MG42 Blank Fire Adapter

MG42 Blank-Firing Adapter

Soon after the turn of the 19th century, design work began on a new rifle cartridge that would eventually be labeled the 7.92x57mm Mauser cartridge, commonly known as the 8mm Mauser. The rimless bottleneck cartridge was quickly adopted by the Bundeswehr of West Germany before going on to enjoy military and commercial success all over the world. Much of its success can be attributed to the high performance and versatility of the cartridge, which makes it ideal for not only military use but for civil use as a hunting cartridge as well. But despite the popularity of the cartridge, it remains pretty dang expensive, making it difficult to satiate the enormous appetites of machine guns like the MG42. Luckily, blanks exist.

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Description / MG42 Blank-Firing Adapter

A blank-firing adapter is a muzzle device used in conjunction with blank cartridges. Without a blank-firing adapter, your firearm is highly unlikely to cycle blank ammunition. Such is the case with a recoil-operated firearm like the MG42. Because blank cartridges generate very little recoil, most firearms that utilize a recoil operation are not suitable for use with blank-firing adapters.

A notable exception is the MG42, which operates on a short recoil design and utilizes a muzzle booster to add energy from propellant gases to the recoiling components. The MG42 blank-firing adapter essentially serves as a ramped-up muzzle booster and provides facilitates a necessary amount of energy to the recoiling components so as to allow the use of blank cartridges.

As noted, each MG42 blank-firing adapter offered by is an authentic piece of German military surplus. As such, these blank-firing adapters were originally designed for and used by machine gun units in the ground forces of the aforementioned Bundeswehr, known to us Americans as the unified armed forces of Germany.

The MG42 blank-firing adapter features a full steel construction and rust-resistant finish that has kept in excellent condition. Easily installed on the muzzle of your MG42 machine gun, the MG42 blank-firing adapter, as noted, is designed to allow the use of blank cartridge in conjunction with your machine gun. As with many firearms, several variations of the original MG42 developed over time, including a Yugoslavian license-built MG42, which was designated the M53, as well as the MG3, which is still in use in Germany today. As such, the MG42 blank-firing adapter is also compatible with the M53 and the MG3, though some minor fitting may be required.

It is also noteworthy that these original MG42 blank-firing adapters were never issued, meaning they remain in like-new condition and are ready for mounting and use. They exhibit no signs of use or wear and are sure to please.

If you are looking to cut the costs of shooting your MG42, M53 or MG3 machine gun, then I highly suggest looking into blank cartridges. The same holds true for enthusiastic reenactors. Just remember that you will need an MG42 blank-firing adapter.

The MG42 blank-firing adapter is now available for $49.95.

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