Vintage Vietnam War Tiger Stripe Fatigue Shirt

Vietnam War style fashion at its finest, the Vintage Vietnam War Tiger Stripe Fatigue Shirt is made from 100% Cotton RipStop that has been pre-washed for an authentic look and feel. With four slant pockets, and prewashed look for an authentic look and feel you'll find this shirt helps complete any look whether your in the street or the field.

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  • Vintage Vietnam War Tiger Stripe Fatigue Shirt
  • Tiger Stripe Camo Pattern
  • Four Slant Pockets
  • Prewashed for Authentic VIntage Look and Feel
  • Made from 100% RipStop Cotton
  • Great for Reenacting or Vintage Fashion Look

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Customer Reviews

Better quality then I thought
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Verified Buyer
Better quality then I thought! Really comfortable too
Not ripstop. Nice shirt. Too small
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Verified Buyer
Really nice tiger strip. Material not true ripstop
Oddball Pattern; great camo, nostalgia
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Verified Buyer
Great Tiger-Stripe nostalgia camo pattern and very comfortable. Fits just a bit small. I am happy. (I got a large but I think the medium would have been perfect). For reference, I am 5'10", ~170lbs and 38" waist. (And my Grandfather wore the USMC G2 (cold weather jungle pants).
Tough shirt
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Verified Buyer
These were worn during the winter by troops in Viet Nam and other jungle locations. I had one in the Marines. They held up very well in the field and I was impressed by them at the time and still am. I was in the field and I noticed it getting very cold. It's not as warm as a parka but I've learned that it can get much colder in a field jacket because the nylon of the fatigues reflects heat back to the body in a much more rapid manner than the poly cotton rip stop of the fatigues so the two combined makes the soldier much colder much faster. It does keep you warm if you use it as an over shirt. As I said, it was an issued garment to troops during the winter and was made for that purpose. If you want to find out what it's like to feel the feel and weigh the cloth then order one.
great vintage shirt
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Verified Buyer
Good Vintage Vietnam Era Tiger Stripe Rip Stop Shirt - Really enjoying wearing it and have had a lot of positive comments about it. This was my 3rd one - my previous ones had all deteriorated over the years.
Not your dad's issue GI Tiger stripe
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Verified Buyer
The shirt has it all; very light and breathable ( a major factor on South East Asia where you need something you can breathe in and cool off), decent fabric that allows for some type of movement (e.g., climbing), ruggedness for most field situations. The vintage (OG) one I had from '69 had yellow as well, which is a good color and does distinguish between the two front pocket buttons on each side (good when wearing on vest or garrison belt and wondering which pocket button it goes into). Of note; the sleeve button is a slightly smaller hole diameter as the others and has a more 'plastic' look, and the cuff button tab slides over an insert and holds the velcro closed with some friction to keep the buttons securely closed without falling off. As always; a really great piece of wearable military gear for the most reasonable price you can find, anywhere! This was a must for me; when my father went back in '65, they had already changed the uniform to these (G-I issue shirt and trousers, boots) so I had always wanted to find one in original (not knock off) Vietnam era camouflage. I am very pleased with the product. I do believe it is a current Rothco issue shirt; a copy but a nice one at that. Great shirt for work or just a hike in the woods; looks great in jeans and a western style belt or boots and web belt. Exactly as shown, good quality with the original tiger stripe/foldiage camo pattern, comfortable, great color match, with plenty of length (6'2" 210) but will shrink some when laundered, great for a build like mine. If you love this Vietnam G-I camo pattern and are a Tiger then this is for you; for a much lower price that some competitors sell this same product for. A winner! Highly recommended! Enjoy...
It works for hunting. Not so warm though
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Verified Buyer
Not bad. For this type of shirt, and price, this is great. Only worn once. But as of 10/11/20 I do use for work when outside all day. Still good. Thicker than original, not so well put together. The green color isn't too good but doesn't matter much.
Vivid memories!
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Verified Buyer
I had a great Vietnam tour. I am an old Green Beret and I've got lots of gear from days past, this is the finest re-make I've seen. Quality gear! And what fun we all had at NCO parties when I got it out! In Vietnam, you got three types of T-shirts, Woodland, Camo Woodland, and a different, but equally bad "Woobie." We all used the FQC type Woodland until 87Bs, GS uniform became common. I now run TD's, for civilians; ACU Digital camo for winter woods; Multicam (The greatest!) DPM (That lasted for years and great!) Tigerstripe (An enduring standard) Woodland: Even though they had to change the pattern slightly, but still my all time favorite. We could do better today! The big thing was Tiger stripe, it just worked, we looked cool, combat effective, we wore these everywhere. Even wore them out after duty at Disneyland...sans Woodland of course. And when it rained we always carried a change of shirt and if it wasn't water proof; forget it, it just didn't happen, got wet, dried, next day! Thank you China. Thank you for the new generation of fine shirts and gear. Thank you all! You know who you are.
... big on my dad (5'10", 170lb), and fit nicely. However, they run long
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Verified Buyer
It's a tad big on my dad (5'10", 170lb), and fit nicely. However, they run long. If you want them to be ankle-length, go down a size. If you want them to hit right at the ankle, order the size you want.
Not bad at all
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Verified Buyer
Got a large the first time around and found it to be more like an extra large in width and about a full size longer. I just bought another one, a medium this time, and it fits just right, but you might want to buy one or two sizes smaller than what you usually wear. The first one I bought had what appeared to be stitches along the shoulders coming loose, so I gave it to my grandson. I bought another, a medium, and have it so it's long enough for me to tuck in my shirt when needed.
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