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This SKS Trigger Group is a complete drop-in unit for your SKS Rifle.  We had these SKS Trigger Groups manufactured to ensure that affordable spare parts are available for the SKS community for many years to come.  These SKS Trigger Groups are brand new, not military surplus parts or used components.  

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Due to slight differences between each countries SKS rifle, you may need to do some fitting on this trigger group to get it to fit your rifle.  Just like your original SKS trigger group, this trigger group does not count for any 922 Compliance Parts.

You won't find a better trigger group at this price, we only had 300 total made.  Order your SKS Trigger Group today and put it away to ensure your SKS rifle has the spare parts it needs for many years to come.

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Customer Reviews

Top Quality Part
Review by Kenneth
Verified Buyer
I was pleasantly surprised when I received this FCG. It is a high quality part for a great price. It dropped in and fit perfectly. I couldn't be any more pleased! Buy with confidence.
Review by israel
Verified Buyer
First off, the quality is excellent. A true drop in for my Chinese SKS.and last but not least the price is unbeatable!. I am a first time and new lifelong customer.Thanks,Israel T.
Handy for home builds
Review by RemMax
Verified Buyer
If your into home builds this is one of those FCG's that are handy to have
These can be used in many home builds since they are complete drop in semi auto fire control groups
This makes them handy for building kits like Semi Suomis and others

Also if you have a SKS these are handy to have around for spares in the event you break a safety lever or otherwise damage your existing fcg
Overall a handy item to have as a spare

Pleasantly surprised!
Review by Conrad
Verified Buyer
Picked this up from, then dropped it right into my norinco sks without any problems! I was expecting to at least need to do minor fitting....but alas I didn't! Excellent product.
Keep that old girl in service
Review by USAF-ORF
Verified Buyer
I First discovered on a SKS sight. You see one of my favorite rifles is an SKS I bought for $69 Many Years before President (I DID not have sex with that Woman) signed the Assault weapons bill. I wanted to have a complete set of spare parts for a very nice built rifle. Just in case. Very Nice Quality Trigger Group worth the investment. Thanks KS
Review by Robert
Verified Buyer
I purchased this Trigger Group for my Norinco Paratrooper (carbine) SKS. Snapped right in with no problems!!! I have six other SKS's from various Countries and Makers and it fit into them WITHOUT any PROBLEMS!!! WORKS FLAWLESSLY!! I would definitely buy more if need be. THANKS KEEPSHOOTING.COM for offering such a GREAT PIECE at such a GREAT PRICE!!!
More than "a little" fitting in Chinese Type 56
Review by AvidShooter
Verified Buyer
I find it hard to believe that anyone would be able to just drop this trigger group into their rifle. I hand filed mine for about 30 minutes before the latch even came close to catching. When it finally did latch in, like other reviews had said, the safety lever would not clear the stock internals. I ended up leaving the old assembly in and if/when it fails I will complete the last half of the fitting.
Excellent and almost drop-in!
Review by DarylD
Verified Buyer
This is an excellent product if you are looking for a new, replacement, or spare trigger group for your Norinco SKS. With that said, some minor fitting was required to get my trigger group assembly to lock into place.

The front slope of the trigger frame (muzzle end) required minor filing to slightly increase the slope angle. The front slope rests against the pin that holds the "last round" bolt stop and spring assembly in place, which gives the tension to hold the trigger group in place after it is latched. Minor filing on the slope with a very fine file was needed to remove some metal and increase the angle of the slope so that the trigger group could be locked into place with a forcible slap of the palm of the hand. This; however is not a show stopper.

The action does exhibit some negative travel; the hammer moves forward during take-up but breaks clean. This is also not a show stopper, as most SKS triggers exhibit negative travel. Again, this is not a show stopper.

Hammer force seemed to be on par with original manufactured SKS triggers, which will ensure positive firing pin strikes on hard primers.

All in all, this is an excellent product, well made, and should serve you well.
Review by Waldo Calrissian
Verified Buyer
It didn't drop straight into my yugo but I had access to dremels and files so everything went pretty smoothly. I had to remove some of the wood from my stock, where the metal tang of the trigger group makes contact and file down the corners right before the tang a little bit however if fits and feels nice and sturdy! thanks Keep Shooting!
M59/66A1 Advice
Review by Dr. B
Verified Buyer
As noted in an earlier review, this Fire Control Group would NOT "drop-in" to my Yugo M59/66A1. Don't get me wrong, it's an excellent trigger assembly that CAN be fitted! It is not a terribly difficult job, but it will take some time and skill with hand tools - mainly files. For my particular weapon, the metal "tang" of the FCG is simply too thick. It must be filed down slightly so the catch locks the FCG into place. I cannot provide dimensions as each weapon is unique and will require a simple file and fit approach. Take it slow and don't remove too much metal at one time and it WILL fit. It is well worth the effort.

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