Schmidt-Rubin K31 Magazine

Schmidt-Rubin K31 Magazine

The Schmidt-Rubin K31 Magazine is a factory new replacement magazine for the original K31 magazine. This magazine is designed to fit your Swiss K31 rifle the same as the military original, and will fit and feed 6 rounds of 7.6 Swiss ammunition. Ensure your prized K31 continues to function by purchasing a spare magazine, which is essential to the function of your K31.

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Description / Schmidt-Rubin K31 Magazine

The Swiss Schmidt-Rubin K31 rifle has been prized by collectors since the very first rifles were imported. With a legendary history of accuracy, quick straight-pull action, and a uniquely Swiss design it is no wonder why these rifles have been so popular. These rifles use a unique detachable 6-round magazine to feed ammunition, which if your original becomes non-functional your K31 will become a single shot rifle.

We produced these magazines to give you a high quality replacement magazine for your K31. With these magazines inserted, your K31 will be able to fit and feed the standard 6-rounds of 7.5 Swiss ammunition. These magazines will ensure that now and into the future your K31 rifle will continue to function just as good as it did the day it was accepted by the Swiss military.

  • Factory New K31 Magazine
  • Capacity: 6-Rounds
  • Caliber: 7.5 Swiss
  • Fits Swiss Schmidt-Rubin K31 Rifle

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Manufacturer United Defense LLC

Customer Reviews

Review by Sam
As described and arrived on time. NICE!
Nice fit
Review by Clarence
Haven't made it to the range yet however magazine fits like a glove. Seems well built. Can't wait for the rain to quit and things to dry out so I can give it a try!
Excited to try these out!
Review by Nickolas
Received my mags. The lock-up was clean. The only areas of concern are the follower spring and follower. They seem a little softer than the original. But, buying these does allow me to keep my original as a reserve. So far I like what I see.
Appears to be a quality product
Review by Tom
Side by side with my original K-31, it's hard to tell them apart. No serial # on the reproduction, but otherwise they appear identical. I haven't tried it at the range, but it cycles dummy cartridges just fine, and locks in place/releases with no problem.
The only apparent drawback is the high price, but when I shopped around for similar mag for my other rifles, they are all high priced.
Works, fits, looks good
Review by Sam
I bought my k31 set up with target shooting sights. The supplied magazine serial number matched the rifle. I put that one away and bought these replacements. They look good, fit right, and work fine.
Must have for Compitition.
Review by Dan in Ohio
I purchased 3 of these mags to use in CMP "Vintage Bolt Rifle" matches. I used all 3 in a match at Camp Perry, Ohio on 7/23/2017.
They worked perfectly! My original serial numbered mag is in storage. You better buy more than one at this price.
Amazing products, very well built
Review by Jesse
Fits just like the original and have no issues with fit or feed, have 4 magazines total now,this sure beats buying surp/at 70-100 apiece. Figure 4 magazines is plenty for the rifle - at this point, though Id love too have 10 or 15 :)
Works great
Review by michael
Fits great, feeds fine and is a cheaper alternative to hunting down surplus Swiss mags
Worked great for a month, but wear out and break easily
Review by Mac
Within two months of shooting occasionally, they started fitting so loosely that it caused malfunctions unless you held the magazine's weight up into the rifle, a K31. Then, a week later two of the three magazines had their latch break off. I am a competitive shooter who takes good care of my gear. They were not abused in any way. My original magazine is 70 years old and flawless.
Great product
Review by Andrew
I found this product in between production cycles, and had to wait almost a year to be able to purchase. They appear to have sold out again, so I'm glad I got mine! Function, quality, appearance, nothing is left to be desired. Fantastic magazines, I would definitely buy again.
Works great!
Review by Dan
Purchased to go with my K31 and the fit was perfect, no problems at the range and the price lends itself to having as many as I want!
Review by Jon
The only experience I have had with aftermarket mags was the Promag for my Enfield and it was junk. Sent it back. Was leery of this one for the K31. Took the chance and the only thing I can say is I should have bought another while I had the chance. I will buy at least one more when they get them back in stock. Perfect fit and function. Great rifle, great magazine.
Couldn't be happier with these magazine!
Review by Anth0ny
I bought two of these babies a few months ago. Absolutely flawless craftsmanship! Both of my new magazine functioned and fit in the rifle exactly like the original. They hit the nail on the head with their attention and work. The only difference is that the two new replacements are brand spanking new looking!! A person couldn’t find a better K-31 replacement magazine. I’m going to get 4 more, one for each pouch on my Swiss military leather ammo bandolier!

So nice.
Review by Michael
I finally broke down and bought one of these since replacements are ridiculously expensive and because the charging clips are neigh impossible to find these days. It's great. I'm going to replace the original so that it doesn't get wear and use this one from now on. It's tremendously well made, and honestly, I might even get another. I wish it wasn't 50$, but i can see the work that goes into it -- and as an HK fan, I'm used to paying for expensive mags. :)
Great replacement magazine if you need one!
Review by Shaun
Finding original K31 magazine parts is a difficult, frustrating, or expensive undertaking! These magazines fit the bill exactly! These fit in my rifle with no fitting required. I haven't taken it to the range yet, but it should feed just fine! I'm so glad these magazines are available - after my original spring broke I was afraid I'd have to spend a lot of money to get a replacement. For a new production one, this was a bit pricier than I'd like, but at around half the price of an original magazine I really can't complain.
Exact Replacement
Review by Jim
Feeding the K31 using stripper clips can be frustrating, and having only one magazine for your K31 means reloads take time. Fortunately, Keepshooting has your back!
These mags are fantastic. These magazines look identical to the magazines in my K31 rifles. They function flawlessly as well. Given the value of matching number rifles, and the difficulty in locating original magazines, I've kept the original mags in the safe, and use these on a regular basis! Keepshooting does it again!
exact copy of original
Review by luke
This is exactly the same as my original, with a tighter spring and better bluing
Perfect in looks, fit and function !
Review by Honved
This is the best reproduction magazine I have ever seen! The only difference I could find is that the KeepShooting magazine attaches the follower with a hollow rivet while the original Swiss magazine used a solid rivet to attach the follower. The quality of this magazine is outstanding. You will never be sorry if you buy this magazine. I wish they would make a magazine for the 1911 series of Swiss rifles and carbine.
fits and functions like the original!
Review by Markgg
Mag fits and functions like the original, I was skeptical until I received this mag it is very well made, that is why I gave it a 5.
Fits fine and feeds fine
Review by Nick V
This fits my K31 just fine and feeds rounds fine. Would have given it 5 stars if the finish matched my K31 better. Function was flawless however and shipping quick.
Works As Good as My Original
Review by Edward
The rivet on my mag broke, so needed a replacement. I got one of these about a week ago, and it is exactly like the one that came with my gun. Fits perfectly and works great.

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