Maxim MG Ammo Belt and Can

We have surplus Russian Maxim Ammo Belt and Can for sale! The machine gun belt can be loaded up to 200-rounds and it is in great condition! The caliber is 7.62x54R. If you are a Russian military collector, don't let this one slip away! We only have a few of these left for sale.

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  • Olive Drab color with Russian Star on one side
  • Steel Maxim MG Ammo Can with Webbing carrying handle at top
  • Metal Belt
  • Ammo can size is about 10.25" x 3.25" x 10.25"
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    Overall Rating
    great piece of history
    Review by Lucas
    I really like these cans. Vintage and useful. Good for military decoration or to hold many itmes. The ammo belt was in good shape and the ammo can had some dents but gave it a great look
    Overall Rating
    I like it
    Review by Smitty
    I really like mine, it's a little expensive but I guess it's what I'd expect to pay anywhere else. Ammo cans are cheap and easy to find usually, but ammo belts are a different story. This one is really great and I'd definitely recommend it.
    Overall Rating
    Russian ammo can
    Review by Dave
    Ordered 2 of these and happy with both, great history and looks great with my other items I display, Thank you
    Overall Rating
    Cool can, bad refurb
    Review by AvidShooter
    These cans are very neat with the embossed soviet star. On the other hand my can had been poorly refurbished. Much of the new paint is already chipping and flaking off because of neglected rust underneath. That being said the ammo belt is in perfect shape because it was completely coated in oil. The can is very solid still regardless of surface rust so it can be properly refurbished in the future.
    Overall Rating
    These Cans are addicting
    Review by Love to Keepshootin'
    Just received my second can and it is just as nice as the first one.
    I managed to fit the contents of an entire Mosin Ammo Spam can in them.
    If I needed to buy more I would not hesitate.
    Thanks Keepshooting for offering these unique surplus items.
    Overall Rating
    Great Comm Block Ammo Can
    Review by Love to Keepshootin'
    Was looking for a can to store my Ammo for my Soviet Block weapons. Unlike NATO it seems the russians and Warsaw Pact did not use many ammo cans. Mainly Spam cans and wooden crates.
    I wanted something nostalgic and original so I bought this can.
    For its age finish was perfect (might have been repainted) and it even came with a Maxim MG steel belt. I do not have any use for the belt, but it adds to the originality of this item. I am currently using this can for 7.62X39 ammo on stripper clips when going to the range. It is more of a head turner than my AKM with bakelite mags. The range officer himself came over and asked me about the can. The can does not have a rubber gasket like the US cans do. But I buy surplus spam cans for long term storage anyway. I ended up ordering an additional can for my 7.62X54R Mosin ammo. Since the belt is designed for this ammo I might make use of it now.
    Just one note, there is a strong oil smell due to the belt being drenched in it. My wife had a fit after I left the belt in the house over the weekend. So if you do not want your house to smell like a mechanic's garage I recommend storing the belt in an airtight container.

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