O Negative Blood Type Marker

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The O Negative (O-) Blood Type Marker is a two-marker set from Hazard 4 that displays your blood type as O Negative. One of these blood type markers can be worn as a boot lacer and the other can be attached to your gear using the included carabiner.

The O Negative (O-) Blood Type Marker is an excellent addition to your gear, no matter how dangerous or safe your area of operations is. There is always the chance for an accident to happen that will require blood transfusion, and by wearing these blood type markers no time will be lost trying to figure out what blood type you need.


  • 3D Injection Moulded Rubber Construction - Ultra Durable Design
  • Two Markers Included - One for Boots, One For Mounting with Carabiner
  • O Negative (O-) Blood Type Designated
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