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Hungarian Army M65 Field Jacket

Hungarian Army M65 Field Jacket


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  • Hungarian Army M65 Field Jacket Hungarian Army M65 Field Jacket

Quick Overview

The Hungarian Army M65 Field Jacket is a vintage 1980s era field jacket from the Hungarian Army. Based on the legendary M65 Field Jacket, this cold war era Hungarian Army original is combat tough, comfortable, and packs all the room and features you need.

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The Hungarian Army M65 Field Jacket is the kind of multi-purpose jacket you find in the military. With the lack of camouflage pattern, it can be worn and blend into the civilian world. Combat ready construction that makes this jacket a great choice for shop work, where it won't be damaged as easily as commercial jackets. Add all of that together and consider the vintage look and you've got a jacket that delivers.


  • Authentic Hungarian Army Jacket
  • Designed and Patterned from M65 Field Jacket
  • Olive Drab Color
  • Button Up Front, Epaulettes
  • Two Zippered Chest Pockets, Two Front Slash Pockets

Additional Information

Manufacturer Military Surplus
Free Shipping No
Construction Cotton Blend
Condition Surplus Used
100 3 100 0
  1. Good shop coat review by Joe on 11/7/2018
    Overall Rating

    Surprised with the quality but this is govt issue. XL fits me well , hidden buttons and elastic waist with metal clasp to hold bottom smart,at this price you'll get alot of use from these, left too pocket shapes to hold small pistol, right top are square shape w/ magazine
    Slot. Slash pocket are functional. Not warm but room to layer up, if looking for affordable work or casual jacket, they are in excellent condition for the low price.!!$

  2. What an excellent jacket! review by BSIDEPC on 9/8/2018

    This is another excellent deal from I ordered 2 units. I'm ecstatic and want the weather to get cooler faster so I can start wearing one. Units appear to be brand new. I'm very happy with the quality of the fabric, and my love for keeps growing because you keep providing your customers with such excellent military surplus products. It's what you would expect for a high quality M65 field jacket. I compare all my mil-spec jackets to a Spanish Military M65 that I purchased a few years ago from another store. It's made to the original USM M65 specs, so it's a good jacket and a good benchmark. [The USM M65 is obviously the true #1, but I don't have one...YET]. The Hungarian Military M65 however appears to be a tougher material than the Spanish Military M65 I have. It's possible the threads are more tightly wound, I don't know, but it's an excellent, tough olive drab material. The zippers are very well made [for the two chest pockets]. The left hand chest pocket is actually a concealed carry pistol pocket, which is very cool. I honestly thought the jacket had two chest pockets and an inside concealed carry pocket but in fact one of the chest pockets IS the concealed carry pocket, which is actually even better. You can access your piece without opening the jacket. That's a phenomenal idea. Most CC jackets I have seen have the pocket internally accessible only or have a separate slit for access. The CC pocket in the Hungarian Military M65 will fit some full frame pistols without a laser or light attachment. The only possible downside with using this pocket for a full-frame is that you might have trouble pulling out your piece through the zippered opening of the pocket. You have to keep in mind the pistol and the thickness of your hand have to navigate through the opening, so if you are in a quick-draw scenario I would not suggest using a full-frame unit with this jacket. If you plan on using this pocket for CC I suggest using it with a revolver [357mag or 38Special] or a compact unit like the Smith & Wesson M&P Bodyguard. The jacket front is entirely button-up, with all buttons concealed except the very top one which has a crossed-rifles symbol engraved into it. The epaulette buttons also have this same design but are smaller. Another surprise is that when you fold up the collar to cover your neck from the cold weather, you'll find a buttoned-back strap that you can unbutton and unfold and button onto the other side of the collar to bring the two together. M65s typically have this although usually utilize hook-and-loop [velcro]. The Hungarian M65 is not intended to be a replica of the USM design, so I did not expect this to be there but it is and it's a pleasant surprise! The jacket also has two side slit hand warmer pockets which are only useful for that [they're not very deep]. This strays from the original M65 design which has button snap flapped front pockets. Also, rather than having several draw strings to tighten the waist and bottom, the bottom is simply elastic. At first I did not like this, but if you let it ride along your waist, [wear it like a flight jacket] it actually works out quite well. Makes the hand warmer pocket area more baggy if you will, and actually makes for a more comfortable and professional look and feel. There are two wrist straps to open/constrict the sleeve openings, which is pretty standard. Also noteworthy is that the very bottom button is not a button at all, but rather a steel hasp that you hook in that makes for a very good fit and finish. Lastly, this may or may not appeal to you, but this jacket does not have a liner. For me that's not a big deal because I intend on using it as a Michigan Fall jacket. Plus if you really want you can always wear a hoodie or sweater underneath. Which reminds me. I ordered the XL and it pretty much fits like a US sized XL. That's another thing I am very happy about. To be fair it might be between a US L and XL, but for a military jacket that's wonderful.
    Bottom line: this is an excellent cool weather jacket at any price, and at the price Keepshooting is selling it for, it's a deal you can't pass up. BUY IT!

  3. Durable jacket review by Alex on 7/23/2018

    With surplus, you can either get the worst or the best. This is definitely the best regarding price and quality. No "made in china" BS here!

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