PPS-43 Recoil Spring Assembly

The PPS-43 Recoil Spring Assembly is what gives the PPS-43 the ability to eject, chamber, and fire repeatedly. When the bolt fires a round, the recoil forces compress the spring of the recoil assembly, and once the energy of the spring surpasses the recoil pulse it will push the bolt forward to chamber and fire the next round. This process is at the heart of any open-bolt sub-machine gun and makes the recoil spring assembly a critical part for spares to keep your PPS-43 operating correctly for the future.

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The PPS-43 is one of the most famous open-bolt sub-machine guns ever designed and fielded. This fame is a direct result of the massive numbers of PPS-43s that were produced, which led to the PPS-43 being used in nearly every Cold War era conflict. If a Warsaw Pact aligned nation did not produce their own version of the PPS-43, the Soviet leadership would give them thousands of PPS-43s to ensure they were loyal and friendly to the Communist Party's wishes.

The PPS-43 Recoil Spring Assembly is an essential component to the operation of the PPS-43. Without a functioning recoil spring assembly, the PPS-43 will either only fire a single shot manually or won't fire at all. On the recoil spring assembly, the spring and buffer housing are two components that are constantly under pressure making them candidates for failure. This type of failure should make every PPS-43 owner strive to have at least two or three spare recoil spring assemblies for spares. What better spare to have than one made by the Polish Army for use in their PPS-43's many of which were never fired.

  • Authentic PPS-43 Recoil Spring Assembly
  • Made in Poland
  • Critical Spare Part

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Brand Polish Army Surplus
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