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Originally issued alongside every Luger P08, the Luger P08 tool is a must-have for anyone that owns the pistol. Great for loading those pesky Luger magazines and disassembling the pistol, the Luger P08 tool is a lifesaver.

The Luger P08 tool offered by is a reproduction of the original tool that was issued with each pistol. Each tool has been professionally manufactured to replicate the original in terms of size, feel and function. The only difference between the originals and our reproductions are the absence of authentic markings, which we feel should be exclusive to the originals. The lack of markings will also prevent others from trying to pass these off as originals.

As noted, the Luger P08 tool was originally issued alongside each Luger P08 pistol. They even had a designated pocket inside the cover flap of the Luger P08 hardshell holster. As its purpose is twofold, the Luger P08 tool is often referred to as both the Luger takedown tool and the Luger magazine loader.

As you may already know, original Luger magazines are quite difficult to load due to the steep angle of the magazine follower. One purpose of the Luger P08 tool is to simplify the loading process. By placing the hole of the tool over the load assist button, the shooter is given increased leverage that makes loading the magazine much easier.

Additionally, the Luger P08 tool is integral in the takedown/disassembly of the pistol.

Our Luger P08 tools are constructed entirely of steel. In order to provide for enhanced durability, all steel is fully heat treated. Additionally, each tool is blued to provide it with a strong resistance to corrosion.

If you have a Luger P08 pistol and you do not own a Luger P08 tool, something is seriously awry. Correct the problem immediately by picking up the Luger P08 tool today for just $7.95.

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