The Swedish Army Morse Code Set is a communications field kit issued and used by the Swedish Army. Packed in the original transport case, each kit comes with two headsets, the Morse code clicker, a length of communication wire, and a copy of the Swedish Army manual that would be issued with this communications kit. These Morse code kits are very well made and a unique part of Swedish military history.

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The Swedish Military has long relied upon Morse code as an important part of field communications. With communication being essential for securing combat zones, there has always been a requirement for both primary and secondary lines of communication. With primary communications networks being frequently targeted during conflicts, the lease "visible" secondary method of communication ensures the longevity of it. This is one area where Morse code excels as the equipment and facilities to transmit and receive Morse code can be easily deployed, repaired, or replaced when required.

This Morse Code set from the Swedish Army is one of their standard secondary communication devices. With everything stored and ready for deployment in the wooden case, soldiers could quickly grab a communications set and deploy where required. There were two headsets, a clicker, communications wire, and an instruction manual stored in each of these kits. With full training in how to send and receive Morse code, Swedish soldiers would use these kits to tie together and build out field communications networks of various sizes.

Now that the Swedish Government has sold these sets as military surplus, and we are able to import them and offer them for sale. With the popularity of military field phones, adding another military field communications device to your collection is a great idea. Whether you plan on using the Morse code set or simply adding it to your collection, it is a very nice piece of European military surplus.

  • Authentic Swedish Army Morse Code Set
  • Two Headsets
  • Two Throat Microphones
  • One Morse Code Clicker
  • Length of Communications Wire
  • Packed in Original Transport Case

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Customer Reviews

Swedish marine artillery telephone set.
Review by Edward
Verified Buyer
This is not a telegraph set. It is a local telephone set for artillery fire control aboard a Swedish Naval vessel. I have been trying to translate the very complete manual on Google Translate. This is the 830 set without the battery box and terminal block. I think that by hooking up a voltage source to the plenum it would work (2.5V ? 12.5V). I haven't translated it yet. I anticipate many hours of fun with this set.
Review by Don
Verified Buyer
Just got my first set and have another on the way. Mine was perfect and another great deal from KS. It even had the manual with it.
My coolest piece of military surplus yet!
Review by Paul
Verified Buyer
When I took this thing out of the box of peanuts I could not believe the condition of the wooden box,the markings are all clear and bright the hardware is perfect, then I opened it, the one I received looks like brand new, some of the stuff was sealed in bags still like it was frozen in time.the wires are in great condition,the headsets and all of the connectors are like it was put away and forgotten about in some climate controlled storage facility because the box closes perfectly and not warped at all,,absolutely no water or moisture damage at all
If you purchased surplus like I have over the years most of the time it's like you never knew what you were gonna receive, I am truly pleased to say that KS has never,ever,let me down. That is why I have never written a negative review,Amazing! If I had the money I would buy four more of these and put them up because you can in this condition be assured this will just gain value. If you have any doubt about buying this at all , do not hesitate , buy it quickly before they sell out,I called a friend of mine that had this in his cart and told him to pull the trigger on this while he can. This is such a cool thing to have for SHTF now I need to learn morse. Thank you KS for finding such a good quality item for such a good price. Really, buy these while you can,you will not be sorry.

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