SABRE Red 1.8oz Pepper Gel - Tactical Series with Holster

The SABRE Red 1.8oz Pepper Gel - Tactical Series with Holster is an excellent choice for powerful, non-lethal self defense. This pepper gel delivers a powerful formula that uses a gel dispersal, which greatly reduces cross contamination while delivering a more forceful impact on the threat. 

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  • SABRE Red 1.8oz Pepper Gel - Tactical Series with Holster
  • Maximum Strength Stopping Power
  • Ideal for Indoor or Outdoor Use
  • Pepper Gel Reaches Up to 18 Feet
  • Delivers Up to 18 Bursts
  • UPC: 023063153001
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Overall Rating
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Overall Rating
Slightly inconvenient but still works well.
Review by Keepshooting Customer
While it’s kind of a pain having to click the safety off every time you open the holster, I like that this is more discreet than the kind that shoots a stream of spray and doesn’t require an aim or shot after the trigger is pulled. This allows me to have this handy and out of sight, ready to deploy if needed, but without having a full spray stream and spray target ready to deploy as a direct line of fire when someone tries to attack. The stream size of this also seems a little more concentrated and likely will cause an attacker more discomfort for longer duration, since a spray can cause people to cough and try to protect their face and other mucous membranes from the spray while being able to block their eyes, this would seemingly allow for longer reaction time to be necessary to protect your face and eyes, but only the onset of your face and eyes and for as long as possible before the effects begin to be able to be detected. In other words, it’s not like being sprayed in the face directly. But also if you’re sprayed in the face with this, and you’re a big strong guy and/or the one using it, it’s going to hurt a lot.
Overall Rating
It's what you're looking for
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Forget every thing you know about pepper spray this stuff is awesome!!! Definitely 90% more accurate than your regular stuff 4-6 1 second burst. The test to test that claim wasn't done by me lol
Overall Rating
One good hit. I'm surprised how far the contents can go ...
Review by Keepshooting Customer
I have no qualms about hitting a dog that is tearing up the inside of my truck or damaging the inside. I have hit my dog once with a light stream and it stopped the problem for about 10 seconds and it gave me time to grab the door handle and open the door. I'm going to give this some more use before I update. It doesn't seem as bad as some of the negative reviews, maybe they just got unlucky. My advice to others is to take it out into a fenced in yard, try it out and see how far it sprays and practice aiming at a spot. My target practice was against an old log that was at least 15 feet away and when I got to the dog he was only 5 feet away, with little reaction, just kind of wagging his tail and seemed curious about the pink stuff that I sprayed on him, more like curiosity than fear. It is true, one good hit, but the spray pattern seemed larger than the hole that was left. I'm not saying that you can't hit a moving animal, I'm just saying that my aim needs a little practice.
Overall Rating
Very Effective
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Have had the pepper and thought if I ever needed to use it I hope I could. Haven't needed to yet. I'm glad I have it. Very effective against dogs, too. My cats, on the other hand, think I'm trying to kill them with this! My dog hasn't bothered me since I got this.
Overall Rating
Works Great. Must practice and understand your capasity to make ...
Review by Keepshooting Customer
I love this gel and believe it works well. I have yet to see if the attacker could be penetrated or not. However, my intent is to prevent or deter an attack and reduce risk to myself. Must have ample time to identify the potential threat. You must know the following; the range in which this works; the capasity (stream) required and if the aggressor could have enough penetration or damage to deter the attack. Only have used for defense one time and it works well. One draw back I do not believe is anyone else's problem is this model does not have wind stopper for extreme cold conditions or high wind gusts when sprayed in these environment or tempures; other units do. However it did well to create tear eyes, prevent and reduce facial exposure to attack; making person less visible in low light to the possible attacker, and reducing their eye site. It could work well if a flash blind was produced as pepper gel on flash blind. My last pepper product that i carried was OC Gel. My choice was based upon reading material, effectiveness in the test. I do believe Sabre has a gel, which will work as effectively as their OC spray. Hope to have this on me at all time and carry on belt at the proper weight, or near, of a can of chick peas. Just know the laws, capacity's, and the time and use. Remember that a small container holds the capasity to do more damage and be legal in some states than many 2" and larger mace and other types of sprays. You may have a leftover spray. Remembering it has the ability to do much more damage than pepper spray, be prepared. For your safety do practice on a tree. Sabre pepper gel does sting like he! My guess you will do the following when in a life threatening, situation: you must be close, close enough the person could touch you. You will aim low. You will aim for their eyes and face. If you cannot see a needle from your hand. That distance may be too far. Also know your laws in regards to how far you can legally stand.
Overall Rating
Don't leave home without it. Even in your home.
Review by Keepshooting Customer
I purchased two Sabre Personal Protection pepper gel products to give as gifts to ladies I felt would be safe carrying pepper gel. They were very pleased. I had been a customer with a prior item, and knew the value. After experiencing pepper spray use while with a policeman friend who accidentally squirted some into his hand when he tried it out on a test pane I had brought him, it was apparent that pepper gel is much more powerful, and no splattering required when deployed. The scent is not as noticeable. A warning was printed on my item and with my previous purchase of this same product, that we have it readily available and are able to access it, and are aware of potential adverse reactions for anyone within range of it's discharge.
Overall Rating
Definitely worth the price!
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Great size. Not too big or small. Great to have while out walking my dog in the dog parks that sometimes are problematic with the unruly "service" dogs that are brought to the park by people that have aggressive and not well-behaved pets. If they get loose and come after your pet you will be glad you have pepper gel to scare them off!
Overall Rating
Adequate quality, price, and capability. I bought this as a replicate of the unit ...
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Adequate quality, price, and capability. I bought this as a replicate of the unit I used to use while walking dogs. It does the job and, given the facts, it is the most safe, effective, and appropriate. My only criticism is the somewhat weak windshield cleaning wand for defusing gel (on spillage or target misfire). Aside from the somewhat flimsy windshield wand there is nothing else to criticize. No need to buy any of the high priced, low quality, spray-can models out there.
Overall Rating
Best. Gel. Ever.
Review by Keepshooting Customer
This stuff worked like a charm. It shot about 15-20 feet and hit the pitbull in the eye (while on leash, on a walk). My brother said the dog didn't seem to notice and kept coming. So we double sprayed the face and neck and, well, that finally stopped the beast. 5 stars! Only drawback was that my shirt started smelling of pepper gel for the rest of the day.
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