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The Rothco Tactical Drop Leg Holster is a modern design that has been combat proven. This style of holster is known as a drop leg holster, but is also sometimes referred to as a thigh rig. With this holster your semi-automatic pistol will be at the ready on the side of your thigh at an ideal height for quick draw and targeting.

The Rothco Tactical Drop Leg Holster is a newly manufactured holster system that is available in sizes to fit most semi-automatic pistols. This style of holster is popular among security professionals, competitive shooters, and weekend war game enthusiasts. With your combat pistol strapped to your leg it makes it easier for you to effectively wield your rifle and make fast transitions between the two.

  • Adjustable Drop Leg Holster
  • Fits Most Semi-Auto Pistols
  • Made in Korea
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