TRUGLO TG131GT1 TFO Night Sights

Each set of TRUGLO TG131GT1 TFO night sights is from TRUGLO's "Bright-Sight Handgun" Series of sights. More importantly, these impeccable night sights combine fiber-optic inserts with tritium technology to provide unbelievable sighting transition through all lighting conditions. In other words, these night sights are some of the most visible sights that money can buy, which means driving tacks has never been easier. Of course, we have only scratched the surface of the many features found on these sights. Read on.

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As noted, each set of TRUGLO TG131GT1 TFO night sights is from the company's lauded "Bright-Sight Handgun" Series of sights. Billed as the ultimate handgun sights, these sights benefit from TRUGLO's patented TFO technology – a technology that represents a revolutionary innovation in the handgun night sights industry.

TFO is the name given to TRUGLO's patented combination of fiber optics and tritium technologies. For years, fiber optic inserts have been utilized in iron sights to increase visibility. The idea is that the optical fibers are positioned in such a way that ambient light shining upon the inserts is concentrated at the tip, making the dot of the sight brighter than its immediate surroundings and easier for shooters to see. These fiber optic inserts are used in conjunction with tritium illumination, which emits electrons through beta decay to produce a fluorescent light when mixed with phosphor materials. The result is a highly-visible dot that glows in the dark without the need for batteries or charging in light.

Each set of TRUGLO TG131GT1 TFO night sights is constructed from CNC-machined steel with a snag-resistant design that makes them perfect for use with concealed carry handguns. Also beneficial is the fact that the TFO technology is applied in such a way that the sights are concealed from targets, meaning you can see your target, but your night sights will not give away your position. As noted, they provide unbelievable transition through all lighting conditions, and are all but guaranteed to provide you with a better sight picture than your stock sights.

The TRUGLO TG131GT1 TFO night sights are compatible with each of the following GLOCK models: 17 17L, 19, 22, 23, 24, 26, 27, 33, 34, 35, 38 and 39. It is recommended that a gunsmith install these sights to avoid damaging either the sights themselves or the slide of your pistol, as specialized tools are required for proper fitting.

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Customer Reviews

Very nice
Review by Wylene N.
Verified Buyer
So nice I bought 2. Really stands out at night.
Can see with it
Review by Bronnie J.
Verified Buyer
Not what you’ll expect
Review by Chessa H.
Verified Buyer
Must be old stock because it doesn’t work at all in low light. Go with a better quality product. Trijicon makes a great sight that works in total darkness. Very disappointed and will never use truglow products again. Nor will I order from here.
Review by Davie A.
Verified Buyer
Excellent sights, and TFOs are significantly brighter than the more expensive TFX line.
Easy Install, Bright for my eyes!!
Review by Rocio F.
Verified Buyer
I originally ordered the All Green front/rear Sights but was accidentally sent the yellow rear green front sights. To be honest, I like the sight picture better with the contrast of the green/yellow!! For my eyes this works. Plus, they glow nicely at night!!
Best bang for the buck!!!!!
Review by Rasheida P.
Verified Buyer
Overall very impressed, the optics are great in low ambient lighting situations and the quality seems very durable and robust.
Perfect replacement sights.
Review by Celisa B.
Verified Buyer
They are a perfect replacement. Not something that I could install so I needed a professional to do it for me. I'm very pleased with them.
Tru Glo
Review by Edwardo X.
Verified Buyer
Great product highly recommend
These are the ones.
Review by Phoenix X.
Verified Buyer
I have tried many different sights. These are the ones. The combo of tritium night sights with fiber optics is the way to go.
Glows great
Review by Burgundy G.
Verified Buyer
Good upgrade
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