The Ka-Bar Tactical Spork is a high quality all-in-one eating utensil. With the large handle concealing a serrated knife, this light weight tactical spork gives you all of the tools you need to eat a proper meal on the go. Perfect for the field, camping, or enjoying a meal at your desk the Ka-Bar Tactical Spork is the one utensil tool for all scenarios.

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The Ka-Bar Tactical Spork is a well designed and thoroughly tested all-purpose eating utensil. Constructed from food and water approved Grilamid the tactical spork is tough, lightweight, and safe to use in the field to enjoy a meal on the go. When you need to access the knife you simply pull at both ends which will allow the knife to be pulled out of the handle giving you a serrated cutting knife. You will appreciate the robust handle that the tactical spork has, with it being one of the easiest eating utensils to use.

  • Full Sized Eating Utensil - Comfortable and Robust
  • Integrated Spoon and Fork Design
  • Handle Doubles as Serrated Knife with Storage
  • Made from Food and Water Safe Grilamid

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Customer Reviews

Work lunch necessity!
Review by Nikesha E.
Verified Buyer
My friend had one of these and im always buying plasticware just to throw it away for my meal breaks at work instead I can have an all in one. The knife is pretty sharp too. Very happy customer!
Great for work lunch
Review by Arlan V.
Verified Buyer
My son got this to keep in his lunch bag. It’s perfect that. Or camping too but we use it for work lunches.
Light weight strong and takes little space.
Review by Duston S.
Verified Buyer
Bought for camping. Small and strong. Weight counts when packing in and out.
Novelty Item
Review by Duston Z.
Verified Buyer
I haven't used this yet, but first impression is this is more of a novelty item. The business end is roughly the size of a quarter. It's not very sturdy either.
It’s okay
Review by Garett W.
Verified Buyer
Not quite as long as an MRE type spoon or spork, which is why I hardly use it compared to my long handled titanium spork and 2 piece UCO utensil set.
This thing has some heft to it
Review by Kaylon M.
Verified Buyer
This thing does has some heft to it
It suffices, needs redesign. Very well made.
Review by Liam Y.
Verified Buyer
Spoon too small. Tines too short. Knife inside is good. It's well made, inexpensive and lightweight. It combines three tools in one very neatly and is durable. It works. Forces you to eat rather slowly - which you should. It's good enough unless you're only used to your mom's fairly sourced artisan cutlery which truly expresses your inner self - and simply must put on airs during chow. Seriously could be better designed though.
baby spoon not a spork
Review by Luanna E.
Verified Buyer
Baby spoon returned this.
Very practical bit of kit.
Review by Albino D.
Verified Buyer
The beauty is its' simplicity of use, practicality, and compactness.
Too small to be pratical
Review by Yvan E.
Verified Buyer
As others have mentioned the spork end is small. It snaps together in half with the knife portion. It’s a loose fit on mine. The spork is too curved to be used properly as a spoon and too narrow to eat something like soup. It is better than nothing but I was hoping for a slightly better and more usable utensil. I ended up leaving this in my bag and just going to Wal Mart and getting this plastic camping set of knife/spoon/fork for $.097. Not as durable but they work. This Kabar looks interesting and would be awesome if the spork end was more usable. Again, better than nothing but not by much. It serves as my back up in case I forget to pack the other set.
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