags from these guys and they were in excellent to new condition and had the best price out there, I believe the where on sale for two bucks each. The add said 3 bucks but they gave me the sale price and I ordered more. Lady said they have thousands of them.
The customer service is top notch. I ordered more of the mag pouches and seen that they had the PIC of the Alice adapters with the mag pouch but it didn’t specify in the detail that they still came with them. I called customer service and she did in fact verify they were out of the adapters and that my order would not have them. I asked to cancel more order but they had already been pulled and where on their way to ship. So I decided I would still keep the mag pouches because they are NEW and said have a nice day. About ten minutes later they called me back by using the caller ID and said they were able to get a hold of the shipper and stopped the shipment.
And no I don't work for them but I would.
Great pouches
Review by Jesse
I have made 2 more purchases of these pouchs. They are brand new, unissued at a great Keepshooting price. I have seen these for over $29.00 on other web sites. I highly recommend them. Bet the German army paid way more. I know I love mind. A definite buy recommendation from me
Great value
Review by Jesse
I bought these for my G3 mags. They protect, cover and securely hold the mags, just like they are supposed to. I have found these on other sites, but they want over 3X more. Thanks Keepshooting, great value!!
Will hold 308 Pmag 20rnd
Review by Robert
Pop the cover off and insert "bottoms up" and these securely hold the 308,20 rnd pmag .
1st fit, cover was a stretch, let 'em sit overnight and a perfect fit. Will hold mag in place with cover open, yet will slide right out with a pull.
The adapters were tough to mound, but hold very snug.
I was very impressed.....
Review by GREG
I just got a PTR91 and have been looking for mag pouches. These were in new condition with ALICE clips which was cool. I really was impressed when I got these.
Review by Arnie
Bought two g3 mags pouches to add to BW harness system or ALICE as we now have both. These came in excellent to very good condition. Should've bought 4 to save on shipping. After research, I couldn't find better value anywhere on the pouches (and you get the ALICE adapters for free).
Like new cond.
Review by todd
Works 4 FAL mags also
great mag case
Review by David
I have 4 of these and they work great. Had a problem with one and the gal at customer service said I'm sending you a new one before I could finish telling her what was wrong with it. Great people and great customer service!!!!
Unmatchable Value
Review by Page
I bought these for a my A.L.I.C.E. system to hold CETME mags. I bought three. All three were a different style of flecktarn, which is neat. These pouches come with an internal divider which no only separates mags, but also adds structural stability to the pouches. Also, the A.L.I.C.E. adapter that comes with these is removable, so if you wanted to set these up on a German system you totally could. Overall great buy, may purchase more.
Great for STG Mags
Review by 53GR
Purchased these for use with a hybrid LBE setup. I used some surplus ALICE clips (more sturdy than the ones that came with the G3 mag pouch) to attach them to an old Austrian Web belt. Paired with an ALICE butt pack and LC1 suspenders, it's a simple and effective loadout for use with a STG 58 or other FAL.
Great buy
Review by Miles
I bought these for my M1a 20rnd mags and they fit great. Both mags fit inside perfect and don't rattle. My pouches looked brand new and of good quality. If I had to say one bad thing it's about the alice clips. They are not usgi alice clips. I took them off and put on some spares I had. These pouches are a great buy at a great price. Would buy more.
G3 Mag pouch
Review by Jill
Excellent condition. Holds mags perfectly. Buying more soon.
Great quality
Review by KP Duty
These are in excellent shape. Some of the pouches I’ve ordered had date tags from the 80s so I assume all are from around that timeframe. The description is right, you’ll have a hard time finding a better mag pouch. I’m kind of on the fence if these are really worth the price they’re asking, but you won’t be upset with the quality. I’ve been happy enough to buy more.
Great product at a great price
Review by SR
The magazine pouches I received were in excellent to new condition and worked great with the G3 aluminum mags I had. For anyone that is using ALICE gear, these work great. However, I added MOLLE adapters to the ALICE adapters and found the pouches do flop around when on a FLC, so I now keep them attached to an ALICE pack.
Great surplus item
Review by Robert
This a great surplus item. Use it to carry my .308 rounds but they work with some other size rounds I own (some .223 and 762 mags fit perfect.

Great Item that I will buy more of
Brand New Product
Review by Bradley
The mag pouch I received was brand new. Very pleased.
Just like new!
Review by Bobby
Just like new with no funny smell. Mags fit well and there is a divider to keep mags from rubbing together.
Review by Brett
Just received the pouch and they are awesome. Excellent fit and finish. Keep up the great work KeepShooting.
match my flak jacket
Review by Marcel
great to add to flak camo suit
Hard to find at this price
Review by Love to Keep Shootin'
Initially bought this to fit HK USC mags. Once the divider is removed you can squeeze them in. I wanted something German for a German gun.

I tried some USGI 20 round AR mags and they fit perfectly with Magpuls installed.

The alice clip adapter is a nice touch. Thanks keepshooting.
KS pulls through again
Review by Gen.
This mag pouch fits my M1A mags great, I'm gettin' more!
great pouch
Review by Daniel
very good pouch my mini 14 20rd mags fit just fine
G3 Mag Pouch
Review by Brian
I use this pouch to carry two M14 magazines and it works very well. Mine came in like new condition and I'm thinking of ordering another one. These are very nicely made.
Very Nice Gear
Review by Matt
These are an example of very nice gear. Fits more than just the G3 magazine, perfect for M14.
Excellent Value!
Review by Henry
Excellent quality product but then again what German product isn't? These pouches are made with great materials and my M14 mags fit in them perfectly!
Nice price too!!!!!
Great mag pouches
Review by Mike
Just received these today, I ordered four and they look new/unused. They work great for holding my mags. The shipping was fast! Very happy with these, will be ordering from Keep Shooting again.
Just Keep Shooting steps up!!!
Review by David
I got a really bad one. Wouldn't keep my mags in it. I called Doris at Customer Service this morning and told her about my pouch. No questions asked "I'm sending you a replacement".
So I ordered another $ 50+ dollar order. Great Customer Service!!!!!!!!
Excellent pouch
Review by Henry
Well made and sturdy! Fits M14/M1A mags perfectly! Slides ride onto web belts with no problems!
One Great one and
Review by David
one that had seen better days. I would rate it very well used. The price was great but I would have paid extra for a better second one. The first looked new. It would have 5 stars if they both were like the first.
Great Mag Pouches
Review by Alex
Great quality and the ones I got were pretty much brand new! The fastening system is fantastic, quick to use and easy to close again one handed and the ALICE adapters were a nice touch.
G3 Pouches
Review by Thomas
Ordered five. Four in excellent condition. One all inside lining shredded up. Would have given all 5 *. Gave it to my pit bull to play with.
More German Perfectionism!
Review by Michael
As usual, the Germans had to go out of their way to make this the most elite mag pouch I've ever owned. What can I say, they make quality stuff!
The best mag pouch
Review by Jay
The G3 camo mag pouch makes all other mag pouches look obsolete. Plenty of room for my M14 mags. It goes great with my GSG9 uniform.
Awesome mag pouches
Review by Jim
Virtually new condition, typical German quality--could not be more satisfied!
I dare you to find a better 7.62x51 Mag Pouch
Review by Rodney
If you have a HK 91, M14/M1A, or FAL you need this pouch. It has dividers and each divider has felt lining, talk about pampering your mags. Pouches look new and have rubber liners. My 4 pouches are dated 06/2001 and are german(made) issue Flecktarn camo. Makes my old USGI M14 mag pouches look like junk! The G3 Mag pouches are fast to get open, I love them. Will fit on German issue belt/harness system, but with the included retro-fit Alice clips , you can put on GI web belt.
Great pouches
Review by Thomas
These pouches are well made and will work for any 20 rd. .308 magazines, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend these to anyone.
Outstanding Condition
Review by Haldor
Great quality mag pouches and a perfect fit for my FAL magazines. Brand new, unissued condition too.

Having the Alice clip adapters preinstalled in a great time and effort saver. Took me a lot of work to install them on my older pair of pouches that I got somewhere else.

Definitely worth the money. Just ordered 2 more to replace a pair of worn pouches I bought elsewhere.
German Quality
Review by George
I bought 5 of these and I am vary impressed with the quality and function. The coloration on all 5 matched perfectly and my G3 mags have an awesome fit. Thanks!
Hard to beat.
Review by POORMAN
Four or five of these will work beautifully when used in conjunction with a USGI pistol belt and harness. Makes carrying extra G3 mags a breeze. Get some!!
Fits M14 Mags Perfectly
Review by Super Chuck
Bought this to store M14 mags. It fits two M14 mags perfectly and they are well protected due to the design of this pouch. These are the best mag pouches I've seen, way better than the plastic G3 pouches.
Perfect in every way
Review by Ross
Got mine, these are really nice. Fits two M14 magazines perfectly.

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