USGI EE8 Field Phone

The USGI EE8 Field Phone is an authentic EE8 field phone that was the standard issue field phone for the US Army from World War II through Vietnam. Soldiers in the field would string communications wire between two locations and then use the EE8 to establish secure and reliable communications between two locations. Field phones were used to ensure the enemy was not able to listen to communications between field teams. By using wired communications no outside party could listen into communications, making field phones a secure communications method for soldiers in the field.

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One of the more interesting items in military surplus has to be field phones. Field phones like the EE8 were the lifeline for forward operating bases and advance teams who needed to communicate securely while operating in the field. With each army fielding their own field phones, most of the US aligned armed forces fielded either a US provided EE8 or a locally designed version.

Like most field telephones, the EE8 is capable of operating either on a point-to-point basis or in a switchboard operation to interconnect more phones. With use of a simple D-cell batteries and common copper wire, the EE8 is capable of transmitting and receiving from 11 to 17 miles depending upon how the wire between each phone is provisioned. This makes the EE8 an excellent field phone for remote campsites, out buildings, and other strategic facilities that may not have standard utilities ran to them.

One of the lesser known uses of the EE8 field phone would be for interrogation of captured enemy soldiers. According to the US Army Vietnam War Crimes Working Group, soldiers would use the EE8 to deliver painful electric shocks to combative prisoners. While we do not condone you using your EE8 for such a thing, the historical aspect of this use of the EE8 is worth noting.

  • Authentic EE8 Field Phone
  • Designed and Fielded by US Army
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  • 100% Functional 

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