Romanian AK-47 Magazine Pouch – Holds Four 40-Round Magazines for the AK-47

Romanian AK-47 Magazine Pouch

The Romanian AK-47 magazine pouch is an authentic piece of Romanian military surplus. Designed to carry two 30-round AK-47 magazines, these pouches also include an exterior pocket perfect for an oil bottle and are in great condition.

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Description / Romanian AK-47 Magazine Pouch

Our Romanian AK-47 magazine pouches are completely original Romanian military surplus items. Upon receiving the pouches, you will notice that they are, despite being used, in great cosmetic and working condition. Just like the AK-47, they are extremely durable.

The pouches measure approximately 10 inches by 7 inches by 3 inches and are constructed from a tough, olive drab canvas material that has held up very well through the years. They are two-chambered pouches, meaning that each magazine slips easily into its own chamber within the pouch. An oversized closure flap serves to protect the magazines and is secured via a slotted strap and stud fastener. As noted, there is an exterior pouch that is designed to hold an oil bottle for the AK-47. This pouch could also be used with other small accessories. 

Is there anything better than a pouch that can easily carry 60 rounds of 7.62x39mm ammunition? That is exactly what you get with the Romanian AK-47 magazine pouch. Not to mention the fact that this piece can enhance your WASR rifle. And who is to say that this pouch must carry AK-47 magazines? Not enough people are employing modern uses for military surplus items. There are plenty of things you could stick in here. Consider the Romanian AK-47 magazine pouch for:

- Collectors

- Reenactments

- Range trips

- Costumes

- Much more…

Customer Reviews

Solid, old style pouch
Review by Survivalism is Freedom
Bought a few of these triple magazine pouches and while they are a bit worn, they are well made and rugged. It is a bit harder to get magazines out of them in a hurry than some of the more modern magazine pouches, but they loosen up some if you keep them loaded for a while and they do provide good protection for the magazines. It is not hard to imagine other uses for them as general utility pouches. For the price, they are a great multipurpose item.
Review by David
Looks brand new...very well satisfied
great and rugged pouch
Review by Lucas
its a down and dirty durable mag pouch for a great price, so why not buy it while you can!
Closure tab fell off!
Review by seth
The quality of the body of these bags is great, but the metal stud for closure was badly corroded on mine and popped off. It wasn't fixable , so I threw the stud out and cut a hole for a button. Still works fine :)
Review by Victor
Tuff .... Great for storing mags ....... Carrying to gun range ....whatever you need
Old School tough, AK Mag Pouch
Review by rodney
No, it ain't Molly, but it gets the job done. Paid twice the price for 2 of these at a gun show a while back. You can't beat $10 bucks.Very well made, will last for years. The oil bottle pouch is goofy, every Com/Block oil bottle I ever had leaked.
Great AK Bag
Review by Logan
100% perfect fit for 4 40 rd AK mags, just what I've been looking for. Bag was in a great condition and I couldn't be happier with this purchase.
Where was this deal when I bought mine!
Review by RemMax
I only have 2 of these because when I bought mine they were Considerably more expensive than $10.00!
Otherwise I would have more of the 40 round mags for my RPK's now.
I bought 10 of the brand new U.S. made 40 round mags several years ago when they first came out, My mags are the KS mags but I bought them at a gun show.
Having bought the mags I now needed a place to store them and that's when I found these pouches.
Thy are divided to keep your mags from rattling around and hold 4 40rnd mags perfectly.
It also has a neat little pocket on the front that is just right for my L.U.L.A. tool, without that loading all these mags gets old!
Of course Unloading the mags is the fun part.
That is after all what I built my RPK's for
Since I bought 10 mags but only 2 pouches I leave the other 2 mags in their RPK's I bought them for.
If you have any 40 round AK or AR mags this is the best pouch I have seen for them, If they get these back in stock at this price I will definitely be buying at least 4 or 5 more!
And this is the best price I have seen on these pouches anywhere.
Great pouch,
Great Price.
KS has done it again!
Romanian AK Pouch
Review by Brian
This is an exceptional buy for ten bucks. I bought three and two were excellent condition and the third was in very good condition.
it's OK
Review by powderbob
Mine came a little bit worn out because of past service but after a bit of cleaning and dusting it will do and serve me now.
Great Pouch for my needs
Review by Love to Keepshootin'
The pouch I received had seen some service and the metal shoulder strap buckles were slightly rusted. Some WD-40 took care of the rust.
I prefer the East German Rain Camo pouches, but needed a pouch to hold 40 round mags. I also like the extra front pocket. Finally have a place for my Mag Lula.
Unless you need to hold 40 round mags I would buy the East German ones.
Heavy Duty
Review by ROBERT
These are very heavy duty. A couple are a little worn but i am satisfied with the quality of these. Especially like the shoulder strap these have. Thank you Keep Shooting!
Great Pouches
Review by Joel
My pouches arrived in great shape. they hold magazines and are built like a Mack truck. Very durable. They also have that wonderful army surplus smell that we all love.
Review by Thomas
These are good collectables, durable, utilitarian pouches. I ordered 50 and I love them. Got a variety of colors and really hit my collector nerves. These are the best for lugging around those 40 rounders.
Sturdy and Roomy
Review by Matthew
I just received four of these mag pouches, and they are very nice. They range from brand new to slightly used, but all are perfectly functional.

The pockets are very deep. My 30 round mags disappear into them, to the point that I will probably throw a box of ammo into the bottom of each pocket to fill up space.

The straps are very strong and comfortable.

One thing to note: The ones I got are BLUE. And they are not just a little blue, they are extremely blue. I'm not complaining, but if you are expecting a green pouch, then you may be in for a shock.

Awesome pouch!
Review by Nicholas
This thing is a tank. Throw it around, step on it, soak it. Doesn't matter. It's heavy canvas and leather straps make it an ideal pouch. Mine has no problem holding 40 round mags. The excess room is perfect for collecting your shells if you like to clean up your mess...and for only $3 this is a bargain! Awesome job on this one KS!
very good item
Review by The E
very well made, tough, and in good condition. a good purchase to hold your mags. easily attaches to a belt.
Great to have to go along with a Romanian WASR
Review by Chad
Glad I got one of these to go with my WASR AK-47, can't go wrong.
Good product, Great service!
Review by Gerald
Just received another batch of ten pouches. All appear in like new, unused condition. Much better than my last batch. Some minor storage wear on edges. Thanks KS!
Second bag as good as the first.
Review by AvidShooter
Just received my second pouch and while it was a little bit faded it was still structurally sound and just as worth it as the first one.
Great 6 mag pouch!
Review by richard
Bought 2 samplers and realized the bag can actually fit 6 stainless steel 40rd AK/AR mags! Can't beat the price!
Great buy, especially on sale!
Review by AvidShooter
At full price the bag I received would have been a steal. It holds 4 either 30 or 40 round metal or polymer mags no problem. I got it on sale and it could have been in way worse shape and I would have been happy. Front pouch was a little bit worthless but I plan to get more soon. Great to carry or for storage of your extra AK mags!
More wear than past lots
Review by Gerald
Just received 20 of these. Much more wear than past lots. The "Special" price is reflected by the condition.
160 rounds at your service!
Review by Michael
I have had a bunch of loose 40rd mags that seamed to fit into no kind of pouch at all for some time now. That problem is over! it fits all 4 40rd mags with a little wiggle room so they are easy to remove quickly. The only thing that was required before use was applying some leather softener to the dehydrated leather latching system. I think the coolest thing is that fact that it has an adjustable shoulder strap and belt loops. I need a strap like that on the 30rd mag pouches!
Good product, Great service!
Review by Gerald
Appears un-used. No wear. Some discoloration. Sturdy construction. Fast shipping!
A must have for your WASR-10
Review by Bobby Bling
This pouch is made like a brick house. Can handle four 30 rd loaded mags all day! The small front pouch can be used for storage of one 20rd box of Wolf Ammo.

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