Ruger LCR Training Revolver - Cold Steel

The Ruger LCR Training Revolver by Cold Steel is an ideal tool that can be used for safe training. Practice drawing from your holster, disarming techniques in close quarters fighting, or any other training application that requires a realistically sized training firearm that is safe. With the added green color of this training revolver, you have an additional visual indicator that this is not a real firearm despite matching the Ruger LCR dimensionally.

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  • Ruger LCR Training Revolver
  • Look and Feel of Ruger LCR Revolver
  • Made by Cold Steel
  • Dimensions: 6 1/2" x 1 1/4" x 4 1/4"
  • UPC: 705442014140

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Customer Reviews

Perfect for training and demonstration

Review by Thadeous H.
Verified Buyer

For its intended use, this dummy revolver is outstanding. In quality and value. Consider that some "blue" guns cost two to three times as much as this green gun. I own this one and their Beretta as well. Both are used for training. Grip training. Holster draw training. Safety training. Why spend much, much more?

Nice toy

Review by Raquel R.
Verified Buyer

I was just a tiny bit disappointed that the barrel doesn't open, but I do love the size and feel of this replica. It does seem very similar to the actual Ruger LCR. Great toy and also good to get ready for certification.

Safety is essential!

Review by Shelie R.
Verified Buyer

Practicing handgun disarming or practicing grip in a room with other students makes 'dummy guns' essential. This is a terrific copy of the Ruger 5-shot revolver, though it can also substitute for any concealed hammer 'snubbie'. Except that you don't feel the cold steel of the real thing, it's like holding the real thing as you work on grip and drawing from concealment, and even aiming. The material is firm, but not so much as to be a danger if you hit someone with it by accident. Won't break if dropped. Should be easy to wash clean if required. There are companies that make more expensive practice guns, but they're no better quality than this.

Good concealed carry or off duty carry simulator.

Review by Rosaline P.
Verified Buyer

This makes a great training aid for our off duty or UC scenarios where a clip fed semi automatic does not make sense.

Good for training

Review by Kendal E.
Verified Buyer

Use these in training new personnel

Cold Steel (92RGRL) Ruger LCR Rubber Training Revolver

Review by Bobby Z.
Verified Buyer

Great training gun. Very well made and realistic looking.

Very pleased with this great value trainer

Review by Linnette E.
Verified Buyer

This is a highly detailed and durable replica. Accurate size and features. I'm very satisfied with the incredible value for my money. This will work great in my classes. Other replicas cost three or four times the price.

Good enough

Review by Dimitris M.
Verified Buyer

It's an almost exact replica for weapons retention training. The only thing I can complain about is the weight is like half what the real weapons weight is. It just doesn't rest in the holster and your hand the same. But for the price? Close enough.

Excellent trainers

Review by Silvestre X.
Verified Buyer

Excellent training guns .

Impressive Quality For Training Gun

Review by Forest U.
Verified Buyer

Buying this for a relative that wants basic skills with holding or even attempting to disarm an armed intruder, the training gun was very impressive because though it's plastic...the features of the gun are clearly marked and feels realistic when held.

The pictures show details and quality, that some other plastic or training guns on Keepshooting lack. The training gun served it's purpose and is helping to educate people on gun awareness. Weight is also light, but slightly heavy to simulate a small firearm. Amount for the training gun is worth it considering the uses for it.

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