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The PPS-43 Magazine is a 30-round capacity magazine for the PPS-43 sub-machine gun. Designed to fit and feed 7.62x25mm ammunition, this magazine will work with any firearm that is based on the original PPS-43 design. This includes the popular semi-automatic Pioneer Arms Corporation PPS-43C pistol that is made in Poland by the same arms factory that originally made this magazine for the Polish army.

The PPS-43 led a very long and distinguished service life in virtually every army aligned with the Soviet Union in the Warsaw Pact. With use in countries as diverse as the Soviet Union and war-time Nazi Germany, most of the important battles fought in the modern era have seen the PPS-43 or variants of it being wielded by one side or the other.

Now that the Cold War is over, the large stockpiles of PPS-43 sub-machine guns in friendly countries such as Poland have been put to good use. What good use could come from an older Soviet-era sub-machine gun? Why the construction of a new semi-automatic only pistol that is based on the design and uses parts from the original PPS-43 sub-machine gun.

One of the original parts that are used with the new PPS-43C from Pioneer Arms are the original Polish Army PPS-43 magazines. These magazines were manufactured by Polish factories during the Cold War for use in the defense of Poland from the West. Now with the introduction of the PPS-43C, large quantities of Polish surplus PPS-43 magazines are being exported to consumers in the United States.

  • Authentic Soviet-Era PPS-43 Magazine
  • Manufactured in Poland
  • Holds 30-Rounds of 7.62x25mm
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