Italian Air Force Wine Set

The Italian Air Force Wine Set is a complete set that includes a wine carafe, oil and vinegar bottles, salt and pepper shakers, and a stainless steel holder. On the wine carafe and stainless steel holder are etched versions of the Italian Air Force logo. This stylish wine set would have been found in the officers quarters on Italian Air Force bases and facilities for their exclusive use.

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The Italian Air Force Wine Set is a stylish glassware set that features a stainless steel holder, and four pieces of glassware for serving. The largest piece of glassware is the French made wine carafe that has the Italian Air Force logo etched into the front of it. This carafe holds 1 liter of wine which would be enjoyed by officers in the Italian Air Force while eating a meal in their quarters.

With this wine set you also are getting a four piece set for holding vinegar, oil, salt, and pepper. These glass bottles have stopper type lids for ensuring the oil and vinegar stays fresh and preserved. On the salt and pepper shakers you will find stainless steel lids that will ensure that once you fill the shakers with salt and pepper they continue to stay free and clean after each use. The entire set looks great sitting in the center of any table and would make a great gift for anyone in your life who would enjoy a finely crafted piece like this set.

  • Authentic Italian Air Force Wine Set
  • 1-Liter Wine Carafe
  • Oil and Vinegar Bottles with Stoppers
  • Salt and Pepper Shakers
  • Four Position Stainless Steel Carrier
  • Carrier and Wine Carafe Feature Italian Air Force Logo
More Information
Overall Rating
Excellent quality
Review by Mark C
The carafe holds one liter, which is barely enough wine for two people, but it is heavy and shows quality workmanship, more so than the commercial Italian glass sold at discount stores and outlets. The etched Italian Air Force logo makes it especially interesting. The oil and vinegar set is high quality and includes a rugged holder which is nickel steel and all-glass stoppers which may or may not be airtight, but have no rubber or plastic seals which will degrade over time. The salt and pepper shakers are better than any you'll find at a department store. I am 100% satisfied with this purchase.
Overall Rating
Very nice
Review by Jerry
Very nice especially the vinegar bottles that come with it. Good value.
Overall Rating
Nice set
Review by fieldgeneral
All items were nicely packaged in delivered box. The wine decanter had clear insignia etched in glass but slightly cloudy(hard water stain) interior. Added some finish power up and water then shook vigorously. Cleared it up. The rest of set in excellent shape. Paid full price but worth it. Thxs.
Overall Rating
Review by Rudy
We just finished remodeling our kitchen with a nod to British designer Christopher Peacock, who my wife uses as a springboard of ideas, and this set fits in perfectly with everything. Its chrome, glass and with a bit of Italian modernistic flair thrown in, so it was made to order. We are also big wine people so the wine decanter, with its Italian Air Force insigna, was cool. A glass of Barolo, anyone? And the price of $15 for everything was the best part.
Overall Rating
A good "Black Friday" Deal
Review by Ross
I picked this up when it went on sale during the 2016 "Black Friday" sales. The carafe was definitely in used condition, with some damage/image loss to the left side of the Eagle, and a continuous ring of brown marks along the perimeter, akin to what one would expect from being in a storage crate and carried about often.

The second half of the set is without a doubt New Old Stock, shipped in what appears to be its original box. The metal container is marked "For. Mil. Inox 19/10," indicating it was made under military contract by the Alpes Inox company out of their 19/10 Chrome-Nickel Alloy. The glassware bears stickers from the Royal Crystal Rock Company, stating that it is Lead Crystal. I would have liked the carafe to be in better condition, but for the price, you couldn't beat this set.
Overall Rating
Top Notch
Review by Jack
I got this as a birthday gift for my wife. She loved the whole set. It was in very good shape for a used item. I guess the Italians revere food and wine so much they treated these items with respect. Would order any others items like this that become available.
Overall Rating
My wife loves it
Review by Rob in Arizona
I missed out on these cruet sets when another company had them over a year ago, thought I would never see them for sale again. They did have the Parmesan cheese bowls with lid that I did purchase for my wife, and she loved it. Now KS had the cruets in stock, held my breath and crossed my fingers that they would still be in stock on payday. Sure enough they did and I ordered the set as a late mother's day present for her. It arrived and she was bubbling with joy over it (and my 2 youngest kids were bouncing around happy because I let them each have one of the British desert sweat rags I had ordered for myself, another great item).

KS, if you keep this up you will have yet another loyal customer, how loyal? I have been a loyal customer of a particular gas station chain since Phoenix suffered a big gas shortage in August of 2003, they were the only station that did not jack their prices way up when they did have gas available, I will still drive out of my way to fill up at one of their stations, driving past other stations with a price as much as 10 cents a gallon cheaper.
Overall Rating
A good value proposition
Review by Alexander
I unfortunately bought mine elsewhere where the items were being sold separately. The carafe is quite rugged although not very large (won't hold a whole bottle). The one I ended up with had slightly opaque glass but quite serviceable. the oil and vinegar cruets were more of a problem from that vendor as they were not well packed at some point in their life and I had to return for replacement as the stoppers on one set were broken. This may not happen with KS if their quality control is better so you may not have this issue.

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