Streamlight PolyTac Flashlight - Black

The all-purpose PolyTac is designed for the broadest range of lighting applications at the best value. TEN-TAP(R) Programming provides the choice of three operating modes. Now producing a blast of 600 lumens!

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  • TEN-TAP programmable switch
  • High, medium, low, and strobe light settings
  • 600 lumens
  • UPC: 080926888500

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Customer Reviews

Bright, rugged, reliable as expected
Review by Athony R.
Verified Buyer
A great light. Plenty bright, decent battery life.
Still excellent with one personal gripe. Great value.
Review by Dejon K.
Verified Buyer
I have been carrying an older Polytac for years in a carrier but wanted to have the 18560 capability. It is still a good size, good output and plenty tough. This newer multi-fuel still fits the same carrier well enough but the small extrusions at the tailcap stick out significantly more than the older version. I realize this is to help stop accidental activation but being in a carrier this was never an issue for me. It just makes it slightly more difficult to actuate. Not a deal breaker in the least and I am starting to get used to it, but still don't prefer it. It also allows it to stand on its tail, which is something the older model would not do. 10Tap offers good options. GREAT value for the money. Love the light.
Great flashlight
Review by Taresa P.
Verified Buyer
It's a great light
Got scammed.
Review by Jimmi G.
Verified Buyer
Item I received wasn’t new. Was used and sold as new. Didn’t come with batteries as advertised. Internals were damaged. If you buy this, buy the blister pack version, they cannot resell that as new.
Just buy it!
Review by Ona D.
Verified Buyer
Another awesome light by streamlight. I have 15+ streamlights and love the polymer material on this one. The other lights get hot while running them on high. This one gets warm but not extremely hot. The duel fuel is a great feature too.
I use it on my firefighting helmet and it works great during search and rescue
Review by Chyla H.
Verified Buyer
Great product and received it super fast
Great light
Review by Elijah K.
Verified Buyer
Love it so far. No complaints. Bright, sturdy, battery life is good.
Bright light.
Review by Derryl Y.
Verified Buyer
Great little light. This is my second one got one on my AR and the other for EDC. Can’t beat it for the money. Bright and durable just what you would expect from streamlight. SaulGoodMan.
Not perfect
Review by Marico G.
Verified Buyer
This is my second Polytac. I've been using the first one for around 8-10 years at work. It still works fine and I really like it. The only reason I bought this new one is that LED flashlight technology has advanced a lot since then and the new flashlight is much brighter. My old Polytac is 2 generations older than this new one.

I got the Polytac X without the rechargeable batteries. I removed the belt clip. The belt clip breaks when you remove it, so make sure you don't want it before taking it off. The flashlight is light weight and impressively bright. I am impressed with its power.

I am satisfied with this purchase, but I'm giving it 4 stars instead of 5 because there are a couple of things that could be better. The most significant is the tailcap button. Compared to other similar flashlights, this button is uncomfortable and difficult to activate. There are guards around the tailcap that are obviously designed to prevent accidental activation. Unfortunately it makes intentional activation difficult. The switch on my old Polytac is much easier to access and press.

My second complaint is less significant. This flashlight allows you to easily program what it does when you press the switch numerous times rapidly. I just wish it gave us more than 3 programming options. I would prefer the option of simply Hi/Low and skip the strobe setting. But this isn't a deal breaker.

I use an old Surefire flashlight holster (see attached picture). Those holsters are great, so I want to keep using it. My old Polytac fits perfectly in this, but the new one is a little loose. I fixed that problem by putting a thin strip of duct tape around the base of the flashlight. Now it locks in securely. Duct tape is the solution to many of life's problems. This isn't a complaint, because you can't expect Streamlight to account for a Surefire holster. I'm just sharing in case you like using the same holster.

Considering the excellent reliability of my old Polytac, I assume that this will be a good performing long term tool. In spite of my minor complaints, this Polytac is a good choice.

** Update in 8/16/2018
After using this flashlight for another week, I don't think I can deal with the tailcap issue. I struggled to activate the light quickly because the tailcap button is so squishy. Either this is a design flaw or mine is defective. I contacted streamlight and they told me to return it to KeepShooting because I'm within the 30 day purchase window. So I deducted a star and sent this one back. I ended up getting a Surefire instead. If it wasn't for the tailcap issue, I would have been thrilled with the Streamlight.

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