Remington 597 Magazine - Brand New, 10-Round Magazine

Remington 597 Magazine

Just like the factory magazine, each Remington Model 597 magazine offered by is a 10-round magazine designed to hold and feed 10 rounds of .22 LR ammunition to your rifle flawlessly. Guaranteed to fit and function in your rifle, our Remington Model 597 magazine is a must-have accessory for any high-volume shooter.

Description / Remington 597 Magazine

The Remington 597 Magazine that we produce is designed to be the best magazine available for the Remington 597. While other companies have worked at creating a high capacity magazine for the Remington 597, we focused on producing a better version of the standard 10-round magazine. With many thousands of magazines being used and the overwhelmingly positive feedback, we are confident in saying we have produced the best 10-round magazine for the Remington 597.

With the Remington 597 coming from the factory with only one magazine, you have a clear need for additional high quality magazines for your rifle. Purchasing extra magazines will ensure that your rifle has a good supply now and into the future. You will also be able to have more time spent at the shooting range shooting and less time spent reloading. This Remington 597 magazine will quickly become your go-to magazine for trips to the target range, shooting competitions, or varmint hunting with friends and family.

  • Designed for the Remington 597
  • Capacity: 10 Rounds
  • Caliber: .22lr

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Manufacturer United Defense LLC

Customer Reviews

very good
Review by PAUL
Excellent product better than original as this is all metal
Should have done this years ago
Review by CO Bob
After many years of cussing the Remington factory made magazines I am glad I listened to the reviews and got this magazine for my 597. It works so well I can't understand why Remington could never get it right!
5 Star
Review by trkerc
Shipped very fast , very nice magazine , works good so far
597 magazines
Review by Free folk
So I have received my magazines. I ordered 3 and when I got them and compared them to factory, the better construction was obvious. Better built with better springs. So guess what.... I ordered 3 more. I haven’t been able to use them in my rifle yet, I’m in the middle of doing some modifications and will test them when I get the rifle back together. Looking forward to giving them a try.
Works perfectly
Review by Mr Long
Withe the one magazine that came with the rifle there were miss feeds from the start. When I found these with research I purchased one. After running 200 rounds through it without one problem I ordered another 4. I'm getting set to start Smallbore Silhouette and can use several magazines. On my rifle I have upgraded the extractor and upgraded to the target hammer. Both have made the rifle much more accurate and easy to shoot.
Great magazine
Review by Butch
If you own a remmington 597 you owe it to yourself to invest in this magazine. Quality construction with no feeding issues. Better than OEM. Highly recommended.
Great mags
Review by Jd597
These 597 magazines are far better built than the factory ones and definitely outperformed them, as well. If you own a 597, get these mags! Better in every way!
sometimes aftermarket is best!
Review by Doug
I needed extra mags for my Remington 597 plinker and was dissatisfied with the factory ones. They are plastic and extremely light to the point that they don't drop out of the rifle when released. I ordered these metal mags which solved the problem, metal and heavier they drop out with ease. Like the site and the order mage were the cheapest and arrived fast. No problems
Works Great
Review by Robert
These mags work great. I had no issues with breaking them in. From day one they fit and worked perfect.
Excellent fit and function
Review by Steven
This magazine was a blessing to find, and the price was great. I will be back for more products.
Good Product
Review by Bernard
Work as expected. Customer service was friendly when I called.
Heavy Duty Clips - Work Wonders
Review by MikePA
I shoot these clips in my 597. They fit great and havent found ammo they don't like. Recommend these to anyone with a REM 597.
If only Remington did it this well...
Review by Dan
These mags are 100%! These work without fault, they are cheaper, and they hold up better. I bought my first two to try them out and I'm buying more now. Great job at improving on the OEM junk.
Second 2 None
Review by Mike J
Recently bought a Remington 597 and upon shooting it, I was not pleased. I didn't know if it was the ammo, they magazine, or even the weapon. I had a stoppage at a minimu. Every 3-5 shots. I found this magazine on Keep Shooting and decided to give it a try based off the reviews. Couldn't be happier! This magazine is well made, heavier, and has better spring tension than the factory magazine. I shot roughtly 100 rounds out of my rifle with this magazine and I only had 1 stoppage. Looking to purchase more in the future. Buy this magazine, you will not be disappointed!!!!
Brought the fun back to the 597!
Review by Kaylene
I was to the point of putting this gun in the cabinet and walking away. I was absolutely disgusted with the stock magazines, both that came with and bought after. I've run about 1500 rounds through the new magazines with only one jam up and that was the ammo's fault! I love this little .22 more now than I ever have! I think nothing of using it now and don't stand there anticipating a problem. Much more relaxing!
Wow! Should have got these first!
Review by David
I shoot Steel Challenge with my Remington 597. I bought 5 of the latest Remington mags. They were difficult to get the 10th round in the mag, and at my first match, a couple mags actually came unlocked. Then I found out about BTP ARMS magazines. What a difference. These mags are finished much smoother and are heavier. No problems loading 10 rounds, and you can hear these magazines 'click' into lock. Don't waste your $ on anything else!
Great mags, better then factory !!!!!!
Review by lance
much better built then the factory mags. heavier construction. loaded both up and went to shoot... perfect in every way. cycled perfectly. fed perfectly.. got them one sale for $4.50 each. but even at $14.95 they are still by far better then the factory Remington made mags !!!!!!!
What are you waiting for?
Review by carl
These mags blow away the Remington factory mags. Solid,well constructed and a great upgrade for your 597.
great quality
Review by Soon
great quality magazines that are much nicer than the factory Remington ones. definitely get these instead of the factory mags.
Great Product
Review by Chuck
The only magazine I have found that work reliably in the 597. I have shot thousands of rounds and even loaned my rifles at countless Appleseed events and these magazines have never failed. You need these mags if you own a 597!
Get More !
Review by Carl
These blow Remington's away get more soon !
works perfect
Review by paul
ran both mags at the range today, both took 10 rounds right away, 10th round was a little tricky getting in, but they are new springs, but none the less, full capacity right out of the box. zero issues, at least as good as factory mags, maybe better. worth buying as your primary magazine.
Spot On!
Review by NDK
These mags are great! I wish that it was either $10 a piece or free shipping but still well worth the money. KS, maybe do us a deal where if you buy like 3 or more we get free shipping.
Review by Deo Volente
Worked Great - No Jams. Very well made, and priced right.
Please make a high capacity magazine for the Rem. 597, and I will buy it. Thanks for your quality workmanship.
A magazine you can rely on!
Review by ZomBig
I've owned all three generations of Remington 597 mags and have had nothing but problems and issues with every single one, even after trying every mod or 'fix' I could find on any number of shooting forums I've searched. These mags from KeepShooting are the answer. Zero issues, zero failures with every mag I've purchased from them (over 100 so far for myself, family and friends, all of whom have become happy converts!) I could go into specifics but there are 30+ reviews before mine that do that, just be assured that this is the best out there, you won't be disappointed!!!
Review by Richard
Wow, is all I can say. I'm very impressed by the performance of this 597 magazine. Will definitely be ordering a few more very soon. Great Job in design & function!
these magazines are great!!!
Review by James
Awesome! I mixed 3 or 4 different manufacturers ammo. into the magazine and got perfect results. I fired 75 rounds with no failures whatsoever. The factory magazine from Remington is an absolute
P. O. S.!! Everything about the 597 is superb EXCEPT the magazine!! Hard to believe that they have not figured this thing out yet

J. Rhoades,
Birch Bay, WA
Worth the money
Review by Rick
Better quality, better feeding and better finish than the factory mags. Buy a few so you wont regret it.
Works better than the factory mags
Review by WG
While a bit heavier than the factory mags, the springs are better and easier to load. Fits well and I have no trouble with rounds cycling.
Buy 2-3
Review by Joseph
Bought a couple to test and put away. Absolutely love them. No problems and great price. Stopped using my factory mag and only use these in my range bag. Have a couple that stay loaded and have no problems.
Absolutely Reliable
Review by Jim
These are absolutely, hands-down, the most reliable magazines for the Remington 597. I can repeatedly load and fire 10 rounds with NO malfunctions, and show some 10/22 shooters what a tack-driver the 597 can be!
Shooting the 597 at an Appleseed shoot without these magazines is pointless, as there are two courses of fire that require two magazines of 8 rounds and 2 rounds, and two courses of fire that require 10 rounds in one magazine. Prior to purchasing the Keepshooting 597 magazine, I was unable to reliably fire 8 rounds from ANY of my Remington magazines. Keep these in stock!
Better than OEM
Review by Kyle
These magazines are top quality. I don't see how Keep Shooting can sell this for the price they do, but I'm not complaining. These magazines are heavy duty, unlike the flimsy stock ones. They should last a very long time. They also cycle beautifully, unlike the garbage stock mags. Good job Keep Shooting.
High Quality Mags
Review by wilson
Been wanting to have theses for a while now these mags feeds way better than factory Remington magazine, Better material and heavy. Way worth the money compare to the Remington mags.
Quality Upgrade
Review by Thomas
Remington could learn something from the aftermarket manufacturers of this magazine. This item is a definite improvement. I did a lot of research before buying my 597 and the only weak point was the clip which is now solved. The loaded weight of the Remington clip is 1.9 oz. the KeepShooting weight is 3.2 oz. Enough said, will be buying more.
Review by Surculus
[w/ apologies to _Little Shop of Horrors... ;-) ]

Remember, w/o a functional & reliable magazine, a semi-auto is just a difficult to use single shot....

Several reviewers have commented that these are heavier than the Remington factory offering. That's because these are die-cast zinc [probably ZAMAK, a zinc alloy that comes in different grades for different purposes, but that's more than you probably care to know. Anyway, there are actual *guns* out there made of the stuff, so its ability to hold up in a magazine should be w/o question! ] So, that's why these weigh about 2x what the factory mags do, as Remington makes theirs out of magnesium [a legendarily light metal, lighter & stiffer than aluminum.] What does that mean to you, the buyer? Well, if you're going to be wandering afield w/ pockets full of loaded mags, you might want to pay the xtra do$h for the factory mags, to save wt. If you spend most of your time at the range or are lucky enough to live someplace you can plink off your back porch, the added couple of ounces for these will not matter, and the fact that KS has them *AVAILABLE* and moreover, *INEXPENSIVELY*, well, you need look no further.

And I have had ZERO problems using them in my 597.
only the best
Review by hambone
Heavy duty construction, flawless feeds. Finally I am not embarrassed to use my 597. Remington needs to learn that over engineering to be cheap doesn't work! thank keep
Keepshooting House 597 Mags rock
Review by Martin
All the other online stores were OUT and auction 597 mags were priced sky high (as are the other parts houses). Read about Keepshooting in a forum. These are the smoothest mags going, w/o tweaking. Best quality, loads and cycles 10 EVERY time. Great price. I'm spreadin' the word!
Excellent Mags
Review by Paul
Like everyone has said, the quality and value of these mags are great. I just received 3 for my new rifle and fired around 500 rds with these mags with no issues.
The perfect .22lr 597 magazines.
Review by Joseph
As soon as I started unboxing these, I said to myself "Wow, these are really heavy!" As it turns out, these weigh at least twice as much as the cheap factory magazines and feel like they can hold up to some serious abuse for being .22lr magazines.

The Remington factory magazines feel cheap. The feed lips wobble, the springs rattle, and the floor plates wiggle/fall off. The metal on them feels like it's from recycled soda cans.

These magazines provided by Keepshooting are an amazing improvement in all those areas. There is no wiggling or cheap feel in them and the metal is very durable. I can't see these magazines being improved any more than what Keepshooting has managed to do. Highly recommended for any .22lr Remington 597 owner. Thank you!
Fixed feeding problem
Review by Jerome
I bought my 597 in 1999. It has had feeding problems since new. It would miss feed 2 to 3 times every 10 rounds. It stove pipes, bolt closes on sideways brass, and it would go over the round in the mag. I have bought newer 597 rem mags with no luck. I decided to try these. I am happy to say after 300 rounds or so I have had no miss feeds. The quality of these mags make the Remington ones look like kids toys. These mags are far beyond the quality you see in most .22 mags. My 597 has sat in my gun safe almost unused for 14 years. Now I love to shoot it.
Outstanding Remington Model 597 10 Round Magazines
Review by eagle20
I purchased 4 magazines . I wanted to see them first hand before i purchased more of them. I just received them last week and i was totally amazed in the Quality of the magazine . They are hands down 100% better than the Remington factory mags. When you hold a Keepshooting 597 10 round mag in one hand and a Remington factory 59710 round mag in the other hand you can feel the weight difference and see the high Quality, the Keepshooting magazine is. I just went to purchase more and i see they are out of stock.. I put in my request to be notified when more are in stock.. KeepShooting - Outstanding Product. Have you considered manufacturing The 597 .22 Magnum / .17 HMR magazines ??? Thank You Eagle20
Way better than the Remington factory mags!
Review by Joel
The Keepshooting 597 magazines are the best after market magazines you can buy for your Remington 597. The metal, if that is what you want to call it, that Remington uses for their factory magazines is light as a feather and feels cheap. Keepshooting magazine have some weight to them. They feel of quality. I will be doing an video review on these magazines on YouTube so check it out! I also have a video review of the 5 round saiga 12 mags they sell.
Best Mags
Review by Betty
Finally found some ammo to try out my rifle with the new mags, they were great. I was afraid that the original mags would get bent, but these are nice and sturdy. Great job :)
Better than advertised
Review by Dave
No feed problems what so ever with these mags. Solid heavy construction. What the factory mags should be.
So much better than factory
Review by Charles
These things are 10 times better than the crappy aluminum mags. I spent hours filing and sanding and polishing the factory 10 rounder, and it still would only eat top shelf ammo. These eat up the cheapest .22 ammo as if it were an AK-47. They weigh about twice as much as the factory mags, and seem to have stronger springs. I bought two, and once they get them in stock will be getting about 5 more.
These are awesome!
Review by TTAGer
I bought these mags on the recommendation of several people on different forums. They are awesome! They're heavier and sturdier than the factory Remington 3rd gen mags, and feed perfectly. I definitely recommend this product.

One thing for the KeepShooting people: Please, please make a high-cap mag for the 597. I'll buy half a dozen, promise.
Better than factory
Review by Joel
I just purchased a Remington 597. To complement the factory mag that came with the gun, I ordered a couple of these. The fit, finish and function of these mags are superior to the factory mag. I've only been out once with the new rifle, but these functioned flawlessly.
Review by Brian
Keepshooting got it 100% right with these mags. Heavy duty, no misfeeds, much better than the factory item.
Best mag
Review by Randy
This mag fits 10 a little tight but it is awesome and I think way better than the factory mag. Bought 2 will be buying 2 more.
Review by MADDOG
I bought these mags because of the recommendations of other 597 owners. Great mags, a lot heavier and better built than rem mags. Work like a charm.
magazine problem fixed
Review by jonk
My 597 was fun to shoot but i was frustrated by the occasional failure to load. I heard good things about these mags on and bought a couple. 130 rounds so far with 100% perfect success. Thank you keepshooting!
awesome mags
Review by Gunther
Perfect mags, load well, feed well, best 597 mags you can get, buy em, you wont regret it!
Keepshooting Magazine vs Remington
Review by donnieak47
These mags make the Remington mags look like they were made in cheapastan!!! Bought two---should of bought ten. Both held 10 CCI from the get go. These mags are solid, they weight twice as much as the rem junk. I knew after dealing with the Remington mags that someone would supply an aftermarket mag that works and Keepshooting hit the nail on the head with a bazooka. Just put one of these next to a rem and call me a liar!!!!
Great Item Great Value
Review by Bdmeredith
Bought 2 of these when the Black Friday sale was on. I want more of them. They fit, look and function flawless! I would recommend having 5 or 6 of these in your range bag. I will be back for more shortly.
Better than factory
Review by Fred
I bought several of these for myself and my son. We each have our own 597, and these function flawlessly in both rifles. Weigh more than factory mags, and have a better exterior finish. A good buy, good value.
These work PERFECT
Review by Todd
After buying another 597 who's factory magazine only held 8 rounds, I decided to try these out.

They load to capacity, perform flawlessly, and feel like they are made much better than the factory mags.

A+++ will buy again.

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