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The Volquartsen Remington 597 Exact Edge Extractor is manufactured by Volquartsen using an EDM process to produce exacting tolerances. Once installed your Remington 597 will have zero extraction issues no matter how many rounds you've fired through it.

The Volquartsen Remington 597 Exact Edge Extractor is designed so that it will not lose its edge under impact like other extractors. No matter if you use a standard stamped steel extractor or an upgraded titanium extractor, none will match the lifetime performance of this Exact Edge Extractor from Volquartsen.

  • Precise Hook Point - Improved Extraction Performance
  • Hardened to Rc58-60 - Will Withstand Years of Use and Maintain Its Exact Edge
  • Hook is .005" Closer to the Rim Of the Cartridge - Most Positive Extraction Available
  • Constructed from A2 Tool Steel
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